*furiously drinks water*


anonymous asked:

Hcs about the strawhats + kid and law doing the cinnamon challenge, please?

Luffy, Chopper, Usopp and Carrot

  • these four fucking idiots do it together and want to upload it on youtube immediatly
  • camera is on, emergency water is handy and four spoons are ready to get inside their mouths
  • They count down to 1 and it comes like it has to come, as soon as they swallow it they’re all an absolute pile of a coughing mess
  • Chopper and Usopp are weaker than Carrot and Luffy and fall on the ground gagging, while Luffy and Carrot fight for the water bottle 
  • The camera falls down and catches the last seconds of the blurry orange dust and spasming limbs
  • the video has millions of clicks
  • Nami beats the crap out of them later

Sanji and Zoro

  • Zoro and Sanji argued once again and Zoro said something along the lines of
  • I bet I could beat you in the cinnamon challenge
  • So here we are
  • Zoro and Sanji are facing each other, spoons in their hand and eyeing each other hostily
  • They take the spoon into their mouths but both of these morons bitch out last second and don’t actually swallow it at all
  • So they stand there a few seconds the feeling in their mouth getting more and more uncomfortable until they actually do swallow it and end up gasping for air
  • while furiously drinking water they’re pointing at each other with their fingers chokingly yelling
  • They’re not getting ahead, can’t figure out who won and do it again

Kid and Franky

  • Kid and Franky each got into it by watching and laughing at videos from people who took the challenge
  • The most famous ‘4 idiots only using 1 water bottle’ got both of them to actually do it
  • Franky does it outside, he begs Robin to film it and makes the most funny faces when he actually swallows it
  • Robin can crack a chuckle at that and says something like
  • I told you so”, at Franky’s red face
  • Kid does it in front of his friends because he thinks he’s tough as nails he can do it without bitching out
  • Like everybody else he ends up on the floor, coughing violently, gasping for air and begging for water
  • Killer cannot deal with this right now and takes a nap

Brook and Law

  • Those two would not do it themself, they’re getting pranked
  • Law is sleeping and Shachi and Penguin, slowly and carefully get the spoon into his open mouth
  • Law wakes up, is puzzled as heck, inadvertently swallows the cinammon
  • Shachi and Penguin are filming everything and laughing their asses off at Law’s antics
  • Luffy and Franky come to Brook, because they know that Brook is not familiar with the cinammon challenge and just plainly ask him to take a bit for science
  • Brook ends up crying
  • Law later is chasing after Shachi and Penguin with a broom

Nami, Jinbe and Robin

  • they watch these charades of ridiculousness from afar and shake their heads