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More Gaara as a dad headcanons?



  • he can be an incredibly anxious parent. constantly concerned if his kid is healthy, is he doing this right, is he doing that right, at what age should they start walking, why does his kid only talk in grunts, why are you crying he doesn’t understand what he did wrong. 
  • the baby is most calm when it’s asleep, pressed against it’s father’s warm chest during the chilly nights in Suna. the poor pale baby makes the most precious faces when it’s asleep, but when it’s crying everyone is reminded that the fiery red hair is certainly indicative of it’s personality. 
  • Gaara isn’t an especially strict father, but he does like to keep some rules. primarily that the kids can’t eat too much sugar and keeps all sweets thoroughly monitored. ESPECIALLY when uncle Kankuro is around and wants to cause  a ruckus. 
  • he does stay busy often, something he finds regretful, but he tries to make up for it as much as he can. he might miss a few T-Ball games here and there, but he always makes sure to take them out for some time together afterward or just spend the day playing board games in the living room.