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I said I’d be drawing either Merlin or Arthur for this Character Wardrobe Meme, and @agenderemrys​ requested #30: Disney princess dress! Thanks for that, lol… My sister (who I had to coerce to keep watching Merlin with me) has even regarded Colin Morgan as a male Snow White, and that’s where I took this! ^^ Didn’t completely get it right, since I went for princely tights instead of a dress, so I’m sorry if you had been looking forward to that… Hope you enjoy this anyway!! (My Art Tag*Please do not repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, thanks.

The third of week three of my Fabulous Five-Dollar Friday commissions! Some PJO fanart for @mel-chan366! I haven’t drawn anyone else but Percy and Annabeth, so drawing Jason, Will, and Nico was super fun! And I can guarantee I’ll be drawing more of them in the future!! 8D (plus putting them all into ugly Christmas sweaters was way too fun~)

If you guys are interested in my Fabulous Five-Dollar Friday Commissions, I’ll be opening them up every Friday until Christmas, so keep an eye out!! 8D

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Except you can say cryptids don't exist. Because there is no proof for them. Until someone can produce solid proof for it they are simply shit that was made up by someone. Absence of proof is not proof of existence, if you say they do exists, then the onus on you to prove that assertion, otherwise just admit you are talking out your ass.

Are you that anal about people having fun? I guarantee you that you’re “that person” no one wants to talk to because they know you’ll be pretentious about whatever they say. Anyway, enjoy being a buzz kill for the rest of your life


[I’m feeling the aura of badassery emitting from this, man.

Thank you so much to askespio and drunk-shadow for collaborating with me! 

The results look so amazing, from start to finish they all look so spectacular! This was really fun to do and the final outcome paid off, just look at ‘em! I’m glad I got to do another one of these with another set of really skilled artists!

To all those who didn’t get picked, but would like to join in another one, just watch out for my announcements! I’ll be doing these a lot. If you don’t wanna wait, try doing it with your own friends! It’s full of guaranteed fun!

Click the images to see who did which frame!

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So when I say I hate summer what I mean is:

1) My seizures are worst in the Summer 

2) I have hayfever so that’s a load of fun 

3) I can guarantee I will get heat rash 

4) Spending 5 minutes in any amount of sun without suncream will result in turning into a Strawberry 

5) I will probably get heat stroke at some point at that is the worst ever. 

5) Nobody likes to be sweaty 

6) British Houses are designed to TRAP heat, and the tiny fan we have makes a shit ton of noise so if you couldn’t sleep before then you certainly won’t now!

7) Everyone keeps telling me I need to be happy about the sunny weather and not complain all the time about it which just puts me into an even WORSE mood. 

‘Two birds one stone’ing this one folks xD Hope you don’t mind, anons and @takeawalkpigeon :) I also chose to fill this omegaverse-style so yeeeep.

This labeled as Safeguard. Posted and updated at my ao3 account here. My masterlist archive of bullshit i write can be found linked at the top of the blog or here.

Jack was leaving the office late, enjoying the hour as the surrounding halls and offices in the lower levels were quiet. He listened to the satisfactory slap of his shoes, enjoying that the sound he made was filling up the empty space of after-work hours.

He stopped when a bang caught his ears- like someone kicking a desk or maybe an office door. Someone with a mind for vandalism? Ooh-hoo, right up his alley. The alpha was giddy at the idea of scaring the crap out of some peon, or maybe a little pre-bedtime strangling to soothe him to sleep.

He turned a corner and found light coming from one of the cubicles, and was sneaky in his approach. While he was expecting espionage at the very least, instead he heard a sob, much too loud for someone attempting mischief. Alright, probably someone working late. It wouldn’t be the first employee he’d come across having a breakdown at work, and hell, it wouldn’t be the last if he had anything to say about it. The sight that greeted his eyes though was far from what he expected.

