*gail kim

Charlotte and Sasha Banks got to compete in an HIAC match, Falls Count Anywhere match, and have main evented RAW twice for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Nikki Bella and Carmella will get go compete in a No Disqualification Match at TLC.

Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss will get to compete in a Tables Match at TLC for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

I’m so proud of the women of WWE :) This makes me so insanely happy to see the women finally get to compete in stipulation matches. Ever since the days of Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly, Jazz, and Gail Kim, I have always hoped and prayed the day would come where we would get to see women compete in HIAC matches, No DQ matches, Tables matches, and being the main event.

Now it’s finally happened and I couldn’t be any happier. I can’t wait for TLC and to see Nikki, Carmella, Becky, and Alexa kill it!

Manami Toyota announces her retirement from professional wrestling
[March 17th, 2017]

She’s been cited as the greatest female professional wrestler to ever lace a pair of boots. With over 30 years’ experience and over 1,200 matches, on November 3rd, Japanese wrestling legend Manami Toyota will wrestler her last match. The bout will take place at a special 30-year anniversary show held in her honor for her legendary career.

Toyota is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of joshi puroresu, and was perhaps the biggest star in the now-defunct All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling. She’s a fomer AJW Champion, All Pacific Champion, IWA World Women’s Champion, Diana Queen Champion, and was a multiple champion in the WWWA. One of her biggest rivals was Aja Kong, but Toyota was peers with several high level wrestling talents, such as Bull Nakano, Akira Hokuto, and Mayumi Ozaki. With such wrestlers as Gail Kim, Sara Del Rey, and Natalya citing Toyota as an inspiration in wrestling, there’s no doubting her relevancy to professional wrestling through the years, and on November 3rd, it’s sure to be a historic night.