News: Voice of Sendou Aichi Yonaga Tsubasa Married

Less than an hour ago professional voice actor and singer Yonaga “Wing” Tsubasa, the man behind the voice of Sendou Aichi, announced his marriage to actress Nishigaki Yuka on Twitter. The announcement surprised many, attracting over fifty thousand retweets within a forty minute period. Just last week Yonaga had been attending the 2015 Great Vanguard Festival.

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Veteran Knight, Danvaro

G-BT03/055 C 老練の騎士 ダンヴァロ Veteran Knight, Danvaro
“まだまだ、若い者には負けませんぞ。 (I won’t lose to the likes of the young just yet.)”
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary - Gold Paladin - Human
Power 11000
Shield N/A
Critical 1
[Auto] [[Vanguard Circle] / [Rearguard Circle]] [Generation Break][1] (If you have 1 or more face-up G Units in your [Vanguard Circle] or G Zone): [[Counter Blast](1) Card] When this Unit’s attack hits the Vanguard, you can pay the cost. If you do, look at the top 4 cards of your Deck, choose up to 1 of them, Call it to a [Rearguard Circle], then shuffle that Deck.

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News: Bushiroad Develops “Fight Table G” Electronic Light Display for Standing Fight Tables

At this year’s Great Vanguard Festival during the Tokyo Big Sight event from May 24th through the 26th, Bushiroad of Japan displayed an under-development version of the standing fight table popularized by the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime series. While holographic projection of the card game’s characters is still a long ways off, the Fight Table G seeks to functionally recognize the faces of licensed Cardfight!! Vanguard trading cards in real time and display their base power, shield value, critical and other key statistics to aid in cardfighting. The system also indicates boost, increases from triggers and attack targets. Previously standing fight tables were wholly decorative electronically-lit playmats, and exclusive to Bushiroad’s partner shop Card Kingdom.

Although several companies have produced toys in the likeness of similar systems from other card game franchises like Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Duel Disks, none have ever seriously attempted a professional projection system on this scale before. The G prototype has potential as a semi-portable system for avoiding human error in power and damage calculation, as well as other areas. It could one day be standardized for top 16 at major tournaments, just as the GIAS system is in the world of Cardfight!! Vanguard G. Three videos of the system in demo mode can be viewed below the cut.

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News: Phantom Blaster “Diablo” Dominates Fifth Sapporo VGCS

Sapporo Citizens’ Hall, Japan. Yesterday morning the fifth Sapporo Vanguard Championship took place, and when the curtain closed on this tournament it cemented  “Abyss” Shadow Paladins as the dominant deck of the day. First place at the tournament finals was Igachuu playing Phantom Blaster  “Abyss” with supplementary support from Legend Deck 01: The Dark “Ren Suzugamori.” Second place was Goppii with Thing Saver Dragon, third valdy (sic) and fourth Lelouch, each of them also playing Abyss decks. The tournaments top bracket was made up of veteran professional cardfighters, with Igachuu having also won the fourth Sapporo CS with “Abyss” last November and valdy acting as the midfighter for the team that topped the second Sapporo championship one year ago. However, it’s not just the top 4 that was being dominated by Revenger decks; 36% of the participants at Sapporo were playing Shadow Paladin decks, greater than the combined total of Royal and Kagerou cardfighters present. Decklists are provided below the cut.

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After facing down Loki and his forces in New York City, along with the other Avengers, Tony Stark finds out from the dying breath of an old flame that she had his child. He sets off along with his fellow comrades to the small city of Beacon Hills in California in search of his long lost son, Stiles Stilinski. however they realize there is something unnatural about the stories surrounding the town. Stories of creatures of the night, high body counts and animal attacks. On their own would be seen as mere paranoia, combined it sparks the curiosity of those involved leading to a few sent to go undercover to investigate. Through their investigations the stories sound similar to one other town, Mystic Falls.

This leaves S.H.I.E.L.D wanting to know if there is a connection between the towns, agents are sent to investigate. Upon their investigations they discover supernatural beings. Wolves, vampires, witches, Banshees and so much more. They find out their strengths, weaknesses, their drive to fight for their world. Things that can be an asset to SHIELD’s ultimate goal. They are tested for loyalty, and given their roles. But not everyone wants to be a team player, some would rather go with the side with the most power. Sometime’s that power is found in the darkest of places

What side will you chose? Will good, or evil prevail?


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