*gives u each a kiss on the forehead*

dating ur tc would include:

- tons of cuddles
- making each other laugh
- you hugging him after a stressful day
- him making sure you always realize how beautiful you are
- finding secret places to meet
- driving around the city bc you can’t go out together
- singing along to ur favorite songs
- you writing poems about him
- him making fun of them but secretly loving them
- giving hickeys to each other
- u smirking when other students tease him about the hickeys
- midnight texts
- spending ur evenings at his apartment
- finding ways to “randomly” bump into each other in public
- “ur so tiny and cute” “oh shut up”
- trying not to grin when you meet each other in the hallways
- flirting through homework papers
- him kissing your forehead while you fall asleep in his arms

Jinho as a boyfriend

(A/N - im sorry this took so long, hopefully it’s ok!! i never realised i was so soft for jinho wow)

  • ok so first thing’s first
  • jinho would be such a sweet, loving boyfriend!!!!
  • but would get teased by the other members for being such a softie and he’d get all shy and giggly about it
  • aaaa u know that cute lil laugh and he like covers his mouth and just
  • u know what I mean

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Piano Man

Genre: Smut??? There’s no sex, but there’s some pretty heated making out??

A/N: In celebration of 100 followers, I felt like I owe you guys a fic bc it’s been like 10 years since I last posted one (I’m sorry I just haven’t really had the time + I haven’t really had any inspiration/motivation). ANYWAY I had this dream of Taeil recently so this is based off of that - let me just say it was a good dream and Taeil is forever going to wreck me. Also, Taeil’s hair in this is the hair from the Without You era bc I really liked it just saying!

Word count: 1406

Originally posted by taei

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clearly-shady-bouquet  asked:

Can you do them reacting to their S/O being good at baking but horrible at cooking?

ofc!! sorry it took so long exams have been kickin my ass


• u two are baking brownies for the boys since theyve been stressed lately and u wanted to do something nice for them
• shownu watches in awe as u expertly pour in and mix the brown batter in the bowl
• u always had some kinda magic touch when it came to baking, u knew how much sugar and flour to add in and when to add the vanilla extract
• it just made shownu smile bc wow how cute is that ur working ur butt off for some sweet treats for him and his members
• “hey (y/n) i’ll take over the stirring can u make eggs or something? i havent eaten all day”
• u freeze and give him a smile
• “sure”
• u hand him the bowl and walk over to the fridge to grab some eggs. easy enough right?
• u crack the eggs into the pan, not failing to leave some egg shell in the yolk thats starting to sizzle in the pan
• u turn to shownu whos diligently mixing the batter, workin up a sweat
• tbh he looks real good
• hes totally shirtless, wearing grey sweatpants and to top it off, a cute little pink apron that looks like its gonna bust open at the seams
• u lean against the stove, basking in the appearance of this actual adonis in an adorably domestic setting
• unfortunately u totally forget that stoves are hot and pull ur hand away as it stings with heat
• shownu puts the bowl down and rushes over to u, holding ur hands and blowing frantically at them
• “babe are u okay?” he asks worriedly, his eyes watching ur reaction closely to see if ur in any great pain
• u reassure him “im fine” until u hear the beeping of the fire alarm
• “oh my GOD”
• u turn around to see the pan totally covered in SMOKE and shownu switches the stove off
• ur kinda upset that u cant even make eggs for ur boyfriend but shownu just chuckles and kisses ur forehead
• “next time i’ll cook okay?”


