Merkurius -  Mercury
Venus - Venus
Jord(en) - Earth
Mars - Mars
Jupiter - Jupiter
Saturnus - Saturn
Uranus - Uranus
Neptunus - Neptune
(Pluto - Pluto)

sol(en) - sun
stjärna(n)   - star
fallande stjärna(n) - shooting star
stjärnbild(en) / konstellation  - constellation
solsystem(et) - solar system
planet(en) - planet
himmel (himlen) - sky
asteroid(en) - asteroid
meteorit(en) - meteorite
måne(n) - moon
satellit(en) - satellite
komet(en) - comet
galax(en) - galaxy
Vintergatan - Milky Way
universum - universe
omloppsbana(n) - orbit
eklips / förmörkelse(n) - eclipse

flare(n) - solar flare
magnetiska fält(et) - magnetic field
ljus(et) - light
atmosfär(en) - atmosphere
gravitation(en) - gravity
tyngdlöshet - weightlessness

astrologi(n) - astrology
astronaut(en) - astronaut
raket(en) - rocket
Internationella rymdstationen - International Space Station
uppskjutning(en) - launch
att uppskjuta - to launch  
att landa - to land
att kretsa - to orbit

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Wrap Review: Galax

Courtesy of Cleo @motherlilove

If you’ve spent any time in The Pavo Society as of late then I’m sure you’ve seen my not so small love affair with Galax Cobalt. Like the other wraps out of the Dobby collection, Galax is thin, light and quite airy, even see through! (though phlox is a bit thinner/airier).

If you are into stretch and recoil; Galax will be right up your alley and moldability is a given. As if this wasn’t already super well suited for hot weather, the supportive and forgiving nature of its wrapping qualities knock it out the park. (I don’t often use the word cush but I think it’s applicable here.)

Texture wise it feels like soft, thin, stretchy denim and gets softer with ease; I’ve likened it to a Pavo eating a Storch Leo. I don’t have much of an opportunity to give it a go in cold weather in Puerto Rico but I imagine it may also make a great wrap to have to use over layers in the cooler months in colder climates. Equally excellent for both infants and tots alike, Galax is a crowd pleaser!

heres Demantoid Garnet!

her gem is on her stomach!

i was wondering if her and onyx could fuse?




When I listen to jazz for a drawing I know that shit is about to go down

Name: Chrysoprase (Chrys)

Gem location: belly and on top of the left hand

Origins: fusion between Demantoid Garnet and Onyx

Weapon: ???

Personality: seductive, disinterested, very high self esteem

Combat: defensive and weak, but high strategy

Color scale: green/blue