gran hotel moments [1/?]: when #hearteyes julio makes a joke and alicia has none of it

A: Bring candles, matches, whatever tools we might need. Make sure you get the night shift. – What’s the matter?

J: All you need is a moustache to be a marshall on campaign.

A: Is that all you have to contribute?

When size matters

A lil ref sketch to show u fullbody based Otabek design and the difference of highness. I draw without wings for better view.
Look at yourself. Little piece of shit

But can you imagine something…bigger..




is the Season-bringer - the world where they all live, 4 times in the year he brings cold n warm winds in their places.

Can you just fucking imagine that one day he`s killing, and in other day he`s bringing, for example, THE WINDS OF LOVELY SPRING, how sweet <3 And then the beautiful flowers becomes falling, and corpses falling and…oh wait, ghm HAHAH



upd: Okay, don`t mind the people size, cuz there is NO people race in this world

Dean WinchesterxReader - Not falling for you Chapter 6 - Epilogue


You turned side and slowly, as just having awoken, opened your eyes.

“Hey…” you said in a low voice yawning a little bit.

“Hey” they both said in unison.

“How did you sleep?” Sam asked as he helped you get up and sit, fixing some pillows.

“Agh good, I think so” you said chuckling a little while your stomach hurt as Sam accidentally touched your injury.

“Sorry…” he mumbled and you just smiled.

“It’s ok” and you turned to look at Dean who was just standing there looking at you curiously, concern written all over his face.

“Are you ok?” you asked both, but mainly Dean, although you already knew the answer.

“Ghm yeah yeah…” he said breaking eye contact and you could see him… blush?

Dean Winchester blushing? Priceless.

And now you could barely keep yourself from smiling. 

You had to talk to him. But not with Sam in the middle.

“Uhm Sammy…” you said looking at him once he finished fixing your white sheets.

“Yeah (y/n)” he said looking at you with the sweetest smile.

“I’m hungry” you said smiling innocently.

“Well Dean can go and buy you…” he started but you almost cut him off.

“Dean? You think I’d let your jerk-ass brother near any pie, more specifically my pie? Cause that’s what I want” you said and Sam chuckled.

“I see well ok then I’m gonna buy you some apple pie. Anything to drink?” he asked getting up.

“Just water” you smiled and he nodded getting near the door and opening it.

“Thank you Sammy!” you said smiling widely as he smiled back and exited the room.

As soon as Sam left silence fell. But you soon broke it.

“Sooo…. how come you are here and not at some bar doing what you usually do?” you asked raising an eyebrow, as he sat on the chair beside you.

“Well you are injured. Do you think I would leave you and go at a bar to find a girl to hook up with?” he asked raising his eyebrows too, looking almost angry.

“And I may be a jerk-ass (y/n) but I’m not emotionless. And just so you know I do care a lot about…” he started but trailed off as soon as he realized what he had said and coughed to cover his slight embarrassment as well as blush. While you could barely keep your smile. 

“Yes you totally are a jerk-ass. And really stupid as well” you said meaning that he hadn’t realized how you felt about him, but clearly he had no clue as he just looked at you frowning.

Silence followed. But you broke it.

“And just so you know I do care about you a lot too” you said looking down at you hands, not daring to look at him, and as a blush krept it’s way on you cheeks.

When silence followed you couldn’t stand anymore and decided to turn and look at him.

He was staring at you almost wide-eyed. A smile threatening to appear on his face.

And you stood there looking at each other.

But before you could even realize it he was leaning. More and more.

And in just a split second his lips found yours alone of his hands rested on the back of your neck bringing you even closer.

And both your hands rested on his neck as you brought him closer too. And he sat on your bed deepening the kiss even more as his other rested on your hip massaging slightly.

After what seemed like a few seconds but was much more you broke apart both your lungs screaming for air.

You looked up to see him smiling, not smirking, smiling sincerely and sweetly.

“So not falling for me even in a thousand years?” he asked playfully, reminding you something you had once told him.

