"The best leaders know when to retreat, and when to fight."
"Well now it's time to fight!"

Mini 5: Uprising

It’s always time to fight, when you’re Mike Chilton.


The Childhood of a Leader (Brady Corbet)

FSR: For Your Consideration, 8 Under-the-Radar Films You Should See This Awards Season

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Brady Corbet is a familiar face through his acting work in the films of acclaimed directors like Olivier Assayas, Mia Hansen-Løve and Michael Haneke. Lucky for us that he chose to try his hand behind the camera with this mind-mending, triumphant feature debut.

The Childhood of a Leader is an unsettling, instantly-gripping (and uncannily timely) psychodrama set in the aftermath of World War I, that follows a manipulative pre-teen (Tom Sweet in the role of Prescott) during the rise of fascism in Europe. Son of an American diplomat living in France and bereft of feelings of empathy in his mostly loveless day-to-day, Prescott signals that he might just grow up to be a Hitler-esque leader, who would terrorize the world one day. Lol Crawley’s dark and eerie cinematography is simply breathtaking and Scott Walker’s unnerving score adds the film a whole other dimension of discomfort.

Corbet, who won the “Best Director” and “Best Debut Film” prizes at the “72nd Venice International Film Festival — Horizons Section”, is one of the most exciting creative voices to keep an eye on. (Cast: Robert Pattinson, Tom Sweet, Liam Cunningham, Bernice Bejo)

Film School Rejects


Day 3: Grand Theft Anthro V

F is a bad-ass, gangsta rott, T is a crazed-up meth-addict coyote and M is a spoiled, rich cat who makes derisive comments on everything.

imagine the media constantly “dude bro-ing” lance and keith and just not getting that they’re a couple, always referring to them as incredibly close friends or pilot partners much to their growing irritation. and god help the poor soul that makes this mistake in lance’s presence, ‘cause he turns into his most shirty and just. goes. the. fuck. off like:

“suuuure, ‘cause i’m sooo straight! just man. the straightest. and here’s my - babe, come over for a sec - and here’s my straight husband keith! we’ve been married for 3 years now, isn’t he cute? no wait that wasn’t very straight of me, my apologies!”

and since after far too many incidents with journalists keith is never allowed to interact with one again, he’s only too happy to watch with fond amusement as his man bursts the heteronormative bubble around their relationship


24/11/16 8:56 PM // tried to post this two days ago but it wouldn’t post fsr (??) well anyway here’s a look at this week’s bullet journal spread (ft bmth and awsten knight) along with my chemistry notes. in this semester, my chemistry scores are lower than my other classes, so i decided to start studying it earlier. i’ve got school exams next week plus a music theory exam so these following two weeks are bound to be extremely busy. best of luck to those of you taking exams 💕