When I was young, my mom always enjoyed music, so I listened to pop songs with her. When my mom had a song she liked, we would sing together and I think I started enjoying singing since then. I wanted to become a singer after watching a singing program with my grandma. She said “I wish I can see Sana there too” and I was young back then, so I said that I’ll go on it. Then as time passed, I really wanted to become a singer and perform on stage. I wanted to become a K-Pop star because I want to receive love while promoting overseas.

Happy Birthday Sana ♡


♛ Morgan le Fay + quotes {5/ ∞}

“She threw herself on her knees in front of me and grabbed my hand. Morgan the Wise, kneeling to me!
‘Tell me I did not do it! Tell me this was not my work! I meant it for love! Who am I, Smith? Tell me I am Morgan the Healer, not Morgan the Destroyer!’ ”

Blacksmith’s telling (Morgan le Fay Book Three) - Fay Sampson