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thescarletpaperback replied to your post “I got a really cute image in my head that Luxos,at some point when he…”

That’s such a cute idea. I imagine this is the Delgado Master, so Luxos also tries out his style of all-black, cool clothing. If he wasn’t imitating the Master, it would look like he’s going through an early goth phase.

Yep,  Delgado is 100% the main Master they will come to know, just like 2 is their main Doctor! Omfg…Yep I can definitely see that!


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Best Friends Huh? Pt. 5

Jimin X Reader 

Angst | Fluff | Smut 

NSFW 18+

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10 minutes passed when I realized my lips were still on Jimin’s. I parted my lips from his, never losing sight of Jimin’s eyes. My heart started beating faster and my cheeks felt and looked like I had been in the sun for 10 hours straight. “Y/N, I-I’m sorry. I should have asked.” Jimin said breaking my contact with his eyes. I lowered my head, shaking it in a slow pace to signal a “no” gesture. I bit my lip at the thought of his lips having touched mine and how I wished he’d kiss me again. “It’s fine Jimin, I just didn’t expect it!” I responded between giggles. Jimin lifted my face by my chin and looked me in the eyes. My skin immediately burning up at his touch and my heart now dropping to my stomach. “Well, would it be okay if I kissed you again?” Jimin asked with a wide grin on his face. I felt as if I was dreaming till Jimin’s lips broke my trance once again. My body immediately gave way and melted into his embrace. His kiss shot shivers down my spine, filling me with a warmth i’ve never felt before.

I found my hands roaming parts of him I’ve always wished to touch. He wrapped me tighter in his grasp when the kiss grew in intensity. Next thing I knew Jimin picked me up in his arms bridal style carrying me to my room, closing the door behind him. Jimin laying me on the bed. As he stood watching me in my dark room, I could see my saliva glistening on his now swollen lips. I wanted nothing more then to kiss him and touch him again. I sat up on the bed, both my elbows digging into my weakend mattress holding me up to get a better view of my best friend, Jimin now hovering over my figure. “If you’re going to kiss me again, do it.” I bravely demanded. He took me by my chin again pulling me into his face. “Jimin, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.” I could hear a gulp echo through his throat and he let out a small sigh. I could see a warm smile grow across his face. Regardless how dark it was in my room, he still shined bright enough to break the darkness surrounding us. Jimin hesitated no longer pulling me in to his swollen lips.

We fumbled in my small bed trying to find comfort. Not once did it feel as if my lips left his. I felt myself starting to sweat from the warmth radiating off of both of us. Jimin picked me up by my waist placing me on his lap where I could now feel his erection growing. I tugged on his bottom lip letting him know I approved. His warm hands now tracing my back till they landed on the hem of my shirt, he pulled my shirt off over my arms and head till I was show casing my black laced bra. He laid kisses down my neck and collar bone. I let out slight moans everytime his lips landed on my body. All I craved was Jimin’s touch, and only his touch. Jimin once again traced his hands to the spot on my back where my bra laid. Within seconds my bra was laying in between me and Jimin. Jimin’s face turning a slight red at the site of my plump breasts. I lifted Jimin’s chin so that his eyes were now looking into mine. I gave him a warm smile and a peck on the nose. “Y/N…” Jimin said in a low tone that even I could barely hear. “Yes?” I asked. “I love you.” He responded.

I could feel my face burning up and my stomach filled with butterflies. “Jimin, I-I love you t-too.” I replied back with tears running down my face. Jimin quickly wiping the tears off my cheeks. “Y/N, I will treat you better then you’ve ever been treated. I promise. I will always love you and always have.” Jimin pressed his forehead into mine. I kissed his forehead and continued holding him tight. I loved the way Jimin’s hands felt on my body. There was noone I would rather be with then him.  This was right. This is the person I needed and wanted, and little did I know I had him all along. I put all my weight down onto Jimin’s body, adjusting myself to his figure. I felt myself grinding against his hard on and feeling the heat build up once again. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold the want for him in anymore. I pushed Jimin down onto the bed and slid off his lap. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