• “baby are u hungry?” wonho comes into ur shared room where ur sitting in bed on ur phone. he wraps his arms around ur waist and nuzzles his nose into ur neck
• u smile at the sensation. “mm kinda? what do u wanna eat?”
• he gives u a knowing smile and u sigh and get up from the mattress
• “ramen?”
• he smiles and takes a hold of ur hand, stroking ur index finger with his thumb
• u know me so well"
• the two of u chase each other to the kitchen and u grab the very familiar plastic bowl labelled shin ramen
• u rip off the lid and unlock the hot water dispenser, filling the bowl to an unsteady level where the water is teetering around the edges. u put the bowl in the microwave and punch in 50 seconds
• all seems well until u hear some popping noises from inside the microwave
• “um. babe”
• “yea?” u ask, too scared to turn around and see what happened inside the microwave
• “did u take out the sauce packet before adding water and putting it in there?”
• “oh my g-”
• wonho moves u out of the way and opens the microwave, his face contorting at the smell of burning plastic and the sight of ramen sauce power all over the inner surface. some soup flowed over the top too
• u laugh nervously, put ur hand over wonhos, and close the microwave. u head over to the fridge and take out a plate
• “how about we eat the macarons i made yesterday?” u give a sheepish smile
• a smile creeps onto his face and a goofy laugh escapes his lips. ur hysterically laughing and he’s bent over his knees, so thoroughly amused by ur antics
• “man i dont know how u do it. but yea i’ll take a macaron” he opens his mouth. u pop one into his mouth and he chews then hums with delight
• “these are so good??? what happened just now? are u the same (y/n) i know and love?”
• u two laugh again and he puts u in a playful headlock and plants kisses on the top of ur head


• u got a text earlier that ur boyfriends gonna come home late so u wanna surprise him with a nice meal
• u can bake a mean cake but ur not too confident about ur cooking abilities
• but u’ve baked minhyuk so many cookies and cakes and cupcakes ur worried for that boys blood sugar
• so after watching 3 youtube tutorials u try to make kimchi stew, one of his favorites
• u roll up ur sleeves and get to work. u throw some broth and vegetables into the pot
• u cut some kimchi then some fishcake some spring onions u get the pork out of the fridge
• u think its going well
• until u get a text from minhyuk that he’s on the way home
• according to ur calculations he was supposed to be coming home late
• shit
• u do some quick math if u boil the stew at maximum heat for 2 minutes u’ll finish in time before minhyuk gets home so u crank that stove up and
• KACHOW the pot overflows
• soup is everywhere, the kimchi is on the floor, ur kitchen looks like a natural disaster
• “honey! where are u???”
• he comes into the kitchen sweaty from practice and ur just on the floor crying next to ur empty pot, food is scattered around the floor
• “oh baby what happened?” he cooes at u and crouches down next to u, wiping ur tears with his thumb
• u barely manage to get a sentence out
• “i-i tried to cook u” u hiccup, “something but e-everything just fell apart”
• he kisses u on the forehead and stands up to grab his phone
• “well i like pizza. how about we order some pizza and we watch kitchen nightmares yea?” u flinch at kitchen nightmares. “okay how about we watch house hunters” u nod frantically and smile
• totally ignore the mess on the floor
• u clean it up eventually dont worry


• u made a deal with minhyuk that at the next house party u were gonna cook something to bring and kihyun was gonna bake a cake to bring along with the food u made and in return he was gonna make a video of himself flicking a booger and post it on instagram
• the problem? minhyuk knows u cant cook for shit and kihyun cant bake for shit
• kihyun originally protested saying “he doesn’t want his house to end in flames” but after minhyuk kept egging him on saying he was a wuss, he threw on his apron and started reading martha stewart books
• so u and him are in ur kitchen, face in hands and sitting at the counter
• “why did i agree to this”
• “why did i let u agree to this”
• u sigh and slide off the stool. “i mean i can make like, fried rice right?” kihyun groans. “knowing u it might result in a call to 911” u shoot him a glare. “hey bobby flay at least i know how to bake a cake”
• he scratches his head and gets off the stool. “how about we make this a competition between ourselves. whoever makes the better dish wins”
• “ur on yoo kihyun”
• its like iron chef u two start scrambling around ur kitchen, opening cabinets and packages
• u lift the lid of the rice cooker and groan in frustration as u see a clean, empty container
• kihyun indulges himself in a shrill giggle until it abruptly stops when he’s opened the last cabinet and found no cake mix
• “u’ve got to be kidding me”
• u hover over the grey pot, finally shutting off the faucet when the rice grains look like they’re drowning in tap water
• kihyun’s throwing sugar, flour, and eggs into a bowl, trusting his “chef’s intuition” that he doesn’t need measuring cups for a mere cake
• u throw the soggy rice into the pan and just start adding stuff u think will taste good together in there. zucchini, bits of kale, ketchup, leftover chicken that probably has been sitting in ur fridge for at least 2 weeks
• it smells pretty goddamn awful but when u look over at kihyun u think u have a good shot at winning
• he’s gotten green food coloring all over his hands and t-shirt and the batter’s completely runny
• “how u doin ogre there”
• “im never doing this ever again”


