Ah gosh I’m sorry this took so long! I figured I would rather put all my effort into this and give it to you late than turn it in unfinished !
…well the point was to finish it so haha

So @sevi007! Here’s your late birthday gift from me!
I wanted one of the pages to look a lot like how Horikoshi draws it, so there’s that too. I hope you like it! 
And guys if you haven’t read Sevi’s “Talk to me” - fic yet ……

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Commission - Pesky Fly

“I wish this fly would stop bugging me, I’m just trying to get breakfast sorted!”

With her powers (and size) significantly drained by the energy blast, Weightless finds herself turning to someone she can trust for help. Unfortunately, the significantly shrunken superhero is finding it hard to attract the right kind of attention! Will Dex notice their mistake before breaking out the fly spray? Tune in next time to find out!

A gift for @deltaskydragon, drawn by goattrain!

(And for the record, I noticed fine after I’d had some tea)

Happy Birthday Captain Hattey! You wonderful thing you, I hope you had a wonderful day and I’m so sorry this is late.. and frankly a little off… but I wanted to do a cute little surprise to celebrate another year of you being around and making wonderful things


OH MY GOD NO SHHHH IT’S NOT OFF AT ALL I LOVE IT!! D’: IT’S SO FRIGGIN CUTE I HAVE NO WORDS WTF. and it’s okay, I don’t mind late gifts at all! Ugh, I love this so much, but I love you more commissioner Kelly x’D


Late post if a monthsary gift, dagdagan mo pa ng jar of love notes ayun. May kwento about kasi jan kaya may isang bucket ako ng chocolates and alam niya din kasing mahilig ako sa chocolates, eto pa ah nung nasa hotel na kami sabi niya bunot ako sa jar ng note tapos timing na kumakain ako ng kitkat nun, edi tinabi ko muna yung kitkat tapos ayun nagbasa ako kinikilig tapos nung hahanapin ko na yung kitkat tapos wala na, tinanong ko siya if asan na yung kitkat sabi niya hindi niya alam pero hawak hawak niya yung kitkat na plastic. Ay na hahahaha ang cute eh. Mahal na mahal na mahal kita babee!!! 😋💕