Jimin bit his lip at the site in front of him. I slowly slid his black jeans off and kissed his erection over his black Calvin Klein briefs. Jimin getting goosebumps at the sudden kisses. I pulled his erection out through the hole in his briefs pumping him up and down. Him letting out moans everytime my tongue licked his tip teasing him. After a few licks I decided to shove his cock into my mouth slowly. Hearing his moan was the hottest thing I’v heard and I immedately started bopping my head up and down onto him. Jimin’s hands now sprawled next to him on the bed pulling on my silk sheets. I wanted nothing more then to have his swollen cock inside me. I put my hands on Jimin’s knees to help myself back up. Jimin jumping up to pull me onto the bed smirking. “Y/N, you’re a bad girl. You need to be punished.” His saultry tone causing the wetness in my core to grow. Jimin ripped my tights off revelaing my pantiless nature. “You didn’t wear panties I see?” He asked with a evil smile now placed on his face. Jimin running his middle finger up and down my slit causing me to flinch at the sudden touch and immedately grabbing my sheets. “You feel so wet baby. I can’t wait to have my cock inside of you.” His words caused my core to ache in anticipation. 

Jimin slid his middle and index finger into my core going in and out, rubbing my clit with his thumb till I was completely drenched in my own juices. I couldn’t help but scream. Jimin giggled and kissed my lips to quiet me down so we didn’t wake my neighbors. “Please, slide your cock into me baby!” I pleaded. Jimin looked me in my eyes and slowly released his grip from my core. He took his cock and rubbed it against my entrance. “You want this inside of you baby?” I wiggled my hips in reponse. “Please?” I begged with a pouty face. Jimin pulled me in closer spreading my legs to open my entrance wider for his thick cock to enter. He slowly slid his cock into me and with evey inch entering I let out a slight moan, gripping the sheets tighter. He was going in and out of my hole slowly but passionately. He laid his swollen lips on mine letting me know he truly wanted me, not just my pussy, not just my body, but all of me. My heart and soul. I felt nothing but love from him and in this very moment I felt appreciated. His hand graced my body with nothing more then passion and want. His eyes never losing sight of mine. I felt myself coming close to my orgasm. “Jimin, I’m gonna cum.” I squeeled. Jimin smiled at me and said 3 words that shot my body into shivers. “Cum for me.” His body movements and tone nearly causing my body to collapse. I could feel myself coming closer and closer to my orgasm and I could feel Jimin getting close by his weakened body movements. 

Within seconds me and Jimin reached our climax. “That was amazing, Y/N.” Jimin muttered between breaths. I felt a smile grow across my face. “Jimin, I love you.” I felt his body fall off mine and onto the bed and grab my body close to his till we were facing one another. His lips landing on mine. “I love you too.” He whispered before dozing off to sleep. I fell alseep that night with a smile on my face, trust , and belief in a better love with a man. My best friend is everything to me. I will always love him. 

Hey readers! I’m not sure if I want to end this series here. But I thought I’d give it a ending that could possibly count for a series finale if I changed my mind. Do you want a part 6? Pls let me know. If you have any request don’t hesitate to msg me or contact me in my ask. Thank you ! I love and appreciate your feedback and love for my stories! It means so much to me. 


“put up O if you agree with the statement, X if you disagree” ft the maknae line from vixx, boyfriend and kara


Gif source:  Peter

Imagine being an alien with the ability to manipulate the elements at will and you travel with the Guardians and eventually you and Peter fall for each other.

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He gasps as the water from his glass splashes onto his chin, causing you to erupt into giggles at the look on his face. He looks at you accusingly, utter shock on his face as he realizes the flick of your finger had sent the water flying at him.

“What was that for?” Peter asks, reaching up to wipe a hand down his face, taking some of the water droplets with it.

“You were in a daze.”

“You’re lucky,” Peter states, grinning, “If you weren’t so cute, I’d have to get you back for that.”