• u two are laying on opposite sides of the couch, sitting up to show each other dog pictures and whatnot
• u see a video on instagram showing u how to make this yummy looking beef over rice thing
• u lean over hyungwons knee, excitedly showing him the video and how u should make it for him
• he gives u this knowing look
• “(y/n) do u remember the last time u cooked something?”
• “no why”
• “i was taking a nap and u tried to make this weird chicken thing u saw on youtube”
• “uh huh”
• “and when i walked into the kitchen”
• “yea?”
• “i have never seen so much fire-”
• u playfully slap him on the thigh, pouting. “i forgot to turn the stove down while it was boiling!!!” u huff, turning away while crossing ur arms
• hyungwon laughs and sits up to ruffle ur hair
• “but u made it up by baking cupcakes to give to the very nice firemen who saved our apartment”
• u giggle and bring ur knees up to ur chin, reminiscing in the time u almost burned down ur entire apartment complex
• hyungwon sits crosslegged facing u, staring at ur face
• “what?”
• “im just wondering how the hell u managed to do that”
• “no cupcakes for u then”
• he whines and the two of u share a laugh and settle back into the sofa to continue laughing at twitter memes


• he never fails to send u a text asking if u’ve eaten yet and if ur free, to go out and get lunch together
• its the sweetest thing and u decide u wanna do something nice for him
• so u roll up ur sleeves and make a lunchbox for him. its kinda childish but it seems easy to make and for ur……limited cooking skills, its ideal
• ur in the kitchen, scraping an egg off the pan as it burns to a crisp
• “aw man that was the last egg,” u whine, looking at all the failed prototypes on a plate next to the stove
• u begrudgingly roll up the burnt egg in the lunchbox and set up some lettuce on the side, trying to make it presentable at least
• now time for the Meat
• the last time u cooked meat was when u and jooheon were out eating kbbq and whenever the tongs were in ur hand u’d somehow toss the meat in a way that cooked it. lets say well overdone
• jooheon had to call a worker to get the fire down even tho it was at its lowest heat. nobody on the restaurant knows how u did it
• so yea ur not the best at cooking meat but hey second times the charm
• so u slide the beef into the pan, satisfied with the sizzling sound that came after
• now the hard part. knowing when to flip it so it doesnt slowly burn into charcoal. so u just keep flipping it mindlessly, too scared to let it burn
• the beef is just NOT turning the brown that it usually does when jooheon cooks it and u settle for when the beef is a weird brown, pink, red—u dont even know what color it is but its 12:30pm and jooheons lunch break is about to start
• u shrug as u pack the lunchbox. u made cookies before this mess so
• u drive up to the building complex and climb up the stairs to his studio. u punch in the passcode and pop the door open
• jooheon hears the door click and turns around in his chair, giving u that sweet dimpled smile
• u show him the lunchbox and bag of cookies u’ve been hiding behind ur back and he opens his arms to bring u into a hug
• “how did i get so lucky?” he kisses the top of ur head and sits u down on his lap
• he turns the chair around and u place the lunchbox and the cookie bag on his desk in front of his monitor and open it
• he has to stop himself from laughing, the corners of his lips trembling to rise into a smile. u flick him on the arm, a smile growing on ur own face. “shut up i tried my best!!!!!”
• jooheon kisses ur temple, a small chuckle leaving his lips still dumbfounded by the mess of food in the lunchbox
• “i made cookies?” u suggest
• “yea we can share those” jooheon closes the lunchbox


