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Hotch and Ira

Ira (Anger)

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You marched right past the police officers and your fellow BAU teammates. Your gaze was locked on the flashing ambulance, knowing that Aaron was there getting patched up. The anger in your gut was hot, and you were ready to expel that anger onto your boyfriend.

As you approached the ambulance, Hotch glanced up and locked eyes with you. His white shirt was splattered with blood and his nose had been broken. An EMT was stitching a gash on his arm. But when Hotch noticed you were marching his way, the agent shuffled a little in his seat.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Hotch tightened his lips at your harsh tone, but evenly met your gaze. “You just run off without back-up? Isn’t that the exact same thing you get angry at us about?”

Hotch waited a few moments before answering. “I didn’t have time to wait. And I knew I could overpower him-”

“What if you were wrong?”

“What?” Kai asked as he looked down at the guard by his feet. There was a large gash on the side of his head that was bleeding rather badly. He hadn’t gotten a chance to actually kill this one yet but he was completely knocked out. “Oh him? No, no, he was like that before I got here.” Malachai tried to get out with a straight face but failed. Badly.

Title: “A Rogue’s Responsibility”

Author: @littlebattlebornthings

Dedicated to: @kait-a-tater-tot

Characters: Whiskey Foxtrot, Reyna Valeria

Word Count: 2900-3000

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Author’s Note: I have never written for either of these characters before so I apologize if they are not spot on. Feel free to critique this piece if you like but it is ultimately a gift for the lovely @kait-a-tater-tot who was super patient about the wait. I hope you guys enjoy this bout of fluff and a little exploration of the characters. I know I had fun. 

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When We Were Young (PART ONE)

Request: No request, just a little idea I had.

Reader: Female Reader x Mike Dodds

A/N: I’m making this into a series (only 3 parts or a few more)

 It happened so fast, one minute you were helping your elderly neighbor with her groceries and the next you were knocked out cold, blood gushing from your head and bruises forming. 

  They hadn’t sexually assaulted you, but you couldn’t say the same for Mrs. Kennedy, who was now in the hospital. You were taken on an ambulance, waking up as they were taking you inside of the hospital. You were scared at first, the bright lights affecting your vision and your arms being held down by nurses.

  They explained to you that you had been found in the stairwell of your apartment with a gash on your head that needed a few stitches and a broken wrist from the fall. You had never broken any bones before, even when you played sports in high school, so the pain was excruciating and brought tears to your eyes as they set the bone back in place before putting a temporary cast on.

  You were then told that the police were on their way, the Special Victims Unit to be exact. You sat on your hospital bed, the covers pulled up over your shivering body and covering the many bruises from your nasty fall.

 The nurse informed you that the police were here and as soon as they talked to Mrs. Kennedy, who was now awake, they would talk to you. You nodded, not wanting to talk. 

 “Mrs. L/N, I’m Detective Carisi–” 

“Y/N?” You looked up, surprise written across your face as you realized that the other man was Mike Dodds, who you dated in high school and part of college. 

“Mike?” You asked, wanting to make sure it was actually him, not just the concussion you had.

“In the flesh. It’s been a long time, Y/N.” He said as you looked at him.

“Sarg, you two know each other?” Carisi interrupted the two of you.

“Sargeant, huh? That’s a big step up. I’m guessing you’re handling Mrs. Kennedy’s case?” You said.

“And yours.” Mike said, sincerity lacing his voice.

“What do you mean? I got pushed down some stairs, I don’t think that really makes me a special victim Mike.” 

“You have a broken wrist, stitches, and bruising. Adding your assault to the charges can make the DA’s case even stronger. Now can you tell us what happened?”

“I got home and I saw Mrs. Kennedy needed help bringing up some bags. Her husband died last year so now she lives alone, I thought it would be nice to help, you know?” Mike kept his eyes trained on you, watching the way you talked.

 “I was bringing up the last bag, I was almost to the hallway. This guy came at me. He had a ski mask on, I think he hit me with the gun. He was taller than me, 6′3 maybe?” You started to feel bad that you couldn’t tell them more about the perp. “I’m sorry I can’t tell you more, I should’ve paid more attention I was just…” You trailed off, your voice shrinking into a whisper. “Terrified.”

 Your hands were now shaking, your teeth biting down harshly on your bottom lip.

“Y/N, you did great okay.” Mike sighed, placing his hand on your shoulder to comfort you. “This isn’t your fault. I promise you that. I’m gonna find this guy okay?” He says and you believe him. 

