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glad everyone lived and the romans all died

it’d be super depressing if after all that, spartacus and crixus and naevia and gannicus and saxa and everyone had died

yep how great that everyone survived


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I especially loved Naevia’s character development. She recognised she couldn’t run from what had been done to her and asked Crixus to teach her how to fight so she could finally own her agency and it was just brilliant. I rewatch Spartacus a LOT.

naevia is mY QUEEN but i love how the show doesnt shy away from the consequences of her actions?? she took the world by the fucking throat so that no one would lay hands on her unwillingly again, and its such a powerful survivor story, but she also loses herself in the bloodlust, and while the narrative never condemns her for it (killing gannicus’s friend, telling crixus to fight the battle where he dies, and finally her own death), it clearly shows consequences for losing yourself in hatred as well. Of course she never shys away from the consequence or apologizes for doing what she feels she must and in the end the narrative gives her a strong fair portrayal of her story as someone who was abused but also moved past it to survive, and it was SO REFRESHING to see it all clearly represented

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  1. elizabeth swann 
  2. gannicus
  3. spike & sawyer (sorry i don’t make the rules)
  4. ninth doctor
  5. draco malfoy
  6. girolamo riario
  7. peggy carter
  8. duke crocker
  9. allison argent
  10. jack sparrow

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Hey so hi, it's nagron anon. And I'd love saying something about nagron but I also kinda love the naevia and Nasir's camaraderie like 'we have short tempered bfs who just wanna fight all the time'


Oh dude, I love Nasir and Naevia’s friendship and little nudge nudge ,wink wink moments they share when it comes to Agron and Crixus. They have this SPELL on those two gladiators, who are probably the ones other rebels would be more careful with. Sure, Spartacus is Spartacus, but he’s so down to earth and he doesn’t start shit for no reason. Then, Gannicus is mostly friendly and easy to get along with. Finally we have Agron and Crixus, who could start a damn fight anytime anywhere if someone looked at them the wrong way and win 99% of the times.

I love how Agron and Crixus are big strong short-tempered men and then Nasir and Naevia appear and they become in sweet heart-eyed puppies who want all the love and attention they can get. And both Agron and Naevia would snicker about it all the time, saying how dumb his boyfriends can be but they love it anyway. 

I really liked that part of Vengeance after Agron and Crixus fight against Gannicus and Oenomaus, when they shake hands and go drink wine together and Nasir and Naevia share this “look at them getting along” look and then follow along walking together. 

Agron and Crixus are Nasir and Naevia’s problematic faves.

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In no particular order:

1. Gannicus (Spartacus)- The accidental Gem of the Spartacus pre-series; abused and robbed of agency in perfect symmetry with his best friend’s wife is the tip of the iceberg. 
2. Derek Hale (Teen wolf)- If Teen Wolf gave us nothing else, it gave us him; His backstory is rich and beautiful and twisted and excellent. Also he needs a hug.
3. John Sheppard (SGA)- And McKay of course. What Sheppard does is rarely in agreement with what he says, and Rodney brings out the best of that.
4. Buffy Summers (BTVS)- that quote “all the pain and fear and abuse, and it just made her kind”. Oh my queen. You deserve it all.
5. Benton Fraser (Due South)- Came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of his father and has remained to frustrate, bemuse, amuse, confuse, and arouse the hell out of all of us. Can capture him better in two lines, sometimes, than in novel upon novel upon novel.
6. Harry Potter (uh. duh.)- needs a huge hug and a long nap. I feel he and Buffy might get on well. And both deserve our endless love and support.
7. Nita Callahan (Young Wizards)- My first love, possibly. also Kit Rodriguez, because I feel they are always at their best with each other. “When we survive this, you can explain it to them, while I eat” and “I know you did it for me, some-” “I did it for you ‘pretty much’” and “what have you got left?” “I haven’t got enough magic to butter my bread.” “Well, we’ll go out standing on our feet.” “See you in timeheart.”
8. Talia (the Queen’s Own herald, Valdemar)- Oh honey, oh my baby, oh oh a world of good things for you, for you who always refuses to lay down, even at the very last, even in the face of it all, even if just on principal. Here is another example of “it just made her kind”.
9. Michael Carpenter (Dresden Files)- A knight of the cross. In a world of Magic and Monsters, his faith is so strong he is nearly untouchable. But his faith does not absolve him of his obligation and calling to work his hardest and do his best by everyone he meets. And he has never met a person and not seen something to love and encourage. If all Christians were this kind of christian, there’d be a lot more Christians, and marriage would have been equal from the get-go.
10. Jupiter Jones (Jupiter ascending)- actual space princess. also half-albino ex-angel submissive werewolf boyfriend. Also Also she might not be overmuch in a fight, but she sticks to her guns, morally speaking, and is plenty eager to make decisions (even when they turn out to be really really really shitty decisions. she is right, her compass is broken. but it has nothing to do with romance).

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scorpion-flower here’s the list with my favorite characters, in random order except Root who is number one of course! ;-) It was impossible to name just 10 and I even struggled for 25…I could write so many more… :p
1.  Samantha “Root” Groves - Person Of Interest
2.  Michael Scofield - Prison Break
3.  Lexa - The 100
4.  Vanessa Ives - Penny Dreadful
5.  Gannicus - Spartacus
6.  Olivia Dunham - Fringe
7.  Patrick Jane - The Mentalist
8.  John Constantine - Constantine
9.  Lito Rodriguez - Sense8
10. Liv Moore - izombie
11. Matt Murdock - Daredevil
12. Peggy Carter - Agent Carter
13. Alvin Bernard Murphy - Z-Nation
14. Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot - Gotham
15. Bobbi Morse - Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
16. Ichabod Crane - Sleepy Hollow
17. Raymond “Red” Reddington - The Blacklist
18. Leonardo Da Vinci - Da Vinci’s Demons
19. Kiera Cameron - Continuum
20. Carrie Mathison - Homeland
21. Leonard “Captain Cold” Snart - The Flash
22. Roy “Arsenal” Harper - Arrow
23. Roman Godfrey - Hemlock Grove
24. Laurel “Black Canary” Lance - Arrow
25. Charleston Tucker - State Of Affairs

I was tagged by fileundermiscellany to name my 10 favorite characters from my 10 favorite fandoms, and then tag 10 others. So why not? Here goes…

1. Marvel (comics) - Nightcrawler
2. MCU (ok yes it’s kind of cheating) - Bucky Barnes
3. Dragon Age - Zevran Arainai
4. ASOIAF/GOT - Oberyn Martell
5. Sense8 - Wolfgang Bogdanow
6. Lost - Sayid Jarrah
7. The Hunger Games - Finnick Odair
8. BTVS - Spike
9. Spartacus - Gannicus
10. OITNB - I can’t. It’s like a seven-way tie.

Damn… I didn’t intend to write a list of sassy murder boys. But they are indeed delicious.

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