Life Can Be a Dream meme (Gift)/// Ft Bunny Toe from Ew Clone Au by @moho-milk-town-and-power-down ///Original meme- Wasup Kookie on youtube

the cutest thing i’ve ever made– (Ik she doesnt draw it anymore, but i didnt know how to animate back then+ still my favorite au)

– I animate with fire alpaca, Adobe animate cc, Wacom intuos pro–

452 frames At 11:00fps

Happy birthday, Cae! — @lavenderrpurr

To the iconic pastel princess of Balmung — thank you for blessing all of our dashboards with your amazing graphics and game updates. Have a purrfectly pawsitive day and stay meownificant. Furgive me, but I could not pass up the oppurrtunity to make these puns. ♡

my @iwaoiexchange gift for lichi - the prompt was fluffy domestic iwaoi! i hope you like it!!


Found this inside my 1932 edition of A Farewell to Arms. Look at the mark it left in the book. It has probably been there since the early- to mid-1930s! All during WW2, it was there. During the space landing, it was there. It was there from Gandhi to Gorbachev to Gates. I’m leaving it there. It’ll be there beyond me, too.