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this is probably the most hilarious time to remind people my headcanon voice for Galen is actually Cent’s voice.


“That’s stupid! It is, right? I mean – Wait… O h  p i s s . ”

MAKERUNA 「負けるな」 - Koujaku Mix

A mix inspired by a traditional Japanese man in a futuristic world, for smoking out on a starless veranda or watching petals fall onto blue hair clippings.

「負けるな、 蒼葉 。寂しいとか、 悲しいとか、 そういうのに負けるな。」 

“Don’t give in, Aoba. When you’re lonely or sad, don’t give in.”

Also, we know from several interviews with Mads Mikkelsen that he is portraying Jyn Erso’s father. Back in April he revealed toStandard.co.uk that he plays her dad when she’s younger, and that the movie jumps back and forth in time. This is actually the first official confirmation that Rogue One will be the first Star Wars movie to feature a flashback scene (Rey’s forceback vision from The Force Awakens is not a traditional flashback).

As I said, recently I’ve watched the BTS Rogue One footage again, and noticed some brief shots that are most likely part of the flashback scene, which also could explain the strange picture with the Stormtrooper toy. Of course, this should be considered speculation at this point, since there is nothing to confirm it.

This flashback scene happens on the planet with black soil. The scenes from this planet were shot in Iceland with Mads Mikkelsen, who was spotted there.

Below are several screenshots from the black soil planet that I’ve taken from the various Rogue One footage that has been released so far, and tried to arrange them chronologically in the flashback:

From previous reports we know that Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) was a scientist with some significant involvement in designing the Death Star.

First, we have an establishing shot of the place where Galen lives. Perhaps that’s him in the image below. He is waiting for someone:

Next we have a shot of a squad of Deathtroopers marching through the same field:

Next we see that the troopers are marching towards Galen. The person who leads them seems like a younger version of Director Krennic or just a random lower rank captain:

Galen knows that they are here for him, but he is calm, because he had just sent his daughter away and he hopes she will be safe.

Source: http://www.starwarsnewsnet.com/2016/08/rogue-one-flashback-scene-explains-the-stormtrooper-toy-doll.html

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I’ve been working on this for a couple of days, it was originally much bigger but I think all the other stuff distracted from the focus of the composition and made it look?? wrong idk. So, I cropped out excess and worked more on the ‘message’, I guess you could say. JJBA’s kinda really fucked up sometimes when you think about it.