stuck underground and missin’ you

The subway comes to a screeching halt and Lukas nearly topples over into the man beside him, trying to hold onto the bar. Everyone starts muttering to each other and Lukas looks around, peering out the door that he’s standing beside. He can only see the wall and it doesn’t look like they’re anywhere near the next station.

“Not this again,” the girl behind him says.

He turns to look at her, narrowing his eyes. “What?”

She sighs, glancing up at him from under heavy lashes. “About a week ago I was stuck on the C train for an hour,” she says. “Threw off my whole goddamn day.”

“An hour?” Lukas asks, raising his eyebrows.

She nods at him, clicking her tongue. “That’s the longest I’ve ever dealt with. But I’ve heard of longer.”

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(triggering content below the cut)


I don’t know where to begin with this, so I’ll just jump right into it. Below the cut is a screenshot of a fic posted today in the Voltron tag. 

[Image description: Screenshot from the mobile ao3 page, taken on my phone. It includes the title of the fic, the author, the added tags, and the author’s summary of the fic.]

(Trigger warnings: Pedophilia, sh@ladin content, unhealthy relationships, sexual content (described in the fic’s tags), underage sex, statutory rape of a toddler)

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