I’m very careful about what I put into my body. 

Apéritif vs Relevés

I love the contrast of these two scenes. In the first one, Hannibal’s dressed down, he’s brought something simple, he’s trying to break through Will’s defenses. Will takes the food perfunctorily, and then is pleasantly surprised to discover he likes it. 

In the second, Hannibal’s full on himself. Here, person with fever and undiagnosed encephalitis, listen to my long story about what I made you. 

And contrary to the joke about Will insulting Hannibal’s soup, Will is actually pleased. Touched even.

Wow, I showed up unannounced on your doorstep late at night with an escaped serial killer in tow and had a seizure and let the guy escape and then drove off in your car when you told me to wait while you summoned help. After all that dragging you into my world, you made me chicken soup. 


a while back, someone told me how they have this headcanon (pertaining mostly to early-series Hannibal) where one of the dogs that Will Graham adopts used to be a service dog, and whenever Will has nightmares or panic attacks or he dissociates, the dog knows exactly what to do to comfort him. i still get emotional about this headcanon sometimes. [don’t delete caption]

“He thinks it’s sad to finish things. It is sad to say goodbye to a role and hello to a new project. Yet parting is the necessary prerequisite of being an actor:
‘I have made Unit One for two years now, and this is the job I’ve had for the longest time in my whole life. But you must stop in time, because you can’t figure out when it’s a good thing, and when it starts to become daily routine. Acting must never become everyday work, because then the whole matter is lost. It must be always pushed in new directions,’ - he said.” [x]

Save Hannibal - Daily Meal Plan

Save Hannibal can feel like a full time job sometimes, but to make it easier, we’ve come up with a daily plan of attack.

The goal is to try and move beyond only tweets! There is at least one other way to reach out to every platform. Even if you’re emailing from the same email every time (though if you have a few, vary it up) - this all helps. Leave a Facebook comment on the appropriate sort of posts, let them know when the rights expire we want them to be there - everywhere you can!

Here’s the menu:

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Hannibal Rewatch: 2x02

Season 2, Episode 2: “Sakizuke”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

I don’t think this is exactly *interesting* or what have you, more just a result of rewatching a television season about a year after the fact, but going into S2, I did not have a solid idea in my head of what happened in the first two episodes. I knew ep. 3 was the trial, I had that on lock, but if you’d asked me to place specific events I recalled from before the trial, I would have struggled. It’s probably a side effect of the case being strung between the the two episodes as well, and speaking of the case and also the word strung….


Y’know that kind of teeth-baring that’s not a Hanners snarl but instead a sort of AFFRONTED REVULSION? So that’s me trying to watch this cold open. Again, NO STILLS, NO SORRY. Running into the corn field though, gotta say that’s such a good horror gesture. “Let me be a child of the corn anything but thiiiss” - that poor, poor guy with the nice skin

I like where Hannibal & Alana are standing on their squares. I like that Will’s cage is centered on the line between them, too. I like I like. I think more than in S1, S2 does visual puns with patterns and symmetry that really remind you that this show is by the same man who made Pushing Daisies.

Will: “I’ve lost the plot. I’m the unreliable narrator of my own story.” Well actually deer one, Hannibal is unreliably narrating your story for you. Unless you’ve become like, the uncooperative second-person lead of an Italo Calvino novel or something. Actually that might be a decent analogy, but I can’t quite tell because trying to actually figure out what I mean by that feels like looking at an M.C. Escher drawing.

Will says he’s afraid twice in one line, and that must depress Hannibal, as he wanted Will to get better at managing his fear and he’s just made it worse. Tough rocks, Lecter.

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Hannibal watched Will sleep. Listened to him breathe. The last time he had paid such close attention to another’s breath, he had been listening to Mischa’s lungs failing.

He inhaled deeply of Will’s fevered scent and stroked his hair. How long could he let it go this time?

Even a week ago, it had seemed a simple thing to spin out Will’s illness, unwinding his mind like Penelope at her loom, playing for time and for control. Now, he thought of the consequences of failure. For the first time in many years, doubt came to him on soft feet and pulled at his sleeve with a child’s hand.