The Star Wars universe is quite human. It’s got a very human base. And for that reason, you can relate to it. 

—Mads Mikkelsen, Exclusive Look at Star Wars: Rogue One from Secrets of The Force Awakens

MAKERUNA 「負けるな」 - Koujaku Mix

A mix inspired by a traditional Japanese man in a futuristic world, for smoking out on a starless veranda or watching petals fall onto blue hair clippings.

「負けるな、 蒼葉 。寂しいとか、 悲しいとか、 そういうのに負けるな。」 

“Don’t give in, Aoba. When you’re lonely or sad, don’t give in.”

“You must choose!” Still some time left to vote on who will be the next fan figure in Hasbro’s 6" Black Series. I guess you can tell who I voted for 😁  Not that many great choices, but I loved The Force Unleashed games and Starkiller is one of my favorite non-canon characters. Head over to STARWARS.COM if you haven’t already and cast your vote! #TeamStarkiller 



Captain Fantastic 2016 

1h 58min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A father living in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with his six young kids tries to assimilate back into society.

Viggo Mortensen, Frank Langella, Louis Hobson, Ann Dowd, Teddy Van Ee, Hannah Horton, George MacKay, Trin Miller, Steve Zahn, Alan Humphreys, Kathryn Hahn, Missi Pyle, Angela Francia, Charlie Shotwell, Samantha Isler, Paul Alan Amend, Richard Beal, Elena Stecca, Hafid Abdelmoula, Shree Crooks, Yolanda Aragon, Nicholas Hamilton, Thomas Brophy, Annalise Basso, Galen Osier, Cliff Gravel, Erin Moriarty, Mike Miller, Elijah Stevenson