• u guys ate out at this one restaurant that had really good pork stir fry
• so naturally u two went to the internet and searched up recipes to cook at home, inspired by the dish
• after finding a seemingly easy recipe online, u and changkyun head to the kitchen and grab whatevers in ur fridge
• oh by the way its 1 in the morning so theres no supermarkets still open
• it sounded like a good idea at the time
• anyways u two are jus rummaging through ur kitchen, substituting whatever needs to be substituted
• “hey kyun we’re outta sugar”
• “we have lucky charms”
• “that works”
• u and him lay out the shabby ingredients on the counter
• pork? eh leftover hot wings should do
• bok choy? iceberg lettuce thats been sitting in ur fridge for 3 months
• but at least u have soy sauce
• u start choppin up the lettuce, slicin and dicin and ignoring whatever wilted leaves u see bc hey food is food
• changkyun: hey how do i start the stove
• “…….ur kidding right”
• u put down ur knife and walk to the stove, hesitant to turn any knobs
• “um its this one right?”
• u switch on the stove on the inner right corner which seemed fine to u…….until the roll of napkins next to it caught fire
• the fire alarm starts beeping and u freak out and start blowing on it until changkyun shoves his hand into ur face. “DONT BLOW ON IT ITLL GET BIGGER”
• luckily ur dating the son of a scientist so he grabs a pot lid from the cabinet underneath and throws it on top of the fire, stopping the flow of oxygen and u hear the sizzle of ur bounty napkins
• u and changkyun breathe out a relieved sigh and u lean on him
• u suggest making cookies tomorrow and changkyun insists on putting lucky charms in them
• u roll ur eyes, “yea yea whatever lets clean up and go to bed”

Fluffy Ethan head canons bc I'm in a fluffy mood

- Ethan with sweater paws

-Ethan with sweater paws holding your hand

-Ethan squishing your cheeks with his hands and kissing your lips

-being the cutest god damn couple ok

-you sitting on the floor with chica laying down across your legs while you pet her

-and Ethan sitting behind you with his legs stretched out in either side of you and his chin on your shoulder, arms around your waist and all: a concept

- giggly kisses

-Ethan getting drunk for the first time and saying literally the dumbest shit, talking about the universe and saying some idiotic nonsense that kind of sounds philosophical but he’s shitfaced

-“wait oh my gosh you’re so pretty, man I wish you were my girlfriend”

-“Ethan, I am your girlfriend”

- cue gasps as his face lights up “really?!?!”

-sick n sniffly Ethan that you’re trying to get in to bed so you can baby him but he just wants to record some videos

-eventually getting him in to bed as long as you promised to cuddle him

-OK OK OK but hear me out: park dates

-taking pics of each other on the playground and in the grass

-playing with Ethan’s hair while his head rests in ur lap

-forehead kisses

-cheek kisses


-kisses from Ethan

-anyways back to the park date

-you’d pick a bunch of flowers and make a flower crown for him

-and take cute pics of him

-and he’d make goofy faces in all of then and you’d whine bc you want just o n e of him smiling

-and he gives in and gives u a serious smile bc he loves u

anonymous asked:

What do you like about boys?

i like when guys play with ur fingers when ur holding hands and they kiss ur knuckles, i like when boys do the forehead touch thing while ur kissing, or when they pull u into their lap. i like when boys aren’t afraid to show their feelings or be open with u

but most of all i like when boys know that youre both here to support each other and dont put you on a pedestal and u both just chill n kiss 


