[Translation] Based from chapter 499 cover

Original art by: ベル
※permission to translate was given by the author via twitter
Translator: sarapyon
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Theory Time: Gruvia Edition

So, we saw Juvia say that she learned that blood transfusion magic in secret. We also saw her say that she will live on inside Gray. 

While at work I started busting out laughing because like…. What if we took this literally. Like, what if when Juvia was learning this technique it said that the caster would live inside the target Juvia misunderstood. Perhaps she thought it was just a sweet way of putting it and not actually what will literally happen. 

So here Juvia is casting this water make blood spell that turns her water, which is essentially her into blood and sends her into Gray which is how she was able to communicate to him in his mind. She thinks she is going to die and move on to wherever she goes after death, but instead she is seeing everything Gray sees, so she thinks, oh, maybe I am attached to him even now that I am dead. This is fine. And she just goes with it. 

Well, then after a while, she begins to feel a little chilly as he uses his devil slayer powers on natsu and she is like… I’m dead. I shouldn’t be cold. She is frustrated as she watches gray fight natsu because she can’t do anything to stop them. So she shouts “Gray-sama, STOP!” Just as Gray is about to impale Natsu on his zero sword. Gray stops his swing mid air like “wtf” And Juvia is just like oh shit he heard me. And so she speaks again. “Gray-sama, stop.” His sword disappears and Natsu is like, I thought you were gonna kill me wassup? and Gray is just like, am I hallucinating? wtf. So Juvia then realizes her error when learning that spell and she is like welp, good news im alive. Bad news, we’re sharing a body. what’s good. 

And that is how Juvia keeps Gray from destroying Natsu. Boom.