• *Professor Ozpin's voice coming through the speakers around Beacon*
  • Professor Ozpin:Good day fellow students. I have a few announcements for you all. First of all the leaving of catnip in the cafeteria is strictly forbidden. Second of all the dance is coming up and Team CVFY are still out on their mission so Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long have stepped up to carry on planning it. If you have any questions about the dance please ask them. Speaking of Miss Xiao Long please ignore the posters 'Be Like Yang - Crush His Wang' put up around the school. We are in the process of taking them down.
  • Yang:But the teachers said we could put posters up so long as they gave valuable advice!
  • Ruby:I think they meant more academical advice.

“That symptom is not uncommon” does NOT mean “that symptom is not dangerous.” Because you know what else is “not uncommon”? Patients dying while trying to recover without medical supervision. But, yeah, go ahead and call yourself an “eating disorder professional” and offer medical advice to very sick, very vulnerable, and often very desperate young people.

lovely-recoveryroad - !!!

Like seriously Sarah?! Anon is literally experiencing a whole bunch of symptoms - the only appropriate response to this message is to advice them to visit their doctor to get checked out, yet there is literally no mention of seeing a doctor in Sarah’s response! Instead, she unbelievably labels anon’s vast list of symptoms as “normal”, and goes on to list her guesses as to the cause of each individual symptom. Surely it is more likely that at least the majority this broad range of symptoms stem from one cause? I don’t know how many times I have to say that Sarah is not a doctor, and she needs to stop playing around with people’s health before someone suffers serious harm as a result of her appalling advice. Let’s be honest here, around half of the symptoms anon is experiencing are potential indicators of refeeding syndrome, but nah - let’s just assume it’s hayfever Sarah! Anon, please discuss your symptoms with a doctor.