• blue and gansey kissing
• blue and gansey kissing all the time
• gansey not dying after he kisses blue
• hardcore make out sessions @ Monmouth
• like, not even a crowbar could break these two apart when they’re kissing
• hardcore make out sessions @ Monmouth and anytime gansey breaks away blue makes this little noise of irritation because “boi, u best put those lips back where they came from”
• making out in the pig
• making out on the hood of the pig
• gansey giving blue forehead kisses every chance he gets
• blue standing on the very tip of her toes to kiss gansey’s jaw because that’s all she can reach when he doesn’t lean down
• these two loser kids being completely obsessed with how soft the others’ lips are and just constantly kissing each other
• everyone being disgusted with how much they kiss but they let blue and gansey get away with it because they’re making up for all the kisses they had to pretend
• blue. and. gansey. kissing.
Thank you for your time.

anonymous asked:

but imagine if you and harry were friends but he acted so affectionate towards u that people always assume youre in a relationship??

That little shit would enjoy the way people were thinking about you two soooo much!

When you two were out in public together he would just casually put his arm around your shoulder and pull you towards him.

Or when you would meet up for lunch You would often share bites of each others food.

Or give you a quick kiss on your forehead to say hello or goodbye.

To you two it was normal to act like that, but to people who didn’t know you two it looked like something more than Friends were going on between you two

Even the media caught up with that stupid thing and everytime Harry scrolled past an article about you two he would screenshot it and send it to you, and sometimes even be cheeky and write something like “I think we should make it official then” which would leave you in laughter and reply like “Nah, I’d rather keep you as my secret ;)”

It would be the worst when he and you were drunk and out partying with looooads of people who could come up with their own theories because they saw you two dancing close to each other, sharing drinks together and sometimes even you sitting in his lap and laughing about something stupid one of your friends said

Dating Namjoon

Would include:

- “I really didn’t want to break it”

- him always coming to you to fix everything what he breaks

- him standing next to you and explaining how to fix it

- you never giving him anything whats yours bcs he would break everything

- sometimes you would be even scared to give him your hands bcs for real tho this guy has his own destructive magic skills is he real

- but he would hold your hands like the most fragile things ever

- and he would hold them all the time when youre together

- him always smiling at you bcs oml your hands are so small next to his giant shovels

- his laugh what cant be heard that often

- his bright smile

- eyesmile

- his dimples everytime when you look at him

- dimples when he eats dimples when he talks dimples when he smiles dimples when he winks at you


- you always putting your fingers in his dimples and making him die bcs oml why u so cute girl

- his smirks

- so many fucking smirks

- winks

- winks at those moments when you expect them the least

- him playing and biting his full lips

- you blushing so frikin often bcs of this

- you actually blushing almost all the time what u r spending together

- bcs hes fucking pervert and he doesnt know how to hold his mouth shut

- him calling you baby all the time

- sometimes he would just come tell you “baby” kiss and go away

- passionate kissing

- kisses on your head bcs u r too small

- unexpected kisses on your forehead when u r bowing to each other

- him rly loving kissing

- “I dont fucking care that i need to go lemme just kiss u one more time”

- library dates

- “adventures while finding new bookstores” dates

- coffee with books dates

- calm dates where u r alone bcs sometimes he would want to kiss u and touch in ways which no one should see kill me for these words why did i even

- him always giving you books which hes reading to read them and tell him your opinion

- sometimes he would just bring 2545687654 books

- him hiding his own book what he wrote when he was 15

- you finding this book and goin crazy bcs wtf WHY ITS NOT PUBLiSHED YET BISH

- you spending time just by reading and telling each other your favourite passages

- him sometimes stopping reading and beginning deep talk about those passages

- you being very excited for those deep talks bcs he thinks about everything so differently

- deep talks when he cant sleep

- like rly a lot of deep talks when you sometimes just listen to his quiet tired voice

- you after sum time writing everything what is he talking about bcs there is too much

- his intellectual conversations

- you understanding just 49,9% of his intellectual words

- you being kinda confused sometimes is he talking to you or rap how can he talk so fast omg