  • Pathologist: *enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *examining a body*
  • Pathologist: *rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock: *still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist: *sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist: *frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock: *looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly: *enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock: *steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
Less Alone (Fred Weasley x reader)

Word count: you tell me dude

The day was cold, colder than usual for December in Hogwarts. Your parents had decided that this winter break was the perfect time to go on vacation, which meant leaving you behind while they had the time of their life. You didn’t really mind, you’d rather spend your time catching up on your studying anyway.
“Why are you still here?” Fred asked you as he walked into the Gryffindor common room. You were sitting on one of the window seats, watching as the snow fell from the sky and created a blanket on the ground. “Shouldn’t you be at home, with your parents?”
“I didn’t realize you wanted me to be home so badly.” You teased, chuckling to yourself as you looked over at him. He was tall and unbelievably handsome, and the distressed look on his face at your comment made you giggle louder. “I’m kidding, Freddie. My parents went on vacation.”
“I do you want here, I just thought- my parents are on vacation too.” Fred sighed, stumbling over his words. He internally cursed, embarrassed about making a fool of himself. “Why are you in here all alone?”
“I don’t really know.” You sighed, patting the spot next to you. Usually Fred was full of energy, and he would never stop bouncing off the walls. “Do you want to make me less alone?”
He nodded and walked over, hesitantly sitting down beside you. He tried to keep an inch of space in between you, and your heart swelled at the anticipation. You were so in love with this boy. You two sat in awkward silence for a while, before you slowly grabbed his arm and wrapped it around your shoulder, pulling him close. “I don’t bite Freddie.” You whispered, leaning into him.
Fred couldn’t contain his smile and he looked down at the top of your head. He leant down and kissed your hair, and then squeezed your shoulder with his hand. You relaxed into his grip, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, he was completely still, completely calm. “Hey, y/n?” Fred whispered, and you hummed in response. “I really like you.”
“That’s good news, Freddie.” You whispered back, looking back up at him. He gave you a small smile, and you smiled back at him. “I really like you too.” You looked back at the window, and you felt a little less lonely in the world. For the first time, life was good.


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“Wanda there’s something I really need to tell you” you began. Your hands were hardly extremely sweaty and your voice was starting to shake “you see… I’ve been keeping this to myself for a while… I love-”.

But before you could finish Wanda’s lips were ok yours. It felt amazing. You’ve imagined this happening several times but this was ten times better than what you dreamt about.

“I already know” Wanda giggled, once she pulled away and saw the stunned look on your face “I love you too”.

Fred Weasley Imagine Once This Is All Over

“Babe? Could you zip me up please?” You called to Fred and he ran into the room. You turned around and he gently zipped up your dress, before placing a kiss on the back of your shoulder. You giggled and turned to face him. 

“You look so handsome Fred.” You said, admiring his suit. Fred grinned back at you. 

“Nowhere near as beautiful as you look (Y/N).” He complimented you and you blushed. 

“Not too beautiful, I hope. This is still Bill and Fleur’s day.” You joked and Fred rolled his eyes. Despite the problems in the wizarding world, you were excited for the wedding, because it would make a nice change from the dreary news. 

“Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly won’t be able to take my eyes off of you today.” You blushed again. Despite dating Fred since your second year at Hogwarts, you still weren’t used to his compliments. Fred took your hand and pulled you out of the door, towards the wedding. 

You sipped your drink, as you watched Bill and Fleur dance. You grinned at the happy couple, because they got to enjoy their wedding despite everything. You felt a hand on your back and turned to see Fred smiling at you. 

“Would you do me the honour of dancing with me?” Fred asked and you chuckled, before leading him to the dance floor. You pulled him close and swayed to the music. The two of you stared only at each other and ignored everything else going on. Occasionally, Fred leaned down to kiss you. 

“Have I ever told you how much I love you (Y/N)?” Fred asked and you giggled. 

“Far too many times Fred. Almost as many times as I’ve told you.” You watched Fred’s face break into a grin. 

“I can never tell you too many times (Y/N).” Fred said sincerely and you kissed him again. Suddenly, a cheer erupted and you looked over to see Fleur preparing to toss the bouquet. 

“Go on (Y/N).” Molly said encouragingly and you looked at Fred in amusement. 

“But I’ve got Fred.” You protested and Fred chuckled. 

“Yes, but if you catch it, he might finally get a move on and ask you.”  Molly dragged you over to Fleur and Fred watched you with amusement. You stood near the back and watched as the bouquet flew into the air. You caught it as it soared towards you and everyone clapped. You blushed and walked back to Fred.

“Looks like you’re going to have some competition soon.” You joked and Fred rolled his eyes before leading you outside. You stood just outside the tent with him. 

