*girls generation

People were so rude about taeyeon’s pre-release I got love. Some fans just didn’t like the song, that doesn’t mean we won’t support her. People just straight up said if we didn’t like it, then we weren’t fans and that it doesn’t matter what we think of it. It’s not hard to admit that your bias’s song isn’t that good or just not your taste, and fans want people to love every little thing that their idol does.

Someone: I don’t like girl groups

Me: oh boy okay wow this is actually. so crazy omg?? You won’t even believe this wow okay but this is honestly so crazy considering I: didn’t ask.


taeyeon fine teaser icons.

After watching a freaking lyrics music video in YouTube of Twice’s Knock Knock, seeing the amount of dislikes and reading so many comments of people calling the members “fake” and “useless”, I just have to say that stanning girls groups was the best decision I have ever made, and I’m just proud of being a fan of them, buying their music and simply contribute to loving them. All my girls are beautiful, talented and hard workers, they must be cheered on and not insulted because of stupid misogyny.