- him sometimes rly rap to you and then immediately writing it into his mobile

- him finding some inspiration all the time everywhere u r everything u do

- so hes like always on his mobile

- you being kinda distrustful bcs is he rly writing his lyrics or is he chatting with someone why is this brat smiling when hes typing there smthng

- him actually writing song for u 

- him always failing to make up some good excuse bcs its present and u should not know about that

- so he just sends you romantic/sexy poem at night to make u feel loved

- him telling u how lonely he was before he met u

“There was lonely moon

sometimes reflecting someones light

then when the darkest it was

sun came 

never ending eclipse 


and it’s light was all around lonely moon”

- him being very romantic

- his “romantic” changing into “sexy af” in amazing speed of 0,0000000001 sec

- him being touchy

- him always trying to have hands on your waist

- him playing with your underwear through clothes in public places

- you being angry (and blushing af) at him bcs of this like can he not pls

- him wanting to make u popcorn when u two r watching movies

- but he destroys popcorn

- … and the microwave too

- buying appliances kind of date

- buying appliances kind of date changing into KimDaily

- you making just one good photo for KimDaily and wreck other photos with your amazing poses of dead chicken

- him being sometimes too sexy to handle

- him complaining about other members like real dad

- you meeting his mother too soon bcs she must see whom is her amazing son dating

- you sometimes wanting to run bcs his mum is so frikin strict when its about her amazing son

- you sometimes not being that sure if u r good enough for him bcs that guy has everything

- … besides dancing skills thats smthng what even u can do better

- him buying u some expensive presents

- you always expecting smthng like books bcs he wants his gf to be smart af as him

- but he gives u sum parfume bcs he wants u to smell with scent what he likes

- him giving u some kind of jewelry or accessories to make other guys see that u r his

- him buying u choker wut looks a bit like dog collar with his initials written inside of it bcs u r just his thats all

- his chin sometimes disappearing when he does his “wtf face” and he just looks like offended potato

- his deep deep cracky voice in the mornings

- his whispering to ur ear and making u shiver and him asking right after if u r cold or smthng like that why r u shivering so much 

- him being happy af when ur not complaining about his sleeping habits 

- but ur lowkey slowly dying inside bcs u didnt sleep normally for so fucking long

- “You are mine, but I am yours”

Dating Namjoon | Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

Master list

            @teencgewitch,  @wittched,  @wistcrias,  @wickednightmares,   &  anyone else who has sabrina for a muse.  hello.  this is a callout post.  i love u all very much.  i cannot wait fOR TWIN VERSES AND TRIPLET THREADS AND US BEING FRIENDS AND BONDING OVER OUR TEEN WITCH SABRINA SPELLMAN FUCKING BET  !  kisses each of her foreheads & noses.

take a moment out of ur day to imagine the squad giving each other hugs and kisses

lil nose kisses between jake and amy

big bear hugs from the sarge

jake giving everyone (everyone) forehead kisses when they’re sad or tired or sick

sideways cuddles w amy and gina, and amy and charles, arms wrapped horizontally across each other, giggling away

solid, rare, gripping comfort hugs from capt holt, the kind that make u believe in yourself

one armed squeezes from rosa, tugging in jake on one day and charles on the next and amy on the third, always followed by a rare smile

gina giving jake and amy a kiss on both cheeks each when they move in together, arms arms sweeping outwards as she goes

ten minute long comfort hugs from charles, squeezing the life out of u before softening and just standing there, warm and cozy

rough, hard, second long hugs between jake and rosa, the kind that yell “thank God you’re okay”

long, tight, never-ending hugs between amy and jake, the sort where u breathe the other person in and never want to let go

terry giving hugs where he stands there like an anchor and pats whoever needs the hugs on the back, as many times as he has to until they calm down

capt holt pressing a over-elegant kiss to amys knuckles before they dance together at jake and amys wedding

