THIS WEEKEND! NBHS’s 19th Annual Reptile Expo! Two-reptile packed days in our new, bigger, better venue! Vendor list includes Wonderful World Pet Supplies, MR Plant Oddities, JL Exotics, Frost Reptiles, Murdock Reptiles, Zentry Works, Dubi Deli, GBU Enterprises, Y-Knot Reptiles, Rainbows R Us, TJ’s Creations, Ron’s Reptiles, East Bay Vivarium, Paleo Fantasy Art, Shedskin Reptiles, Dragon Girl, Augie and Amy’s Dragons and Chameleons, Oz Family Farm, Fish Pro’s, Wings & Anchors, JFK Dragons, Sonoma County Reptile, Nature’s Creations, Sg Pythons, Reptilian Nation, Geckogen, Moonshine Reptiles, Pond Water Reptiles, New York Life, Lick Your Eyeballs, Chameleons Inc., Reptile Mania, and others.

Some of my geckos will be for sale at JFK Dragon’s table! Come by the show and introduce yourself to me! I’ll be running around most of the day, but you might catch me at JFK’s table.

Creature that does different things that its colors do based on the things that color cares about being in your yard! Was originally GBU 2/2 that had an additional “B: regenerate if there are 6 cards total in the yard” but there just wasn’t enough room, and I like how this one turned out anyway.

This one is really cool. It feels Simic, for sure. I really like the direction you’ve gone with that second ability because it’s very similar to Spell Mastery from Magic: Origins. A solid card that definitely shows what its colors can do together. Part of me wonders if this could be a G/U hybrid card for 1 mana and still be balanced. Since its abilities require colored mana to activate, you wouldn’t break the color pie by making this hybrid.

I’d love to see some more submissions. If you’re interested in my art-based card design prompt, check it out here.

A rough idea / Practice.

The day Jangbu became a Schnappen Crachan Hybrid. The humans you see are the humans that would later inspire the designs of the humans that would follow him.

This one is a little old maybe a month or so, I used it to show Outputt some ideas when it comes to comics. We were going to use it in a collab sort of thing to test how the three of us could / would work together but then we did something much more simple which was a better use of all our time. Still I like this.

Still I must work on my anatomy and drawing skills this is not yet good enough, I feel there is so much that still needs to be improved upon. I don’t think i need to put a gore warning on this right?

Artwork ©  <a href=“https://www.weasyl.com/~snowyninja”>snowy-ninja</a>

Jägertinger / Schnappen Crachan © @outputt

To find out more about Tingers: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tingers

Upar wala sab dekh raha hai :D
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Mt. Talamitam, the comeback! 😊 This was taken a few minutes before we ascend through the mountain. Look at the fog behind me. ☁☔💧#mttalamitam #mounttalamitam #nasugbubatangas #nasugbu #batangas #itsmorefuninthephilippines #climb #hike #trek #climbwithme #climbwithus #MayeAdventures (at Mt. Talamitam, Nasugbu Batangas)