There was an omega inside the cubicle, scent strong and a bit enticing to his nostrils. An omega about to go into heat, he realized. As Jack stepped into the light, the younger man jumped back, completely startled with wide eye full of fear and tears against the opposite wall. He knocked a few things off the desk in his efforts to put space between himself and the sudden alpha invading his space.

Jack took in his appearance with a frown: swollen-shut eye, bloody nose, fat lip, face wet with tears, and he could smell the fear coming off him in waves. The wounds were quite fresh, and the surrounding area was a mess from an obvious scuffle. There was a previously potted plant on the floor, pencils and pens everywhere, and a picture laying on the floor of the omega with friends.

He had an attractive face, Jack thought. Though currently one wouldn’t be able to tell.

The omega looked stunned, and he was shaking; visibly trembling. Jack didn’t usually command this kind of fear until after he’d yelled at someone. The younger man was currently trying to work himself into the space between the wall and his desk– cowering, Jack realized. Though he was used to healthy fear from his employees regardless of endotype, his brain reminded him that omegas tried to make themselves small when threatened. The cowering actions were preservation from perceived threat; the side of the younger man’s face which wasn’t swollen was currently scrunched into a furrow of worry.

Jack growled lightly in the back of his throat with annoyance. The behavior, the sights, and the scents before him all made Jack incredibly uncomfortable; the mix of violence and omega heat-scent were far removed from one another in his mind. And the younger man’s fear of him was instinctual.

It immediately rubbed Jack the wrong way as he knew it wasn’t necessarily his grand self and reputation that had put the fear of God into this omega, but rather his own alpha scent. He enjoyed a bit of cowering after he yelled at someone for some incompetent bullshit, sure. But not like this. Not someone scared within an inch of their lives and reverted to instinct from no causation. This was an omega trying to protect his person at the base level, and it aggravated something angry inside the alpha.

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There is a name for kids you know are going to grow up to be troublemakers, because they are troublemakers now and they have that mischievous glint in their eye, that quirk in their smile, the little signs everywhere about them that screams ‘I will never grow up.’

They’re the ones that have the best adventures, that come up with the most fun ideas, that guarantee that whatever ridiculous plan they have this time will work, and then wind up trudging home at 9pm covered in mud and grinning like a Cheshire cat. There is a name for kids like these, and that is-


The boy ducked as he sprinted out the door, the bowl flying over his head and shattering as he hit the opposite wall and pushed off down the corridor.


Charlie grinned at the old woman’s screeching. He glanced over his shoulder to see her tottering out of her apartment, shaking a cane at his back. Mrs Thompson would give him the stinkeye for years, but it was absolutely worth it to see the slow realisation that she’d been eating soup out of a chamber pot.

His celebrations ended abruptly as he reached the stairs. Foot slipping, he tumbled head over heels. Charlie’s arms came up to cover his head as he bounced down the stairwell like a pinball, gaining several new bruises before collapsing on the landing below. Ow.

Pocket-Anon’s Vancouver Adventure: Day 1

Hi friends!  I apologize for my relative absence on Tumblr the last few days (weeks?).  Things have been incredibly busy between work and writing and preparing for this trip.  But I wanted to try to post a daily update on my trip to Vancouver for the con because, frankly, I’m so excited for what’s in store I’m fit to burst.  I hope you don’t mind.  I am looking forward enormously to getting to meet some of you in person over the next few days, and I dearly wish more of you could be here to share the fun, but I guarantee between all of us who’ve managed to make the trip there’re going to be plenty of good photos and gifsets and reports of the events here.

Here’s Day 1 - Arrival in Vancouver.  1. Waterview #1 from my in-law’s house where my son is staying for a week of fun with Grandma and Grandpa while Mommy and Daddy are away.  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the airplane movie selection.  Largely responsible for me getting zero fic writing done on the journey here.  Whoops.  3. Flying over Vancouver.  4. Touchdown in Canada!  5. Our room at the Westin Bayshore - home for the next 6 days.  6. Waterview #2, a nighttime view of Vancouver Harbor, aglow with lights, from our hotel room balcony.

Meeting friends starts today (Day 2)!  I can’t wait!!!