Queen Panacea - Panacea regina

The Queen Panacea, Panacea regina (Nymphalidae), also commonly referred to as Queen Flasher, is a colorful butterfly found across much of Amazonia from Colombia to Peru and southern Brazil.

Panacea regina is the largest member of the genus. It was discovered by the legendary explorer and naturalist Henry Walter Bates, and named after the Queen Victoria (Victoria regina).

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©Jeffrey Glassberg | Locality: Napo, Ecuador (2014)

Anoche no te acordabas de mí
te pusiste borracha
bailaste en ese bar que tanto te gusta
entre el humo de los cigarros
fingías que la pasabas de maravilla
pero hoy te despiertas
y te sientes otra vez vacía
¿Hasta cuándo será así?
y comienzas a extrañar
que alguien te quiera
y tenga ganas de estar a tu lado
para abrazarte y besar
lo que aún te duele
ya no quieres vivir en esos lugares
del vicio y la mentira
que lleva la vida nocturna
cuando eres joven
estás hecha un desastre
yo podría quedarme
pero te da tanto miedo el amor
—  Para Sofia, Quetzal Noah
"Why not 'Queen Swan'?"
  • HENRY:(grabs backpack and heads for backdoor) Okay Moms, I'm going over to Nick and Ava's. Paige and I are riding our bikes over. She's all excited about our Caskett marathon.
  • REGINA:(looks up) Excuse me, what?
  • EMMA:They're going to watch "Castle" and eat junk food all day.
  • REGINA:But what does that have to do with coffins?
  • (Emma sputters her coffee with a giggle and Henry laughs opening the door)
  • EMMA:It's their ship, relationship name. They take the two names, or a representation of each character, and blend it together.
  • HENRY:Like you two, your couple name, or ship name, would be... "Swan Queen".
  • EMMA:Hmm... "Swan Queen"...
  • REGINA:Why not "Queen Swan"?
  • EMMA:(sarcastic stare for Regina) Really?
  • REGINA:It's correct in alphabetic order. (Smirks into her coffee)
  • EMMA:Do you ALWAYS have to come first?
  • REGINA:Do you even NEED to ask that question? (big teasing smile) Yes.
  • EMMA:Swan Queen SOUNDS better.
  • REGINA:I beg to differ.
  • EMMA:Of course you do because you always have to come first and always have the last word.
  • REGINA:I don't always come first. I put you and Henry first because I love you.
  • HENRY:(rolls his eyes at their usual arguing/bantering) Henry's leaving. BYE! (leaves)
  • REGINA:So, Swan Queen.
  • EMMA:Swan Queen.
  • REGINA:Fine.
  • EMMA:Fine. (smiles)
  • REGINA:Fine. (smiles)
  • (Emma and Regina stare at each other)
  • REGINA:So we have the WHOLE house to ourselves now.
  • EMMA:whatever will we do to pass the time.
  • (without a word both woman get up and walk out of the room, up the stairs toward the bedroom)
  • EMMA:So I wonder...
  • REGINA:Wonder what, Miss Swan?
  • EMMA:What the ship name would be for me and your boobs?