*gives u each a kiss on the forehead*

dating ur tc would include:

- tons of cuddles
- making each other laugh
- you hugging him after a stressful day
- him making sure you always realize how beautiful you are
- finding secret places to meet
- driving around the city bc you can’t go out together
- singing along to ur favorite songs
- you writing poems about him
- him making fun of them but secretly loving them
- giving hickeys to each other
- u smirking when other students tease him about the hickeys
- midnight texts
- spending ur evenings at his apartment
- finding ways to “randomly” bump into each other in public
- “ur so tiny and cute” “oh shut up”
- trying not to grin when you meet each other in the hallways
- flirting through homework papers
- him kissing your forehead while you fall asleep in his arms

take a moment out of ur day to imagine the squad giving each other hugs and kisses

lil nose kisses between jake and amy

big bear hugs from the sarge

jake giving everyone (everyone) forehead kisses when they’re sad or tired or sick

sideways cuddles w amy and gina, and amy and charles, arms wrapped horizontally across each other, giggling away

solid, rare, gripping comfort hugs from capt holt, the kind that make u believe in yourself

one armed squeezes from rosa, tugging in jake on one day and charles on the next and amy on the third, always followed by a rare smile

gina giving jake and amy a kiss on both cheeks each when they move in together, arms arms sweeping outwards as she goes

ten minute long comfort hugs from charles, squeezing the life out of u before softening and just standing there, warm and cozy

rough, hard, second long hugs between jake and rosa, the kind that yell “thank God you’re okay”

long, tight, never-ending hugs between amy and jake, the sort where u breathe the other person in and never want to let go

terry giving hugs where he stands there like an anchor and pats whoever needs the hugs on the back, as many times as he has to until they calm down

capt holt pressing a over-elegant kiss to amys knuckles before they dance together at jake and amys wedding

gina kissing people at random with elation, not thinking about the consequences and not intending it to be sexual, just planting one on you and dancing away as she crows in delight

jake hugging gina from behind, dropping his chin on her head and grinning when she pokes him in the ribs

amy pressing soft kisses to cheeks when people are exceptionally kind to her and when shes feeling exceptionally emotional; to gina, to charles, to rosa once, at three in the morning after a night of tears

big, piling group hugs where everyone just flings themselves at one another, jake and amy trapped in the middle with charles wrapped around them and gina clinging to their arms and rosa gripping from the other side and terry trapping captain holt between himself and the kids, lifting everyone off the floor with the enthusiasm of it all

just. hugs and kisses, yall


• blue and gansey kissing
• blue and gansey kissing all the time
• gansey not dying after he kisses blue
• hardcore make out sessions @ Monmouth
• like, not even a crowbar could break these two apart when they’re kissing
• hardcore make out sessions @ Monmouth and anytime gansey breaks away blue makes this little noise of irritation because “boi, u best put those lips back where they came from”
• making out in the pig
• making out on the hood of the pig
• gansey giving blue forehead kisses every chance he gets
• blue standing on the very tip of her toes to kiss gansey’s jaw because that’s all she can reach when he doesn’t lean down
• these two loser kids being completely obsessed with how soft the others’ lips are and just constantly kissing each other
• everyone being disgusted with how much they kiss but they let blue and gansey get away with it because they’re making up for all the kisses they had to pretend
• blue. and. gansey. kissing.
Thank you for your time.

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Karasuno with Kuroo, Oikawa and Iwaizumi reacting to their girlfriend falling asleep on their shoulder during a ride (car, airplane, bus, train etc.)

I’m finally free from papers and exams (for another few weeks…)! -  ✿

Daichi: “…Asleep already?” He’d smile gently and pat their head affectionately. He’d make sure to not move a muscle, even if they started drooling on his shoulder!

Sugawara: “Sweet dreams…” He’d laugh a little and give them a small kiss on their forehead. While his S.O. slept next to him, he’d daydream about how cute they were and how much he adores them!

Asahi: “U-Uwah!” He’d be a little startled and would get progressively more nervous. What if he accidentally moved and woke them up? He’d stay completely stiff!

Nishinoya: “…So sleepy. Zzzzzzz….” To be honest, he’d be the one to fall asleep first! The two would be drooling on each other’s shoulders all the way back home!

Tanaka: “Uoooooh! T-This is…!” This scenario would be something straight out of his dreams! As excited as he’d be, he’d restrain himself as to not wake them.

Hinata: “_____??” He’d be surprised, but he would eventually stop fidgeting and start to relax. The sway of the car and their warmth would coax him to sleep.

Kageyama: “W-W-Wha??” He’d let out this garbled sort of squeak, loud enough to make his S.O. stir. After he got over his initial surprise, he’d do his best to hide his grinning face (and fail miserably).

Yamaguchi: “Ah…!” He’d definitely blush a little and would try not to make a huge deal out if it. Still, the close contact would make his poor heart race like mad! 

Tsukishima: “….” He wouldn’t react too much but would definitely be slightly embarrassed. He’d gently lay a jacket over them so they wouldn’t feel cold and enjoy the weight of their body leaning against his.

Kuroo: “Ohoho?” As much as he’d love to use as a chance to tease them, he knows better than to mess around while they were asleep.

Oikawa: “Cheese!” He’d take this perfect opportunity and snap a picture of their adorable sleeping face! That picture would be sent to everyone in Aobajousai…

Iwaizumi: “Ah, cute…” He’d have a gentle smile on his face, one that rarely sees the light of day. He’d pat their head gently, wrap his arm around them, and fall asleep too. 

listen. height differences are cute, but when ur the same height a lot of cool shit happens:

regular standing kisses are s o intimate, like, usually you have to be on top of each other in bed for it to really work like that (everyone else watching you can feel that too)

both ppl can give each other forehead kisses no problem!!!!!!!!! double the cute fluff.

both can be body blankets for each other

perfect hand holding height, natural, no one’s bending down or having their arms at weird angles

head on shoulder hugs. arms can go anywhere and it doesnt feel weird.

things that are too pure for this world:

   sam coming up behind gabriel, wrapping his arms around gabe’s waist and resting his chin on the top of his head

  sleepy morning cuddles where sam pulls gabriel close, burying his face in gabriel’s hair

  gabriel being a h u g e cat person so he carries catnip treats everywhere and it makes it a pain in the ass to go anywhere but sam enjoys the look on his face when a cat come bounding over

  sam giving gabriel soft forehead kisses as they pass each other when going about their daily business

  cuddling up on the sofa to watch films and gabriel falls asleep on sam and sam has to carry his sleepy boyfriend to bed