Front Mission fans will be excited to hear about upcoming mech game Dual Gear, slated for release in the first quarter of 2017. A modern take on turn-based combat, Dual Gear is everything that Front Mission Evolved should have been. Front Mission games have always provided excellent turn-based battles of strategy, a core element that was missing from Evolved. Dual Gear takes this flavor of combat back to its roots. The game may be turn-based, but your team of mechs are no longer limited to a grid-like movement system and instead can roam the battlefield however you see fit, provided you have enough energy. Enemy units can engage you during your turn but only while your unit is moving, adding a new layer of strategy to every step that you take.

The game is currently in the pre-alpha stages but is clearly off to a great start. After playing the free demo it’s obvious that this title is already built on a very solid foundation. The combat is fun, fluid, and captures both the excitement of modern mech shooters and the great turn-based games of the past. Definitely worth a look.