Welcome to another Cool $hit This Week where we continue to bring you the goodies our contributors found riveting and ready for your enjoyment. Here’s your August 29th source of goodness!

8-Bit Cinema takes on a Ghibli classic.

NEW STAR WARS TOYS! *R2-D2 Exciting Screaming Sounds*

DOCTOR WHO LEGOS! *Dalek Exciting Screaming Sounds*

Oh man….all the crossover possibilities!

Bad has never looked so good.


The Library of Congress is on Instagram now which gives us all the book feels.

Galaxy Quest the show?!

Embrace your weird!


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I’m so hyped but also a little worried. First the happiness. One of my top favorite films is being made into a series, Galaxy Quest! It’s funny that when this film was first released, I didn’t care to see it. I made fun of my girl friend at the time for going to see it. It wasn’t till the release on dvd that I watched it (my dad rented it) and fell in love with it! This movie is great. The humor is perfect, the concept and story behind it is done well. And there’s some moments that bring tears to my eyes. So when I heard it was coming to series, it made me excited but fearful. The only way this show would work is if the whole cast returns for this show. What made Wet Hot American Summer work was the return of the WHOLE cast. Could they pull it off with this show? I hope so. Because there’s no way this show would work without the original cast. Another thing is Amazon. Look, they can surely ship me purchased items fast, but I would have felt better if Netflix was behind it. Also, i feel they could have funded the money to get the cast to come back. At least the original director and co-write are developing the series. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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