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i/? french vocab

inspired by @getshitdonetbh and @language-minded, here are some french vocab terms having to do with the “back to school” theme since it’s almost time for school to start back up again!! (these things can always be useful, i suppose???)

  • academic – scolaire, universitaire
  • activity – activité
  • after school – après l’école, à la fin des cours
  • assignment – tâche, mission, devoir
  • back-to-school – de rentrée
  • backpack – sac à dos
  • books – les livres
  • bus – le bus
  • calendar – le calendrier
  • classes – les cours
  • clubs – les clubs
  • college – université
  • desk – le bureau
  • dictionary – le dictionnaire
  • education – éducation, les études
  • elementary – primaire
  • excellence – grandeur, excellence
  • grades – les notes
  • habits – les habitudes
  • high school – lycée
  • homework – les devoirs
  • instructor/teacher – le prof
  • library – la bibliothèque
  • meeting – la réunion
  • memorization – la mémorisation
  • quiz – le quiz
  • reading – la lecture
  • school – l’école
  • sports – les sports
  • student – un(e) étudiant(e)
  • studies – les études
  • supplies – les provisions
  • test – l’interro
  • university – université

i hope that you found at least part of this interesting or useful in some way!! thank you again for the inspiration by the lovely aforementioned persons!!

if you have any ideas/requests for further vocabulary themes, please do not hesitate to send me an ask/message!!


Bernard Camerman crying during the reconstruction of the murder of his youngest daughter, Alexia (3)

In June 1993, Bernard Camerman strangled his wife, Cathérine Lemineur (36) and his three daughters, Sandrine (8), Laurence (6) and Alexia (3), in their home in Lint, Belgium. Bernard became extremly angry during a fight about the upbringing of the children, mainly about the dyspraxia problems of one of his daughters. He grabbed Cathérine’s throat and strangled her with the belt of his bathrobe. He then thought that it would be better to kill their children too, because he thought the three girls could never live with the thought of their father being a murderer. So, he kissed his daughters, while they were still sleeping, for the last time, and strangled them one by one. He then placed the four bodies in his car and dumped them along the highway. The next day, Bernard went to work like nothing had happened, but his family in law quickly noticed that Cathérine and her daughters had disappeared. Bernard then decided to go to the police to report them as missing, he told police that he suspected his wife to be a part of a cult and that she had run away with their children. But after 20 days, Cathérine’s body was found along the highway, which led to Bernard confessing to murdering his wife and three daughters. The bodies of the three girls were found along the highway as well.

Bernard Camerman was sentenced to ‘life in prison’ (30 years in Belgium), but got released in 2004 after only serving 11 years.