[STATION] 윤도현 X Reddy X G2 X INLAYER X JOHNNY_Nightmare_Music Video

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[OFFICIAL] STATION:  Yoon Dohyun X Reddy X G2 X INLAYER X JOHNNY ‘Nightmare’ Music Video 

[➳] Johnny will participate in SMTOWN STATION with Yoon Dohyun, Reddy, G2, and Inlayer. ‘Nightmare’ will release Oct. 28 @ 12AM KST

[#STATION] This week is a crossover collab of metal & hiphop.
#YoonDohyun X #Reddy X #G2 X #Inlayer X #Johnny
‘Nightmare’ October 28th 12am release

'Nightmare’ is progressive metal derived from 'djent’ genre with hiphop crossover experimental attempt of that genre in song, #YoonDohyun’s cool and powerful vocals and #Reddy, #G2’s unique rap together, #Inlayer will take charge in composition & arrangement, #SMROOKIES’ #JOHNNY will participate as DJ in the music video.

- Source; Trans © fy-johnny

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