  They ask you a few more questions, just basic things. Mike asked you to come in tomorrow to meet with a sketch artist and you agreed. You wanted to help the case and a small part of you wanted to see Mike again.

Sweet! I’ve been tagged by @definegodliness to list ten random facts about myself and tag fifteen people to do the same. So here we go!

1. I once climbed a mountain in Peru and almost died in a small rock slide. Somehow lived and escaped with a gashed hand and some scraps.

2. I was homeschooled through highschool

3. I met my now husband online on omegle. We lived 500 miles apart and had a long distance relationship for several months

4. I play video games…..alot. More than I’d like to admit.

5. I started writing when I was about 13. It wasn’t any good but at the time thats how I use to channel my emotions

6. I don’t believe in ghosts but I do believe in spiritual beings just not the kind that were once humans on earth

7. I have more friends online than I do in person.

8. Im probably the most self conscious person you’ll ever meet.

9. I use to sing special music in church as a child.

10. I have a bad habit of chewing my nails

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☤- One of our muse’s is hurt.

He hated running into dog or wolf packs because the animals always smelled a bigger dog and theyd attack, bringing him flashbacks of the night he was turned. And he just hoped that by the time hw was home his healing rate would take care of the deep bites and gashes, and Angela wouldn’t see him.

Too late for that last bit.

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gay cuddles



The sharp corner of her tooth had split her lip open and now she tasted warm copper. She smelled it too, from the gash sliced across her left forearm, ripped skin dusted with dirt. Haruka had touched it once, if only to make sure her arm was still attached to her, and she instantly regretted it. Better to leave it hanging by her side for now—otherwise, she was positive she’d accidentally snap it off.

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Tore a Line in the Sun - stilinski - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Words: 44,929. Complete.

 "If you’re watching this, you’re probably some kind of sentient life form responding to my distress call – well, it’s not really anofficial distress call because, well, the hardware for that is kind of crushed, but I’m definitely in distress, so that should probably count for something.“

 The young man on the screen sighs and rubs his face, jerking his hand away with a hiss. He’s bleeding, Derek realises: there’s a gash across his brow and the knuckles of both hands are bruised and bloody, and that’s only what he can make out between the cracks in the glass and the frame of the camera.

Ruining Street Cred

Diablo comes home hurt and youbhave to fix him up, as punishment you decide to hit him right in is pride. Sorry, street cred.

Warning: Fluff as fuck


2:36am. You were beginning to worry. Chato never stayed out this late without calling you to tell you where he was. You pace back and forth. A furrow in your brow as you held your phone in your hand. If you checked the lock screen anymore for a missed call, your phone just might explode.

“Where the hell is he?” You ask aloud to nobody.

Suddenly the door creeps open and a bloody Chato limps in. He has a small gash on his right cheek. His clothes are ripped in random places. His white shirt stained black with soot on the left side. He had a limp, adding most his pressure to his left leg instead.

“He-he-, heeeyy, princess.”

You run up to him, closing the door and pulling him to the couch. He settles into it, wincing as his hand clutches over his wound.

“Chato, what the fuck..”, you couldn’t even begin to wonder how he’d gotten himself this badly fucked up. Maybe a few cuts, a couple bruises, but he never came home like this.

“It’s really not that bad babe” he winces. “Just had some pussys run up on me, I handled them real quick, but they had already done enough damage in the couple of seconds they had prior to.”

You rolled your eyes, “you’re going to fucking get yourself killed out here.”

“Aye, I’m gonna recover. Them? Well it’s a little too late for that” he grins, feeling victorious.

You shake your head. Going to grab the emergency first aid kit you had, you come back and push him back on the couch. Cutting his shirt off, you start to clean around the wound. It’s just a wide gash.

“Stitching in 3..2..” you push in the needle. He hisses in pain.

“Ayi, always doing that surprise shit” he grins.

You laugh softly and finish stitching him up. Moving to his leg, you unbuckle his pants.

He makes a question sound. You look up to see a grin plastered on his face.

“No.” You laugh at the audacity of him. Hurt this bad, and still thinking about sex. You shrug. A man will be a man.

Pulling his pants down, you look at his knee. It’s not broken, just badly bruised. “Your knee is sprained.”

He pouts, “that hurts worse than breaking it.”