gina kissing people at random with elation, not thinking about the consequences and not intending it to be sexual, just planting one on you and dancing away as she crows in delight

jake hugging gina from behind, dropping his chin on her head and grinning when she pokes him in the ribs

amy pressing soft kisses to cheeks when people are exceptionally kind to her and when shes feeling exceptionally emotional; to gina, to charles, to rosa once, at three in the morning after a night of tears

big, piling group hugs where everyone just flings themselves at one another, jake and amy trapped in the middle with charles wrapped around them and gina clinging to their arms and rosa gripping from the other side and terry trapping captain holt between himself and the kids, lifting everyone off the floor with the enthusiasm of it all

just. hugs and kisses, yall

anonymous asked:

What kind of hug/cuddling types are the rfa+v? :3

thank you for the request :) i hope you don´t mind i added gifs :)


- whenever jumin hugs you, you´re basically cut off from the outside world. It´s so comfortable

-gentle but firm

-will not let you go

-this is also how you most often ends up falling asleep

-his arms is your safe place

-when you try and get up in the middle of the night for the toilet or a glass of water his grip tightens just the slightest

-u literally have to wake him up to be able to go

-as soon as you´re back in bed, no matter if he´s sleeping or awake, he pulls you right back in his arms


-buries his head in your neck when hugging you

- likes cuddling with foreheads touching so he can see your eyes

-lots of slow kisses

-lots of affirmations and compliments

-likes to trace each others facial feautures

-he likes when you have one leg thrown over his hips

-likes twirling you around while hugging.


-this boi gives the best hugs ever and lots of them

-loves long hugs

- nose kisses

-loves hugging you from behind

-ok but when are you guys not cuddling??

-he likes it when mc rests her head on his shoulder, it makes him feel manly


- very very gente

-when hugging her arms are very loose around you

-runs her hand up and down your back

-cuddling with jaehee is heaven.

- whenever she comes home from a stressfull day you both put on pyjamas and cuddle on the sofa

-you often lie in between her legs on your stomach so you can see each others faces

-just talks about little everyday things, enjoying each others company



-holds you really really tightly.

-“seven you’re crushing me”

-he just have to make sure you’re actually really there. you actually chose him

-sometimes he will bury his head in your neck and a whole chorus of “i love you"s

-if it gets too serious he’ll start a tickle fight

- will ask you to cuddle every occasion you both have

-clings to your side and likes resting his head on your chest so he can listen to your heartbeat

-your legs are all tangled up

-talking about ridicolous things

- “isn’t it weird that sand is just tiny rocks and shell pieces?”

-he loves the way your heart speeds up when you laugh

-gentle af

-when hugging he’ll caress and play with your hair

-when cuddling he loves to draw patterns on your back

-you often play that game where one person draws something on the others back, and the other person has to guess what it is

anonymous asked:

Pls give cloud a forehead kissy and a nose boop for all her internet friends

of course!!!!! just to say - i always read messages asking me to hug/pet/kiss cloud for them and i always do! she gets many kisses each day and appreciates everyone who loves her on tumblr in her own way. thank u! 

But consider this:

• CS height diffrrence
• The way her head fits perfectly in the crook of his neck
• The way he thumbs her chin
• The way her fingers brush his ears
• Emma wearing Killian’s jacket
• Hugs where one person cradles the other persons head with their hand to comfort them
• Killian wiping away a tear from Emma’s eye and how she looks at him thereafter
• The look Killian gives Emma when she forgives him before he forgives himself
• Kisses on cheeks
• Forehead touches
• Emma holding Killian’s hook while they’re waltzing
• Killian playing with a strand of Emma’s hair
• Emma rolling her eyes and Killian knowing she loves his flirtations
• “As you wish”
• Everyday I love you’s
• Yelling each other’s names in panic when they don’t know if the other is alright
• Hypothermia requiring snuggly cuddles
• Falling asleep on each other (shout out to Maleficent for that: thank u bless u)
• Sitting by the ocean in sweetly silence
• Emma teaching Killian how to sword fight (because he taught her)
• Having a normal conversation and ending up less than an inch away from the other’s face
• Every smile ever

