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Supernatural Relationships and Led Zeppelin

You cannot convince me that this was all purely coincidental.

12x01 - Part of the reason that John and Mary first got together was because of Led Zeppelin.

12x19 - Dean had gifted Cas a mixtape consisting of thirteen Zeppelin songs.

12x01 - Zeppelin referenced for romantic reasons.

12x19 - Zeppelin songs used for a mixtape, which is a commonly used romantic trope.

But then again it could all just be a coincidence.

This is Halloween?

(A/N: I have no idea why this popped into my head, but I’ve been giggling about it all day.)

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The day before Halloween, Chuck decided to pay an unannounced visit to you, begging you to try and teach his angels about human customs. Without waiting for a reply he left, dumping the four archangels in your lap without so much as a starting point for what to teach them.

Being that it’s Halloween, you figured it would at least be worth a laugh to take them trick-or-treating, giving them the very basics of costume etiquette and leaving the rest to their imagination.

Michael dresses up in the most stereotypical cartoon devil costume he could find, clearly with the sole intention of angering Lucifer as much as possible.

Lucifer dresses up in old fashion pinstripe prisoner garb, which you’re certain is a shot against Chuck.

Raphael doesn’t see the point in learning such a custom and refuse to participate, though the promise of candy makes him at least want to tag along (even if he won’t admit it.)

Gabriel goes all out in full ‘Sweet Transvestite’ costume, high heels, fishnets and broad smile on his heavily painted face because he knows he nailed it.

Somehow he’d also managed to talk Castiel into joining them, and despite his reservation about Gabriel’s costume choice for him, he was assured that it was customary.

You stare at him, wearing black silk and lace lingerie, topped off with tiny ears set on his head.

Admist your shock and giggles, you manage to ask him what he’s supposed to be.

His brow furrows and he squints his eyes, as if the answer should be obvious, given the explanation Gabriel gave him and he merely states,

“I am told this is what a mouse would wear.”

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World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Summary: One of the reader’s students has a problem and she confronts the girl’s father, Dean, about what’s going on. He owns up to his mistake and ends up asking the reader out to appease his daughter. The reader quickly becomes part of the Winchester’s lives and learns what that means as Dean gets a lesson of his own on how he might not be the world’s greatest dad, but he is a good one…

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader 

Word Count: 12,300 so far (individual counts listed in parts)

Warnings: language

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (coming 7/9)

Part 5 (coming ???)

A/N: A super fluffy and cute story full of daddy Dean moments. This series is currently in progress. I don’t have a set number of parts planned out so who knows how many there will be but that’s half the fun of this one <3


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