Excuse me for still be going on about the Iyami perfume, but look at how much care they put into the crest-like logo. His and Totoko’s are even more elaborate than the sextuplets’ (I know! Whaat???) and look at all the little details:

▪ His name written in impeccable cursive just how he likes it
▪ The chasing marquee lights around it (He’s a star!)
▪ The faucets that either imply that Iyami made this shit himself on a public bathroom sink or are referencing fucking Iyamibot’s dick
▪ His cane! Has it even showed up in -san at all? So glad they remembered it
▪ A toothbrush (of course)
▪ His overbite, properly chipped as in the Iyametal episode
▪ Some… wrenches? Dentistry instruments? Iyamibot remains? Can’t tell what these are from here
▪ His top hat

all beautifully laid against a bed of cash. I don’t even expect Iyami merch to be made at all, let alone be designed with this level of attention. I’m honestly so happy? Thenks Primaniacs for my life

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