“(Y/N), today’s made me think about things. About us.” Fred started speaking and you nodded along to his words. 

“And well, I want you to know that I’m going to marry you.” You gasped and your eyes shone with tears. Fred cupped your face gently. 

“I’m not proposing, at least not right now. it’s Bill and Fleur’s day and I won’t overshadow them. And I don’t know when I will, because there’s so much going on. But once this is all over, I’ll marry you. I promise.” Fred said sincerely and you choked out a laugh, as you wiped away your tears. 

“Don’t I get a say in this.” You joked and Fred shook his head adamantly. 

“No, because you’re going to be mine forever.” Fred said and you kissed him. His arms wrapped around your waist. 

“I can’t wait to marry you.” You whispered into his hair, unsure if he heard it or not. Fred released you and took your hand, taking you back into the party. 

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Rizd requested Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball just being cute AF.

Poor Prince Gumball keeps making strawberry creampuffs only for Marshall Lee to keep stealing them.  Every time PG looks behind him, Marshall Lee turns invisible.  Marshall, meantime, has been stifling the urge to giggle incessantly at the look on Prince Gumball’s face. :P

Wake Up!

Request: Can you do a waking up next to grant one shot that’s just super fluffy bc that would be awesome Word Count: 508 - You looked at your boyfriend’s sleeping face and giggled. His mouth was ajar, soft snores escaping with every breath. He was out cold completely exhausted from last night’s filming session. It was almost noon and you wanted to spend time with Grant because you hadn’t been able to spend much time with him due to filming. You wanted to wake him up, but he was out cold and everything you tried hadn’t worked. Finally you decided to have a little fun and got out your make up bag. You had to stifle your giggles as you put the cosmetics all over your boyfriend’s face. Green eyeshadow, pink blush, red lipstick. It looked like a four year old girl had attacked his face with her Disney princess crayons. You took your feathery blend brush and started to tickle Grant’s nose. “Grant,“ you whispered sweetly, “Grant, wake up baby.” Grant stirred in his sleep, groaning at the sudden bright light as his eyes fluttered open. “(Y/N)?” He yawned smiling slightly. “Yes?” You giggled. You couldn’t help it, he looked ridiculous. “Why are you laughing?” He asked puzzled. You snorted while pointing in the direction of the mirror. “Go look,” you instructed him. Grant got up slowly exposing his half naked body. He slumped his way to the bathroom still half asleep. “(Y/N)!” Grant yells, “what’s this?” His face poking out from the bathroom and you can’t help but fall to hysterics. Clutching your sides and giggling uncontrollably until tears form in your eyes. “Oh my god. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” You snort, gasping for breath. Grant reappears with a glare painted on his now clear face. He scoops up your body and drops you onto the bed before hovering over your body. “If I weren’t so tired, you would be dead right now.” Grant says before dropping himself on you. You groan under his body weight and attempt to flip him off you. “Grant stop, you’re heavy.” You pout finally rolling him over. “That’s not very nice,” he pouts pulling you on top of him. “What time did you get home last night?” “Late.” You yawn snuggling into his warm chest, “did you like your wake up surprise?” You giggle. “No,” he pouts, “I think we’re going to have to try it again.” He closes his eyes and pretends to wake up again. “(Y/N),” he smiles. “What a surprise. I missed you so much.” He winks and you roll your eyes. “Very funny.” You laugh, smacking his chest. He pouts and puckers his lips. You make an over exasperated sigh and peck his lips lightly. “That’s a weak kiss. I think I deserve a better one; don’t you?” Grant pulls your face in close to his and captures his lips in yours. “I think this is the perfect way to spend our day together don’t you?” He utters against you lips before continuing the kiss. “Perfect.” You sigh entangling yourself in his body; fitting perfectly as if you were made to be in his arms.

Reaction: 2ne1 Their idol gf catching them fangirling

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Twice version- here

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You came home from your photoshoot, exhausted and ready to pass out, only to find your girlfriend and fellow idol, Chaerin, giggling and mumbling under her breath. You looked over her shoulder and saw your face on the screen, realisation hitting you like a stack of bricks. You tapped Chaerin on the shoulder catching her attention.

“Why are you watching a compilation of me doing aegyo?”

“Mind your own business will you?”

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“Okay, so I have a pretty valid explanation.” 

