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Laurent had always prided himself on his good memory, his ability to absorb and retain information, on being prepared for every situation, on keeping a cool head under pressure. They were some of his greatest strengths.

Right now, none of them were working.

Right now all Laurent could think was that Damen was lying in front of him, hovering somewhere just shy of consciousness. Laurent was acutely aware of the sound of Damen’s breathing – ragged, shallow, wet, each one dragging in and out of him – of Damen’s blood, warm and wet and staining his hands, dying both their clothes bright red that was slowly drying to brown.

And if Laurent had ever learned anything about how to treat wounds like this, he’d forgotten.

“Come on,” he muttered, pressing his hands a little harder against the gash in Damen’s side. That much he could remember; apply pressure, slow the bleeding. “Come on, wake up. You’re the soldier, tell me how to help you.” Damen was no physician, but surely he knew how to patch up a wound long enough to get to one. Surely that was a thing most soldiers learned to do.

If it wasn’t, Laurent was making a change to the training regimen the moment they returned home.

He refused to allow his brain to add an ‘if’ to that thought.

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Normally when you see his chest like this you were seconds away from being thrown into the nearest suface. Your fingers would lightly graze his abs or between his pecs. His muscles were as hard as concrete under your fingertips and the healed scars across his skin looked as sexy as the rest of him.
You just wished you didnt have to see his chest this way when you were dabbing a warm cloth over a huge gash with dripping blood.
You were standing in front of Jason while he leaned his back against the kitchen counter, fiddling with your hair watching you work. It amazed you, how he can take this much pain and still be able to look at you the way he was now. If he werent, you’d be close to breaking down the moment you saw him step into the apartment. But the look in his eyes told you he was okay, and that he just needed a few stitches then he can go right to bed.
You felt his breathing against your neck as you pressed the cloth against the wound.
“Please be careful, Jay”
He laughs, “I know.”
You stop for a while, “I’m serious. You could die out there.”
He holds your hand and brings it to his lips, “If you’re afraid I’ll leave you, I wont.”
You finish with his wound and smile at him as he kisses you in the lips.
“I know”

boogey56  asked:

And my otps as well if you want? stingue + distrust and lyon x meredy + chill and erza x lucy + realization

Stingue + Distrust

    Rogue hissed as he pressed a trembling hand to the bloody gash that his mate had just torn across his shoulder, sparing a brief look at his stained fingers before shifting his attention back to Sting as the other Dragon-slayer growled at him. The blond was a mess…his clothes tattered and filthy, his skin covered in dirt and bruises and numerous cuts…but the worst was his eyes, the bright blue dulled by what had been done to him and watching him with such distrust that Rogue could cry. Not once…not even when he was in danger of losing himself to the shadows had Sting seemed so wary of him, so frightened and it hurt…and it was fanning the flames of the fury that had been threatening to engulf him from the moment he had burst into the cell to find his mate chained to the wall. He hadn’t wasted any time in freeing his mate, only to find the blond lunging at him, lashing out wildly in a desperate attempt to protect himself and now Rogue found himself at a loss…for the first time in years unsure of how to approach his mate, but he had to try and slowly he lowered his arm, holding them out so that Sting could see he wasn’t about to try anything.


Remember who you are…what we are…trust me…

Lyon x Meredy + Chill

    Lyon froze as he heard Meredy cry out behind him, hastily icing his opponent to the ground and whirling around just in time to see her falling to his knees and his breath caught in his throat as he took in the red staining the front of her top. It wasn’t the first time that he had seen her injured, or the first time he felt the fear that was currently blossoming in the pit of his stomach…but it was the first time that she hadn’t immediately surged back to her feet, and his fear became full blown terror as he watched her falling aside, lifting a trembling hand to her chest before turning wide, frightened eyes towards him.    

“Meredy!” He was moving now, locking his fear and concern behind a wall of ice as the rest of their opponents moved to stop him…barely aware of the deadly chill that was spreading out from him, his ice becoming an extension of himself…the mages were inconsequential, falling easily beneath his ice and he gave no mind to the fact that he had slipped closer to his Cold Emperor personality than he had for a long time, unable to see anything but Meredy, but unable to hear her as she cried out to him to stop…to come back to himself.

Erza x Lucy + Realization

  Always too late…She had realised too late that Jellal had changed when they were younger, he had realised too late that the former chairman was enemy…she had been too late in realizing who Natsu really was, she was always too late…and now as she stood at the end of Lucy’s hospital bed, Erza hated herself for that trait. She had always known that the Celestial mage meant something more to her than the others, she had even let herself reach for it tentatively at times…but she had never grasped it fully, never realised that Lucy was everything that she wanted…the future she wanted, and now…now she might never get the chance to share this realization with Lucy. There were tears on her cheeks now, her armoured heart well and truly shattered…exposed to the elements as she slowly closed the distance between herself and the Celestial mage, her hands shaking as she reached out to grasp Lucy’s hands, holding them gently as though afraid they might break at the slightest touch.

“Lucy…please don’t let me be too late this time,” she whispered, staring hopefully at Lucy’s face, hoping to find some sign that the Celestial mage could hear her…but the blond remained still and silent, only the slow rise and fall of her chest showing that she was still alive. Trembling she lifted Lucy’s hand and pressed a chaste kiss to the back of it, as she pleaded quietly.  “Please come back to me.”


please watch this truly iconic scene it’s only 25 seconds long

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Hey I saw a couple posts back you mentioned you like Zatch/Gash Bell! Would you be willing to do a little doodle of him sometime, maybe as a silly warmup? I don't have a lot of friends who know of/cared for the series so it's a big low key fave of mine. ;v;

I WAS SO SURE I PUT THIS IN MY QUEUE! Well, I guess I’ll just post it real quick before bed, most tumblr users are awake at midnight anyway~

It really is just a little warm-up but I hope you like it anyway! I threw in Kiyomaro because  It makes me sad to see one without the other QuQ

so in Zatch Bell/Gash Bell, the whole plot is 100 demon children fighting each other for the title of the next Demon king and it’s like

ok demon children- that’s pretty cute! there are even a few animal ones too!

then it’s like

uh ok- well i guess that you can count teenagers as “children” right?

ok now

ok that is definitely not a child

come on now! that one’s smoking!