i bet G.C.F has a ‘Jiminie hyung ♡ ’ folder with sub-folders consist of ‘video’, ‘candid’, ‘edit’, ‘shots’ or maybe ‘sky’, ‘people’ and even ‘secret folder’ one lmao. 

and there are thousands of videos and pictures in those folder (+back up folder in cloud/external harddrive, just in case) since we all know how much jungkook loves to take pictures/capture videos of his jiminie hyung even years ago.

care to share us some more? *winks*

if you feel uncomfortable with someone’s blog , unfollow it

i dont care if you follow each other months,years or ages

you cant live like that ,blacklist won’t alway save you

if you dont like their blog unfollow

if you dont like  their opinions unfollow

if you dont like what they reblog  unfollow

f you dont like their edits ,[ no bish dont unfollow me i try ] u n f o ll o w

your dash should be a peaceful place ,you should enjoy it 

pluto transiting sagittarius occurred during November 10, 1995, January 25, 2008. sagittarius is a sign of consumption and over indulgence. remember during this time that just about everybody held the winning ticket? we ran up our credit, created profitable business, took large pay rises and satisfied material urges with help from the bank. sagittarius is a sign of enjoyment. we were certainly doing this with our resources. 9/11 occurred during this transit. and sagittarius rules all forms of long term travel, foreign affairs, culture, and religion. this event created a catastrophic response in the travel sector, there was angst (pluto) associated with travel and it became more difficult to get around. fear regarding foreign cultures, migration, and unfamiliar religions began stirring.

then pluto moved into capricorn. remember that capricorn reigns in on excess and forms regulation, boundaries, and control. pluto detonates whatever it touches. in 2008 we experienced the GFC. many people lost their businesses, profits, and livelihoods. governments were forced to restrict spending and implement austerity measures. because capricorn rules finances, its time in capricorn will generate tremendous, rattling, and evolutionary change in the finance sector. the fears associated with travel, culture, and religion produced during transit pluto in sagittarius continue with authoritarian response in pluto in capricorn. we are literally talking about ‘building walls’ now, and global surveillance increased. the transit began this trend has left more people than ever without a home (sagittarius) through mass displacement 

What is “Neoliberalism”?

Neoliberalism is the ideology that government should be small and business should be big. That is, governments should leave healthcare, education and all other services to the private sector because they’re much more efficient. 

The problem with neoliberalism? It doesn’t work. Neolibs, to fulfil their vision, cut government services (Medicare, pensions, women’s shelters etc harming the poor and vulnerable), deregulate business (loosen environmental/worker/customer protections) and privatise government assets (which gets the government $ in the short-term but we know loses $ long-term. We’d be ultimately richer if those assets - eg. water suppliers, energy suppliers - stayed government-owned).

The United States embrace neoliberalism more than anyone for over 30 years. It’s why their healthcare is in shambles, their government is owned by Big Business interests, why inequality has increased, the middle-class has shrunk, why uni student debts are bonkers and more.

Neoliberalism is at the root of so much bad stuff - the GFC, Brexit, Trump’s rise, government corruption, climate inaction - we need to talk about it more.