Supernatural Preferences: Helping With Homework

Sam: Seeing as Sam is pretty much an official Nerd with a capital N, he’s really supportive and loves to help you with homework. Anytime you get frustrated he helps calm you down but rubbing soothing circles on your back and talking you through the problem until you get it.

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Dean: Every time you pick up a textbook Dean sees it as an opportunity to be a stubborn man child and do his best to distract you. Closing the book when you’re reading. Doodling random things on the corners of your paper. Pretty much anything until you give him your undivided attention and disregard the fact you’ve got work to do.

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Castiel: Cas’s favorite thing to help you with his your history homework. He’s been around for a long time and has a pretty well knowledge base on historical events. Most every time he starts to talk about whatever subject you’re learning about, you zone out on the sound of his voice and become easily distracted by his crystal blue eyes. That is until he asks you to repeat what he said.

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Crowley: While he doesn’t understand why you think schooling would be important, he “helps” the best he can. It takes a lot of kissing up to actually get him to buckle down and help you with any work really. When he finally gives in to your never ending pestering, he pouts pretty much the whole time until it’s over.

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Rowena: Whenever you approach her and ask for help, Rowena just offers to do it for you. Or force the teacher to give you an overall passing grade in the class. Of course you deny her offer, no matter how tempting, and the two of you get down to work. Textbooks aren’t really necessary, mainly because she sits there and goes on and on and on about how their wrong. Leading to her explaining why and you don’t really get anything done.

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Lucifer: Under no circumstances can you ever…ever, get any work done when he’s around. Anything he can do to annoy you and get you to stop, he does. Sprawling out across your open books on the bed so you can’t read them, propping himself up with an arm. Feeding your homework to Ramsey, which you don’t appreciate. Even going as far to burning your finished work you spent hours on. Just to tell you he could to it with the snap of his fingers.

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Gabriel: No matter how many tricks he likes to play, when you ask him for help with pretty much anything, he’s 100% committed to the cause. Gabe gets pretty into helping you. Always trying his best to soak up everything the assignment is about to help you to his best ability. Any assignment where you have to look up something about certain places, he just takes you there. Always keeping you interested in what you’re learning about.

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