how to tell kpop boygroups apart
  • VIXX:that one kinky group
  • BTS:the"you got no jams" memes
  • GOT7:Kunpimook Bhuwakul & variety skills Wang
  • iKon:Bobby and B.I
  • MonstaX:they new
  • EXO:is it 12, 10, 9 or 8.
  • B.A.P:the guy with that whale voice is the leader
  • Seventeen:they ain't 17 they only 13.
  • SHINee:dibibibidis
  • Block B:you really don't know what's going on
  • Infinite:live vocals are on point

do you ever just look at your favorite idols and wonder if they are actually happy? like when they smile for fans and act upbeat for the camera do you wonder if they actually cry every night and have trouble sleeping? or if they’re constantly ashamed of their looks/weight and never feel like they are as beautiful as they need to be? do they struggle with not being good enough or disappointing their fans? are they insecure and over work themselves to prove mean comments wrong even though they laugh it off on camera?

are they healthy and happy like we think they are?


the second stop in shinee’s fourth japanese tour, shinee world 2016, was not only special because it finished off the opening weekend for the tour, but because it marked the one hundreth concert that shinee has held since their debut. though, more specifically, it’s be since 2010 because their first concert was held on december 26th, 2010 in tokyo, japan at the yoyogi national gymnasium.

throughout these one hundred concerts, shinee has partaken in eight tours: four japanese, two asia and two world. these tours include:

× shinee world i: their first concert tour / first tour in general, which ran from december of 2010 to november of 2011 for ten shows.
× shinee world 2012: their first japanese tour, which ran from april to july of 2012 for twenty shows.
× shinee world ii: their second concert tour, which ran from july to december of 2012 for six shows.
× shinee world 2012: (also known as their boys meet u tour) their second japanese tour, which ran from june to december of 2013 for fifteen shows.
× shinee world iii. their third concert tour / first world tour, which ran from march to june of 2013 for seven shows. this was also the first concert tour that had a concert that took place outside of asia.
× shinee world 2014. (also known as their i’m your boy tour) their third japanese tour, which ran from october to december of 2014 for twenty shows.
× shinee world iv. their fourth concert tour / second world tour, which ran from may to october of 2015 for six shows.
× shinee world 2016: (also known as their d×d×d tour) their fourth japanese tour which will run from january to may of 2016 with twenty shows.

in addition to the above, shinee also performed one concert for smtown week in 2014 which rounds out the final count of shows. when shinee world 2016 finishes they will have added sixteen more concerts to their tour count. congratulations shinee and here’s to many more concerts with you!


The eyeliner guy..

How can we ignore this family



And two love childs

The shy ones

The one who is accused for watching porn

And sometimes…. the whole group…. reveals that they…

The booty guy

I know that u know whos booty is this..

The one who thinks he can do aegyo

The one who judges the hell out of everyone

The who is in charge of martial arts

The mood maker

Fall everything fall everything Slip everywhere slip everywhere(unique!)

always slips but never falls..

The derps

This one is unique. cause u will never find someone like him

“onew condition”

God of distructions (one and only namjoon a.k.a dance monster Rap monster)


160130 JAT Fukuoka VCR Transcript

Caption: One Heart Construction’s successor, Jonghyun
Onew: (L-let’s not get close to him…)
Teacher: Let’s clap our hands (for Onew).

Caption: Republic of Korea Representative Financial Conglomerate “Shinwa” Successor, Minho
Minho: Hello, lady.
Onew: (What? Why does it feel like I just gulped down a lot of butter?)

Caption: The (School) President’s Grandson, Taemin
Onew: (Riding the rhythm and dancing to the tune of the class bell….can’t these people sit still?)
Onew: (Eh? What, what?)
Onew: (Don’t tell me…)
Onew: (Don’t come near me/Go away!)
Taemin: Nice to meet you~
Teacher: Won’t you be satisfied unless you enter the room that way?! Take your seat.
Teacher: Where’s Key? Is he late again?

Caption: Fashion brand “Sara” Group’s successor, Key
Key: Transfer student?
Key: You’re cute~, I’m Key, you know.
Onew: (How uncool, he’s just like a flying squirrel.)
Teacher: Do you intend to do a fashion show all day long? Sit down.
Onew: Somehow, it feels like my school life won’t be going smoothly.

[missed a couple of lines]
Key: Hold out your hand.
Key: Do your best and buy [missed line]
Onew: What? Who are you calling a beggar?
Jonghyun: Is money not enough? Hm?
Onew: Stop laughing at me!!↑↑
Onew: Just because you all have money, you think you can disregard other people?!
Onew: Is that your excuse?!
Minho: It’s because your clothes are unfashionable!
Minho: T…that hand…was wonderful.
Minho: How charming!
Key: Her fists are so strong, too strong.
Key: What?
Key: How is she so lovely?
Minho: You are the first person who has ever hit me.
Onew: What?
Onew: Don’t tell me…wait…
Key: Hey! Hit me more!
Key: I’ve been a really bad kid.
Onew: (Somehow, because of this incident, the S4 became attracted to my strong hands that hit them.)
Onew: (Once I got to get along with them, I realized that S4 are not really bad people.)

Onew: (Jonghyun gave me sausages overflowing with love.)
Onew: (Key put on me a unique, one of its kind in this world, haute couture slippers.)
Onew: (Minho always thinks of poetic imagery [for me].)

[missing lines]
Taemin: Let me assist you.
Taemin: Shall we start? *dances to Dream Girl*
Caption: Clear
Onew: Oops!
Taemin: Be careful. It’s slippery.
Onew: (Just like that, cleaning gang leader Taemin helps clean the corridors every day with his mop dance.)

Onew: On a day like that, suddenly an incident took place…
Minho: Keep your hands off her.
Minho: I will absolutely not give Onew to you.
Key: Hou, interesting
Key: Why don’t we fight for her fair and square?
Onew: (Minho and Key surrounded me and had a huge fight.)
Onew: STOP!
Key: Hm?
Key: Why is your back and front the same? Hm??
Minho: You also have an Adam’s apple?
Onew: Eei!
Onew: I thought we were to graduate together!
Onew: (My true identity was discovered but it seems that they’ve grown interested in my overflowing wild beauty)
Onew: (I wonder what will happen after that?)
Onew: (I’ll leave it to your imagination!)

Tr: keihissi


More of Jinki doing pullups 😄 JAT Fukuoka 160130 #shinee #onew #jinki #2016jat #JAT2016