things that are too pure for this world:

   sam coming up behind gabriel, wrapping his arms around gabe’s waist and resting his chin on the top of his head

  sleepy morning cuddles where sam pulls gabriel close, burying his face in gabriel’s hair

  gabriel being a h u g e cat person so he carries catnip treats everywhere and it makes it a pain in the ass to go anywhere but sam enjoys the look on his face when a cat come bounding over

  sam giving gabriel soft forehead kisses as they pass each other when going about their daily business

  cuddling up on the sofa to watch films and gabriel falls asleep on sam and sam has to carry his sleepy boyfriend to bed 

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Karasuno with Kuroo, Oikawa and Iwaizumi reacting to their girlfriend falling asleep on their shoulder during a ride (car, airplane, bus, train etc.)

I’m finally free from papers and exams (for another few weeks…)! -  ✿

Daichi: “…Asleep already?” He’d smile gently and pat their head affectionately. He’d make sure to not move a muscle, even if they started drooling on his shoulder!

Sugawara: “Sweet dreams…” He’d laugh a little and give them a small kiss on their forehead. While his S.O. slept next to him, he’d daydream about how cute they were and how much he adores them!

Asahi: “U-Uwah!” He’d be a little startled and would get progressively more nervous. What if he accidentally moved and woke them up? He’d stay completely stiff!

Nishinoya: “…So sleepy. Zzzzzzz….” To be honest, he’d be the one to fall asleep first! The two would be drooling on each other’s shoulders all the way back home!

Tanaka: “Uoooooh! T-This is…!” This scenario would be something straight out of his dreams! As excited as he’d be, he’d restrain himself as to not wake them.

Hinata: “_____??” He’d be surprised, but he would eventually stop fidgeting and start to relax. The sway of the car and their warmth would coax him to sleep.

Kageyama: “W-W-Wha??” He’d let out this garbled sort of squeak, loud enough to make his S.O. stir. After he got over his initial surprise, he’d do his best to hide his grinning face (and fail miserably).

Yamaguchi: “Ah…!” He’d definitely blush a little and would try not to make a huge deal out if it. Still, the close contact would make his poor heart race like mad! 

Tsukishima: “….” He wouldn’t react too much but would definitely be slightly embarrassed. He’d gently lay a jacket over them so they wouldn’t feel cold and enjoy the weight of their body leaning against his.

Kuroo: “Ohoho?” As much as he’d love to use as a chance to tease them, he knows better than to mess around while they were asleep.

Oikawa: “Cheese!” He’d take this perfect opportunity and snap a picture of their adorable sleeping face! That picture would be sent to everyone in Aobajousai…

Iwaizumi: “Ah, cute…” He’d have a gentle smile on his face, one that rarely sees the light of day. He’d pat their head gently, wrap his arm around them, and fall asleep too. 

some vry cute max/furiosa things for u to consider: 

  • max and furiosa giving each other absent minded forehead kisses 
  • max and furiosa forehead touching
  • max and furiosa cuddling for warmth cause those desert nights can get vry cold 
  • max and furiosa chasing each other’s nightmares away 
  • furiosa running her fingers though max’s hair to calm him down when the ghosts become too much 
  • max and furiosa babysitting dag’s daughter
  • max and furiosa having entire conversations with just their eyes
  • furiosa being the only person max will allow to trim his hair cause he doesn’t trust anyone else to be around his head/neck region with sharp or pointy objects (except for the wives, occasionally)
  • max following furiosa around like a lil pup like a silent shadow while furiosa runs the place
  • furiosa always running ideas by max, not because she needs to, but because it’s always nice to have a second opinion
  • max calling furiosa “boss" 
  • furiosa affectionately calling max "fool”
  • furiosa and max :))))))))