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Soldier: 76

“No, you’re not sleeping on the floor.” You said from the bed after the soldier settled down in a corner of the dismal motel room. 

Sure, it’s not the cushiest pad to spend the night, but it’s low-key enough to protect you two from prying eyes. You’d rather make do with a twin-sized bed than a Talon cell.

“I’ve slept in worse.” The soldier replied. His visor glowed faintly in the darkness.

You pinched the bridge of your nose and sighed.

“Well you don’t have to tonight. We can both fit just fine.” You said firmly. “I’d like you be at peak performance for tomorrow’s recon mission, and sleeping on the floor doesn’t equate to that.” 

That convinced him. A “tactical necessity”. You can’t quite say to yourself that was all it was, though. 

He slipped under the covers beside you, and you felt the warm ripple of musculature on his back bump against you. No man who looks like that has any business strutting around in a skin-tight shirt, you thought. Your heart clamoured in your ribcage. You shivered, feeling the rush of crush-fuelled anxiety tingling in your veins.

“Are you cold?” He asked.

You weren’t. 

“A little.” You replied.

You felt the soldier’s body turn to face yours, and the steady weight of his arm wrapping gingerly around your torso, as if he was handling a delicate instrument. The warmth of his chest radiated onto your body, like the heat of the sun on a winter day.


You nodded. Your body felt electrified, and your cheeks burned so hotly that you thought they were going to burst into flames.

“A uh…” You laughed, a little nervously, “’Tactical necessity’, right?”

A kernel of silence grew in the dark room, like a blossom of ink in water. Finally, reality snapped into clarity as the soldier made his reply.

“It’s not.” 

> Admin GK

Hello dears, I come to you today to plead for book recommendations.  I’m not picky at all about genre, so please, please, please send me some of your favorite titles so that I can fill up my Kindle and maybe somehow refrain from reading Generation Kill for the fifth time (unlikely, but).  


> Genji pls. You’re pretty sure that he should take his minor complaint to Torb instead of you, but you pretend to give him the once-over anyway

> He gets beaten up enough in battle as it is (very squishy), and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry when he comes to you with all his scrapes and cuts, sounding all triumphant and almost a little giddy

> Zenyatta gives you the talk™ at some point

> Eventually with Genji, I imagine the reader calls him out on it and deflates his “aw im so slick” vibe

> Sorry Genji it had to be done


> Hanzo’s doing it not so much because he thinks it’s a good plan but rather…

> It’s his only plan of getting close to you

> Give this repressed nerd a break he has no idea how to flirt and this is the best idea he’s got okay

> Genji gives you the talk™

> “Hanzo I thought you were in the back lines why do you look like you’ve been in a frontal firefight”

> “Because I was”


Soldier: 76

> Thinks to himself: “heh I’ve still got it”

> News Flash: he does not

> literally everyone knows what he’s doing. Even Bastion gives you a little nudge.

> Okay Soldier we know you’re the type of guy that gets shot and probably just toughs it out. There’s gotta be something weird going on if you’re asking me to give you a checkup for an upset stomach.

> The most embarrassing one because out of the three guys he’s both the least stealthy and the one that thinks he’s the stealthiest

> You just don’t have the heart to call him out on it though

> Ana and Reinhardt give you the talk™ and you have never been more embarrassed to hear the words “safe sex” come out of someone’s mouth

> He probably ends up asking you out to dinner cuz he “needs to repay you for all your help”

> Admin GK