Now there’s a Bluetooth receiver for the SNES ⊟

And, like the one Analogue and 8BitDo made for the NES, it seems super useful, actually. The Retro Receiver pairs with 8BitDo’s various wireless controllers (like the SNES style one and the arcade stick above), as well as Wiimotes, Wii U Controller Pro, PS3, and PS4 controllers. It’s certainly better than SNES extension cables, which I have had to chain together at times.

Both the NES receiver and the SNES model are available on Play-Asia.


You live in a small town surrounded by forest. It’s quiet and laid back; exciting things rarely happen here. Except, lately… your neighbours’ rabbits have started going missing. People are getting hurt. The townsfolk are whispering that there’s something strange lurking in the woods.

Being the precocious child that you are, you know that it’s totally your job to investigate. Before that, however, just getting out of town might be a problem.

Red Trees is a short RPG Maker adventure game with mild horror elements. It features custom music and graphics, a colourful cast of characters, and a lot of bunnies. It’s best enjoyed in a bright room with a warm cup of tea.

>> Download it here! <<

(You will also need to install RPG Maker VX Ace RTP in order to play!)


Apparently you auditioned for Jon Snow but got a completely different Snow instead. What do you think the producers saw in you to carry such a disturbing character?
I’m not entirely sure. People often ask me this and I simply don’t have an answer to it. I’ve never played a role like this before and I approached it like any other role I would have. By finding the truth of the person you’re trying to portray and trying to deliver good acting. But more often, to avoid tripping over my sword!

Snapmap sucks a lot less now!

As of the second content update for DOOM they’ve pretty much added everything that was on my snapmap wishlist, including non-universal ammo pickups, the chainsaw, the pistol, and the ability to carry as many weapons as you want.

Don’t you just love it when developers actually listen to their fanbase? I actually want to start making stuff for snapmap now. Hopefully it isn’t too late and the community isn’t dead.