“That is?”

“Okay scratch that. We´ll pretend this didn´t happen.”

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Walking out of a bathroom and seeing your girlfriend screaming and jumping around with a phone in her hand was truly a sight to behold. You stopped in your tracks, staring at her with disbelief on your face. When she finally noticed you, you held out your hand and stopped her from talking.

“I don´t even want to know.” 

Originally posted by ilalisa


“So you have a surprise comeback and you don´t tell me? Do you know what state of shock I was in?!” 

“It is a surprise comeback, after all.” 

“And I am your girlfriend. Girl, look at you, slaying and all.” Minji would say, shamelessly showing you her fangirl side, leaving you speechless.

“I am judging you so hard right now, Gong Minji.”

“You still love me.”

A/n: My heart is aching. That´s all I´m gonna say. Here you go anonie, I hope I satisfied your needs a little more, the Twice reaction coming soon. Lots of love – G

Drabble #3

Request: #16 and #24 w/ Draco plz

Y/N stumbles her way up the stairs, clinging to the railing for dear life as she tries to focus on anything other than the fact that everything is spinning.  She can feel the churning of her stomach but she swallows, shaking her head and ignoring it. She trudges up the last stair, laughing at the ridiculous decorations in the hall. She glances up at the portrait, blinking a few times. 

“This is the boys dormitory, young lady.” The portrait hisses, shooting her a disapproving look. 

“Y-you’re the boys dormitory.” Y/N slurs, giggling at the portraits odd looking face. She keeps moving, the door she’s looking for just at the end of the hall. She finally reaches it, stubbing her toe into it’s good.

 “Bloody door. Leave my toe alone!” Y/n hisses, hitting the door with her palm. She’s about to smack it again, when it flies open and she stumbles into the arms of whoever opened it.

 “Y/N?” Draco asks, his voice rough from being awoken. Y/N pulls back, giggling at her best friend. 

“Draco, I found you!!! She cries, poking him in the chest. Draco tilts his head at her, amused. 

“Are you drunk?” 

“No sir, I, am tipsyyy. Like the floor.” Y/N notes, staring down at it. Draco frowns, Y/N was usually very controlled, and smart.

 “Hey, what’s going on?” He asks, pulling back but keeping a steady arm around her wobbily figure. Y/N stares at him, her big Y/E/C eyes blinking rapidly. 

“Wanna know a secret?” She whispers. 

“Sure, love.” Draco chuckles. 

“I like you.” Y/N blurts out, gasping and covering her mouth. Draco laughs  pushing her hair out of her sweaty face.

 “Don’t laugh! Y-you know you want it, sweetheart.” Y/N pouts, burying her face into his shoulder. 

“Y/N.. love, c’mon, I didn’t mean to upset you. Y/N?” He asks when she doesn’t respond. He turns his head slightly and sees her fast asleep on his shoulder.

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Imagine baby Scorpius being obsessed with Draco’s hair. Draco wears it down and long to start with, but Scorpius always manages to get his sticky fingers tangled in it, so he starts putting it up. But that just gives Scorpius something solid to grab onto. And once Scorpius has got hold of something he isn’t letting it go.

So often Draco tries to stand up but finds himself trapped, and so often Astoria will just stand and watch, trying not to laugh.

“Do you need some help there, sweetheart?”

Draco just glares at her, so she comes to his rescue, distracting Scorpius with her reading glasses which are kind of gold and sparkly round the rims.

“I still don’t understand why he likes MY hair so much,” Draco complains, watching Astoria tease Scorpius with the glasses.

“It’s silver,” she says without looking up, pulling a ridiculous face at Scorpius who giggles delightedly and blows a few bubbles. “He likes shiny things. Gold and silver. Just like his dad.”

Draco smiles. “Our child has expensive taste. Very Malfoy of him.”

“He’s definitely your son,” Astoria says, tapping Scorpius on the nose. He catches hold of her finger and clings to it.

“I approve,” Draco says. “It’s important our child should enjoy the finer things in life. I just wish he didn’t count my hair as one of them.”

Astoria grins. “I’m sure it’s just a phase he’s going through.”

“Let’s hope it’s a short one,” Draco says with a heavy sigh. “Or I won’t have any hair left for him to pull.”