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I’m not mad about the storyline that WWE currently has Mickie James in. At the end of the day it isn’t real! Wrestling is fake. They’re all friends backstage. What upsets me is how the WWE universe treats Mickie James. I realize that now most fans probably weren’t watching wrestling when it was Mickies house but really show respect to a future Hall Of Famer! She is by far one of the best female wrestlers to step foot in a wrestling ring. She has had amazing matches with the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix. She’s also a 6 time WWE Women’s champion & a 3 time TNA knockouts champion. She has earned respect. It bothers me how quiet the crowd is when she comes out. It bothers me how people call her fat & old on social media. She’s 38 years old & looks damn fine to me! Also you must remember she’s had a baby! A women’s body does change after birth. I’ve been watching Mickie since her WWE debut in 2005. She’s one of my favorite wrestlers. I like Alexa Bliss but she can’t hold a candle to Mickies talent. I hope Mickie wins the championship soon & shuts all the haters up.
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I think it really sucks that people like Melina, Michelle, Eve, etc. never get any credit for anything they ever did or for how good they were in the ring just because they were around during the “diva” era. To act like the women we have now are the only ones who have ever been talented is simply a huge slap in the face to the women who were just as talented, but were denied equal opportunity.