You know what?

Remember how people (including me) wanted to know which person Kaneki is holding in this promo poster before the anime Tokyo Ghoul Root A began to air?

And people mentioned names like Rize, Touka (though not possible) or even Kaneki himself?

But after watching the final episode it was revealed that this poster is referring to this scene

Kaneki is actually holding Hide


Filling up an empty world from scratch. Using Newmist by emperorsims. Everything else is done done done except for BOVG2 house.

I already have the perfect base from one of the EPs to tweak with, but my tentacles fail at making it homey DX

Let me just sleep this failure off, and reset my mojo for tomorrow. - Nites!

I was watching mlp with my sister earlier and I remember two ocs I made for silver’s town that I never used but still really love 

keylime pie, a rare triple-gifted pony, she is a keysmith/farmer/baker(I actually designed her whole family and i love them all too)

and Deerly Beloved, a bridal assistant to dainty dove 

I don’t know why I’m posting this, like I doubt any of you will care, but I’m doing it anyways

I just got these delivered and basically I’m using the three Black n’ Red notebooks for planning a story (one notebook for world building, one for character creation, and one for plot development). Then I’m using the moleskine notebook as a journal (I think I’m going to use the bullet journal style, with a few changes), and of course I got pens and highlighters because I want all my story planning and journaling to be aesthetically on point 😎

And lastly, I finally got A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. I’ve been seeing it everywhere and it looks so cool and I’ve heard great things about it, so woooo

Here we have our kids for gen 2!

From L-R we have

Conifer Heliotrope Cotton: Who has his dads hair and eyes but moms skin! He’s the youngest of the triplets!

Aloe Cerise Cotton: Who has her dads hair and skin but has Snowflakes eyes! She’s the oldest of the triplets!

Clover Orchid Cotton: Who has her dads skin and eyes but moms hair! She’s the middle of the triplets!

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A friendly reminder to everyone who has not submitted their contestants: Flood my inbox by Mar 29th! 8D

Do let me know if anybody need more time though.


Archer & Levi sat in silence, eyes locked. From behind them, they heard the faint crunching if grass & dried leaves. Archer jumped up, both relieved & disappointed by the intrusion. Kinsley waved, her smile bright as she approached. “Can I join you?”

"No, go away," Archer snapped. "This is our camp out. It’s not for annoying little sisters."

"Fine, jerk. I get it," she growled in response. "You could’ve just said no. Jeez."