ASTRO - Colored (Choreography version)

“He was the most inspirational person in my life. His dream was to cure all the sick children in the world. And when I asked:“is it possible?” Michael began to cry. He was very emotional about the things that touched him. We can say that he was the purity in a world that has ceased to be pure.“

Brett Ratner

Astro reaction to their foreign crush trying to speak Korean.

Hello there sunshines! I come here again with another reaction, requested by some *ekhem* mysterious anon.

 Yes….so mysterious….hmm…… -Editor Choi


This baby would die laughing (r.i.p.). He would be both super happy, hearing your voice saying Korean words, and amused by your strange pronunciation. Sanha would feel bad for laughing, but he couldn’t help it. Besides, he’s a child, he can’t with feelings. Save him.


Binnie would be pleasantly surprised, his eyes widening with joy. He has wanted to teach you Korean for quite some time, but he was too shy to propose that. Now that you started yourself, he thought about it as his way to your heart. Calm and cute teacher is irresistible right? Lol.


Dongmin would find it very charming and cute; you being a foreigner and trying to speak his native language. He would fall for you even more and would praise you for your efforts. As he likes to learn new languages too, he would love to teach you Korean and get close to you, thanks to that.


Jinjin would feel honored to be one of the reasons for you to learn Korean, even if he was the smallest one. He would complement you a lot and help you correct your mistakes, patiently, making sure you always enjoy learning.


Minhyuk would be very surprised to hear his crush try to pronounce some basic Korean expressions. His heart would do a back flip with excitement. He wouldn’t stop smiling as he would see that as an opportunity to get closer to you, maybe by cutely making fun of your mistakes.


MyungDuck would love it. He would think that you are trying to speak Korean to impress him, so he would shower you with complements and aegyo. From then on he would try to speak Korean to you, slowly and carefully, to help you learn it.

From the bottom of my heart.

Love is his message. Love of every kind. Simple as that..and instead of lifting him up,we did our best to bring him down. Is this the world we like to live in? Punish the innocent and the brave? The strong and the pure? Throwing dirt and mud to the struggling souls? Souls like Michael’s who did everything,yet got nothing in return but pain and betrayal? Im sincerely sorry Michael. The world treated you in the worst way, but you were always there to give more and more. So much more you ended up giving your own soul and heart to change and soften our own..  You always were too good for this sick world..for this pained Earth. I thank you i love you and im sorry.

Aroha Baby Challenge!!

GUYS! We should do another challenges! Send the mv to your friend and make them watch it and screen shot their fav member or fav moment!!! Post it and tag it #aroha baby challenge
THIS WAY WE CAN POSSIBLY GET MORE AROHAS AND HAVE OTHERS ENJOY A GOOD SONG! I already sent the mv to my friend I’m waiting for her to watch it!!!