Reminder that if you don’t like how or what SP is doing with Naruto Shippuden, especially with the fillers, then don’t even watch it. I don’t care if you didn’t like any of the filler episodes but can you please stop complaining or bitching about it every time a new filler episode comes out, whether it didn’t meet your expectations, made characters ooc, bad animation, etc. They are just FILLERS for crying out loud! Did you even expect SP to do an A+ job on that? 

Also, do you want the canon chapters to be animated like Hinata and Gaara’s dreams and especially chapter 700? Then you guys have to be patient. Complaining about it isn’t going to help, it only makes things worse.

Sorry for my rant, but look I know that having months of filler feels redundant, but this something we all have to deal with right now. So as I said above, there is no other choice but to be patient. I hope you understand what I mean.

Thank you and have a good day/night :)

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I never got the Sakura passed Tsunade thing. Like if she did &was storing chakra for 3yrs then why didnt she use some of it during the war to help others more &lady chyio? I think it was a retcon so she could match naruto and sasuke

The reasons it’s implied that Sakura surpassed Tsunade, is because:

- It was foreshadowed in the very first few chapters of Part 2 by Kakashi:

- Sakura’s raw power was implied to have been even stronger than Tsunade’s by the “God of Shinobi” himself, and he of all people would know what he’s talking about:

- She doesn’t have to reserve part of her chakra to retain a youthful appearance like Tsunade does, so she can therefore utilise the Byakugou Seal to a greater effect:

As for your other points, Chiyo used a jutsu where it was required to sacrifice her own life in order to revive Gaara; there was nothing Sakura could have done to save her. Additionally, during the war, Sakura was never in a situation where she didn’t have enough chakra to help or save others. She always had enough even with her constant charging of the seal, so I can’t agree with you saying it was a retcon. 

You wanna know what was a retcon? Naruto not even being able to explain how he saved Gai or restored Kakashi’s eye. It was a BS powerup that was inexplicably given to Naruto instead of Sakura.

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Hey there! I love your Naruto art and absolutely effing adore your naruto/gaara stuff <3 I've been wondering though why the couple name ended up as narugaa though? It feels like gaaruto would be much more natural? But that's just my thought! Love ya!

thank u ! 

also narugaa  is funnier to me because it sounds like a battle cry

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Are you ok with Naruto characters? If yes then how about Neji with A10 and Naruto + D8?

oh, I absolutely love Naruto! Neiji isn’t really among my faves, but he’s really cool~ (my faves are gaara, sasori and sai)

Not A Monster//Closed Rp


It was late afternoon in Suna, yet everyone was walking around as usual. Gaara, too, was simply taking a small stroll down the road, but everyone was whispering mean things about him. He knew it very well, yet he pretended that he didn’t hear it, remaining emotionless and straight-faced so that he wouldn’t show how much it really hurt him.

I’m so into the relationship between the sand siblings like… Pls give me gaara temari and kankuro in between parts 1 and 2 like how did they work on their relationship? What do they like doing together? What are their embarrassing sibling memories?

Got tagged by @magicandmalice to list my top ten favorite character of each series (one per series). Let’s fucking do this

  1. Bucky Barnes - Marvel (have you seen this blog?)
  2. Jason Todd - DC comics (I’m a sucker for boys like him)
  3. Lexa - The 100 (My precious child, please do not die)
  4. Levi - Attack on Titan (oh Levi)
  5. Sara Lance - CW DC (Basically my aesthetic)
  6. Castiel - Supernatural (I can still remember the good old days)
  7. Ron Swanson - Parks and Recreation (I love everyone on this show too much)
  8. Rey - Star Wars (a new, blooming sweetheart)
  9. Gaara - Naruto (I am also a nostalgic fucker) 
  10. Fenris - Dragon Age (haha I’m so fucked)

To clarify, Fenris is only the last on the list because I haven’t even played Dragon Age 2 yet. But in the immortal words of Ron Swanson

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full res version here !

so.. gaara doesn’t sleep but probably would sleep over at naruto’s place anyway. also, it’s hilarious because gaara’s still kazekage and just. imagine these fools standing outside naruto’s apartment door

tfw ur little brother is kazekage but wants to stay over at his boyfriend’s shitty apartment every time yall visit konoha