You move to the gash on his face. Cleaning that, you apply a butterfly bandage to his face. “All better”

You lightly pull him upright and sit next to him, he grabs your hands. “I love you.”

You smile then start to giggle. “I…love…you..too” you say between your fit of laughter.

He frowns, “What’s funny?!”

You shake your head, “nothing babe, chill”, but you’re still softly laughing.

He manages to hobble off the couch to the bathroom. You snicker, knowing he was about to have a hissy fit.

“(Y/N)!!!!!, why the fuck did you put a ‘My Little Pony’ bandaid on my face?!”

You burst out laughing, knowing he was gonna start bitching about him looking like a punk. Totally taking away from his, “street cred.”

“Maybe next time you won’t go get yourself all fucked up. And if you try and change the bandage you’ll be pissed to find that all the bandaids are ‘My Little Pony”

He groans, you have a feeling he won’t be leaving the house for a few days.

It’s Not Easy

For Voltron Week Day 5: Relationships. Platonic Hunk & Shiro (or Space Dads as I like to call them), and accidentally kind of Shiro-centric. Also on AO3.

WARNING: Descriptive anxiety attack.

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"We're going to have to do this in the shower" - Dean x Reader

“We’re going to have to do this in the shower.”

You laugh, but it sends pain lancing through your side. “Figures,” you gasp, looking up at Dean as he carries you into the motel room. The blood - your blood - has soaked into his blue plaid shirt. “I’m bleeding out and - damn it - and you want to get laid.”

He smirks, but it holds none of his usual confidence. “Sweetheart, if I wanted to sleep with you we’d already be in bed.”

He sets you down in the bathtub, murmuring apologies when you hiss out a stream of curses. Though your hands are pressed tightly to the gash in your right side, blood still seeps out from between your fingers, dripping steadily on the white porcelain.

“I have to get your shirt off,” Dean says, pulling out his knife to cut away the fabric.

“Sure feels like you’re trying to make a move, Winchester,” you say through gritted teeth. You watch his face carefully, noting the way he pales when he can see your wound clearly.

It’s bad, then.

“Son of a bitch,” he whispers, and then he’s flying through the room, gathering first aid supplies.

“Dean,” you murmur when he’s back at your side.

“Just stay still, Y/n.” He uncaps the bottle of alcohol, holding it poised above the wound. “This is gonna hurt like hell.”

You catch his wrist, stopping him. “Dean, I’m scared.”

His wide green eyes meet yours and then he leans forward, pressing his lips to your brow. “Don’t be,” he whispers. “I’m going to get you patched up.”

“Promise?” you ask tiredly. Your eyes keep trying to close, even though you know how important it is that you stay awake. You have to stay awake.

“Promise. And then I’m going to seduce you, just to prove I can.”

You don’t answer.

“Y/n? Hey, Y/n, stay with me.”

Eyes closed, you lean your head back as the pain starts to fade away and you feel like you’re drifting, floating away.

“Stay with me, Y/n, just hang on.”

Just hang on.


“I don’t know why your so upset with me, Bucky. I made it back in one piece.” You pleaded with him.

“Look at you (Y/n). You are in a hospital bed at New York Presbyterian hospital. With a giant gash on your forehead and stomach. If the Avengers and I haven’t stopped Hydra. You would have been killed.” Bucky was practically yelling now.

“I was so scared of losing you (Y/ n).” Bucky was on a verge of tears as he sat down on your bedside. 

“ Well… I’m not going anywhere.  Hydra has to do alot worse in order to get rid of me.“  You put a hand to his face. Bucky relaxed at your touch. His arms reached around as he held you close to his body and the stubble on his neck made you giggle a bit.

“You’re so crazy, (Y/N). Going on that crazy mission by yourself. If you’d died at the hands of Hydra. I would have lost it. 

“You have nothing worry about Bucky. I promise.” You say.

“I hope so.” Bucky says, still holding on to you. Kisses you on the forehead.

Omega Au || Closed RP


Bruce yelped in pain as he stumbled into the field. There was a large gash along his side and bite marks all over his legs and muzzle. It was clear from his scent that he was an omega, and if another wolf didn’t notice that they’d notice the shear size of his stomach. Bruce had been kicked out of his pack because he didn’t follow the alpha blindly.

The wolf shook his head, trying to keep his eyes open as he looked around. He sniffed the air and started to growl when he picked up an alpha’s scent. The only alphas he knew were ruthless. They always got what they wanted, and if you tried to deny them… well you were kicked out and left to die.