“Oh shut up and kiss me jerk-ass.” you said and grabbed him by his colar crushing your lips to his, both smiling between the kiss.

You loved him and he loved you back.

What else could you ask for?

Bed sharing - Dean x Reader x Sam



The constant driving always got on your nerves. But it was something you just couldn’t avoid. Since being a hunter ment that you had to be constantly on the road.

Luckily it wasn’t you the one that was driving but Dean. So luckily you had the opportunity to sleep and rest during long drives.

And even more luckily you didn’t need to fight over a bed with any of the Winchesters. And the few times that you had stayed at a motel Dean had been able to find room with three beds.

Which also ment that you didn’t have to share a bed with one of them. Not that you would mind.

Well sort of…

You wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with Sam atall but Dean… well yeah you knew very well that he would not just settle for side to side sleeping.

And he had shown that lots of times…

Not that you minded whatsoever…

Yes he would constantly flirt with, compliment you, try to find ways and places to be alone with you, get closer invading your personal place, make remarks that… let’s just say made you blush furiously…

…and you weren’t the type to blush easily.

And it wasn’t that you didn’t like it… oh you did…

And you did just as much as you did enjoy teasing him.

Yes teasing him… with the co-operation of the one and only Sam Winchester.

You and Sam would not only play small pranks on him, something Dean did in return, but you would also tease him by choosing Sam instead of him.

You loved both of them and you would sometimes show it to Sam - not completely - but definitely not to Dean, he would easily take advantage.

So yes sometimes you chose Sam over Dean, just to tick him off.

You would for example give Sam small kisses on the cheek, hug him more often or choose to sit beside him whenever given the opportunity.

And it was so fun. Sam even enjoyed it too sometimes. It was a kind of unspoken deal that you two had made but well maybe more from your side.

You kept thinking about everything you did that made Dean jealous and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you laughing at back there?” Dean asked a smirk on his face.

“Eh? Oh nothing, nothing…” you laughed a little more.

“Hmm yeah I believed you… Just admit it you’re thinking about me, aren’t you?” he raised an eyebrow.

‘Flirt mode on’ you thought and chuckled.

You wondered many times How could he from one minute to other change mood like that?

“Well to be honest…” you started getting closer to him a flirty smirk on your face.

You rested your left hand on his seat while playing with the colar of his jacket.

“I was…” you whishpered seductively to his ear.

His grip on the stiring weel tightening. You smiled more…

“Thinking about Sammy!” you said louder in a happy voice and hugged Sam from behind- as well as his seat - and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Sam only chuckled while Dean just mumbled some things while you rested your chin on Sam’s head, your hands still hugging him.

You could barely keep your laughters but you tried, so instead you had a huge smile on.

“Ghm yeah whatever… anyway we arrived so… sorry to ruin it to you but you’ll have to pull away.” he finished and pulled away at a parking lot.

“Arrived? Where?” you ask as you let go of Sam.

“The motel…” he said in a matter-of-fact tone and exited the car.

“Motel? What motel?” Sam asked as you all exited the car.

“Well motel… Doesn’t Miss (y/n) complain that we drive all the time, well… tonight we’re gonna stay at a random motel…” Dean simply answered as Sam shrugged and went to grab all of your bags.

“So although we could drive all the way to the next town I decided to do you a favor and…” you cut Dean off.

“No Dean I’m not coming for a drink with only you…” you sighed.

“Worth the shot” he shrugged as Sam gave you yours and Dean’s bag, and went for his.

“Yeah… but you know this motel doesn’t have rooms with more than two beds…” he said.

'Random motel yeah’ you thought.

“So this means that bed sharing will be involved…” he smirked playfully.

“Yeah you’re right…” you said calmly.

“Really?” he asked almost shocked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well yeah since there is no room with more than two beds and we can’t get two different rooms, I guess we will share…” you said once again calmly.

“Really?!” he asked even more shocked.

“Yeah…” you said and paused for a while.

“Sammy! Mind sharing?!” you shouted in a happy voice and approached the younger Winchester.

There was no way you would share a bed with Dean Winchester…

… for the time being.


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