Today in Middle-Earth: After eight days of pursuit underground, Gandalf follows the Balrog on to the peak of Zirak-zigil. They battle, using fire and lightning (January 23rd, 3019 T.A.)

‘The sun shone fiercely there, but all below was wrapped in cloud. Out he sprang, and even as I came behind, he burst into new flame. There was none to see, or perhaps in after ages songs would still be sung of the Battle of the Peak.’ Suddenly Gandalf laughed. ‘But what would they say in song? Those that looked up from afar thought that the mountain was crowned with storm. Thunder they heard, and lightning, they said, smote upon Celebdil, and leaped back broken into tongues of fire. Is not that enough? A great smoke rose about us, vapour and steam. Ice fell like rain. I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin. Then darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time, and I wandered far on roads that I will not tell’.

And that last line both kicked me in the balls and made me teary eyed… separetly D:

So yeah the 4 kingdoms… a basic defensive site, the birth of culture and treachery a land take over by military and money and the land of milk and honey turned into the land of oil and vinegar… well its always harsh to face reality i guess.

Next step… PUN! but that will be probably for tonight cause im a bit tired and there’s too much heat (plus i need to put all my cards in my collection in order)

See ya soon kids :)

anonymous asked:

Hi so hm I was just wondering, cause in your drawings your characters always look like they're 'glowing' kinda, and I just wanted to know you do it? Best to you xx

Hi anon ^^

Thank a lot for your question! I’m gonna try to explain, I hope it’s gonna be clear. ^^;;

The “glow” is due to the way I alternate dark and light zones in my art. A lot of young artists think that for making a character “glow”, everything has to glow so they use the gradient tool like crazy and they use it everywhere. It’s not that simple. The light doesn’t come from the light. The light comes from the darkness. I know, I know, it sounds like some shit Gandalf would tell Frodo or a inspirational quote on some Instagram girl’s T-shirt, but it’s true and I’m going to explain you why. Look at the art of Steve below:

Apart from his hair, it’s not Steve that is “glowing”, it’s the background. In fact, I drew Steve with rather dark tones compared to his usual complexion and I surrounded him with a very light color (a mix of white and light yellow). The only exceptions are the hair and the contours of the body. You see what I mean? I created a gradient from the tips of the hair to the roots but only the tips are drawn in a light color. Sometimes, I also use the gradient tool at a low opacity (30%) on “Lighter Color” to add some glow on the hair. Here is how the art is decomposed in terms of light sources:

You see? It’s the same thing on this artwork:

The two examples I gave you above have a light source coming from behind but it doesn’t change anything if the art has for a different light source. It’s the succession of dark zones and light zones that will create this “glowing effect”

TLDR: I draw my characters using a rather dark palette in order to accentuate shadows and draw what is behind them with lighter tones. That’s how they glow. I also add some lighter colors at the tips of the hair or on the body parts that are very close to the light source. For some extra glow: some white strands here and there (but not too much) and a gradient at a low opacity on the hair.

Voilà! I hope it helped! ♥

cool silmarillion thing: when the valar decided which of the maiar to send to middle-earth as istari, gandalf originally refused to go because he thought he would be too afraid of sauron to be useful


Edmund Charles Tarbell - Preparing for the Matinee [1907] by Gandalf’s Gallery

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />[Indianapolis Museum of Art - Oil on canvas, 115.6 × 90.2 cm]

So this took a lot of guts to post, but this is what my hair currently looks like. If you know me well, you’ll know that for the last decade I’ve had super long gandalf white blonde hair.

It is not short or it’s natural colour by choice whatsoever, and I still cannot discuss why, but it’s been really, really hard adjusting back to life without my mother of dragons hair. 😳

It has grown a fair bit since it was cut and I still have to wear extensions if I do go out (tho after losing all your hair you really will not feel like going out a lot at all) but mostly I wear it up, especially since all I do is work so I don’t bother with extensions at all unless I’m going ‘out out’.

Lost all of my confidence with my hair, so posting this is kinda a way of trying to help the long and drawn out healing process. I can honestly say that in the last 15 months I have truly found out the very definition of anxiety!

Waiting for it to grow back, I wish I was one of them play dough thingies that grown hair when you push something up it’s bum…gigity.