Bruce was running on pure instinct at the moment, and the only thing he cared about was keeping his pups safe. His fur stood on end and he snarled at the alpha.


Oh My God - Cas Imagine

God!Cas x reader

Summary: Your boyfriend takes things into his own hands.

Warnings: smut (grace !!)


You stabbed the last of Raphael’s angels.You had a long gash on your stomach and your shirt hung loosely from your body. But you had done it. You had bought Cas a few minutes to get them souls into him and back into purgatory. Turning you speed down the hallway. You jumped over a few bodies.

When you made it to the room. Dean and Bobby were standing in front of Cas. Cas stood straight, his shoulders back his posture rigid, he had a satisfied look on his face. You remembered that look, it was the look he gave you when he had given you an orgasm, right in front of the boys. Without any of them noticing or him even touching you. Or when he had gotten you off under the table with just his fingers. You rushed forwards.

You felt Bobby grab your arm. You looked up at him and he gave you a warning glance. ‘Bobby’ You growled. He gave you a look saying that he knew he wouldn’t hurt him. ‘You’re not my family Dean. I have no family’ Your head snapped back to Cas. You flt your breath catch in your throat. Really? That’s how he felt? You seen Sam draw back his arm. ‘Cas’ You screamed as Sam drove the blade into his back. You pulled yourself from Bobby’s grasp. 

But there was no light, he was still standing. You stopped by Dean wide eyed as Sam stumbled backwards. ‘Cas’ You breathed reaching out to him. His eyes fell on you as he pulled it out of his back. ‘Cas’ You whimpered. He just laid it on the table between you. ‘I’m glad you could make it Sam’ He turned looking at Sam sideways. ‘But the angel blade won’t work anymore, because I’m not an Angel’ You seen his hand twitch.

You launched yourself around the table and grabbing his arm. ‘Cas, don’t please’ He looked down at you, really acknowledging you for the first time tonight. ‘Just put them back, please. Cas, this-this isn’t going to end well’ He reached out brushing some blood from your face.He pulled your face into his chest and you clung to him. ‘I’m your new God, a better one’ You pushed away from him. ‘Cas please, Ca-’ He dropped his hands from you.

You shook your head. ‘So you will bow down’ He looked at Dean giving him a glare. ‘And profess your love onto me’ He looked back at you. ‘Your Lord’ You felt tears well up in your eyes. ‘Or I will destroy you’  You felt a tear run down your face.

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Cold Bubbles

The routine started a couple years ago when he was on his own and silence was a luxury he was finally starting to appreciate. Sometimes he would have gashes slashed into his skin, sometimes bruises would be splattered across his skin like dark water color painting, and sometimes his skin would only be marred by white blotches and lines from injuries long forgotten. Other times he would bring a cool beer in with him to sit on the lip of the tub, or he would bring in an old radio he salvaged a long time ago from Bobby’s, or he would light some candles just ‘cause sometimes the smell of them reminded him of the way his mother kept their home when he was too young to really be able to remember it.

No matter what Dean Winchester would draw himself a cold bubble bath after a hunt. It didn’t matter if it was a simple salt and burn or a disastrous monster nightmare. It didn’t matter if Sammy was now on the other side of the shitty motel bathroom door or if that night Dean was alone in his own room. The almost ice cold bubble bath brought him a piece of mind in its simplistic demeanor.

Tonight was the end of a weeklong hunt for a demon that had crossed the King of Hell. A simple smile always lightens Dean’s face when he’s alone and can appreciate that Crowley had been sort of a comrade of his once upon a time. It’s a nice change having a bad guy that he could talk with.

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an attempt to translate spoilers

Some of my close friends now this but i’m currently taking up nihongo at this all girls’ school and i just spent the last three Periods trying to apply what I have learned bc gruvia is life 😭😭

Basically, Invel traps Gray and Juvia in some sort of chain and a move called “Ice Rock.” He explains that a person ( 人 ) ‘s heart mind, and soul is closed (super loose translation) and one must defeat the other or smthng 

That’s why Juvia and Gray looked so horrified das so sad

And juvia said Gray’s name without “sama” shit im dead 

So the fruits of my labor have left me to believe that the two are supposed to fight and odidojhnio oh my gash guys im dead 

I made this during english class oki oki my ideas are all over the place again im sorry ill fix this when i get home

Bonus: the next chapter is called Gray and Juvia my life is so great i love it