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How about naga Hayner with human Seifer??? What type of snake would you think he would be???

I actually have another snake au where the snakes are more…snake sized and Hayner’s one of them. He’s a corn snake 


fsr thes vids keep popping up in my recommended videos but this interview is so fucking cute im crying ..she givbes these grown ass men candy necklaces and cake pops and lets them name zoo animals..and theyve got these mini whiteboards. im barely conscious i can’t handle this

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i love love LOVe hearing updates from you it makes me feel so positive and im so happy that there are such cool places as your school sounds and that youre doing what you love and it just makes ME real happy and positive too fsr and id love to hear//

//more about anything.. its my secret dream to teach in the future but only at a place where i would know i wouldnt run into judgment and where they would let teachers/students be who they are so its just. rly so amazing to listen to you.. bless lee♡

ahhh friend this is so incredible sweet and means so much to hear <3 <3 <3 thank you so much ;; v ;;

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Hey! Im the anon from sometime ago who just started playing fe4 well im asking for advice here apparentlt sylvia fell in love w alec fsr? Even tho i havent used him in a while which is weird anyways what am i supposed to do now? Should i get him killed or something? Since this isnt the pairing i wanted for her?

You could kill Alec, but I am unsure how killing the unit affect the love system directly.

@randomnameless @demoiselledefortune @markoftheasphodel Can you clarify? I’ve actually never really struggled making my units fall in love with someone I didn’t want.

some people are actually getting upset that laika DARES to make stop-motion films that are….. really good? like in terms of puppets, animation, environment, etc. like fsr there seem to be stop-mo purests who believe that stop-motion should always be obvious stop-motion. not only is that impractical but uh, what? we supposed to limit the growth of the field and the talent of the artists involved because you want to be distracted by the occasional jittery frame or have characters that are obviously made of inorganic materials so you can proclaim “this sure is stop-mo alright”? i’m sorry but why do you hate art so much

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aahh i'm sorry but i'm playing heart rocket rn and the game always crashes whenever i encounter honoka fsr ;-;

can you message me off anon about this ?? what OS are you using and how does it crash like does it freeze or what happens?

does anyone know if hal/jrdn is okay or nasty… i keep seeing them lately and fsr i cant keep track of which of the hal url people are gross. ive got a real good memory for all the batfam ones but outside of that i cant retain it. i dont feel like checking their blog for myself rn i have other stuff to do

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i really hate twd show but the games are 10/10 and most of the characters that die rip my heart out

god sorry fsr tumblr hasn’t been notifying me of asks lately

but I KNOW RIGHT!!! I actually saw the game first, so I was pretty excited to start the show… and it’s literally a let down as soon as it starts

first you’ve got blue lives matter, “every stupid pair of boobs in the world is stupid except your wife”, said wife who exists to be annoying, a problem, and an example of how sex and pregnancy doesn’t work, “I may be like 10 but I can handle myself oops I got shot oops I got half my group killed”, young couple who continue to have sex after having to rip aforementioned problem open to rip the baby out in their post apocalyptic world, the singular token black character ( until new ones are introduced so #1 is killed and so on )

then 90% of their problems actually have NOTHING to do with the zombie apocalypse because it’s a “humans are the real monsters” show so hard it may as well just be a criminal action movie

and I mean even when you get past that shit it’s just… not well written? Shots are very confusing and will focus on very obscure things to lead you to think somethings going to happen with them but they don’t? The conversations feel so forced sometimes? I recognize some of their sound stock from episodes of Spongebob

There’s problems with the game, hell yeah, but the show is… suuuuch a disappointment in its shadow! The characters are more likable, they DO important, relevant stuff, they LIVE like the world has ended instead of in towns and crap, their kids aren’t more or less left to die… Women are written and modeled like people

The game has faults, some similar to the show, some based on the fact that Telltale teases you with the illusion of choice ( though you can get DRASTICALLY different endings at the end of season 2 ), unnecessary character death ( if nothing else I can say about the show, it’s that they didn’t always just make you like a character to kill them, some DID end up just moving on ),

but all in all I just feel like the game is so much more organized and entertaining as a story. I can sit down and watch somebody play the game for hours and hours. No matter how many times I watch it. I see a brand new episode of the show and… I can’t keep my attention on it even when I want to? This damn show has a massive cult following and probably makes MILLIONS on just one season but they make the whole thing like it’s a chore, milking more money out of it than they put into it, making up drama, even if it’s copying something they JUST went through to try to keep people interested. They don’t want to invest and energy into making it, and it shows, so I just can’t find the energy to watch it, much less enjoy it

I’m no film connoisseur or anything this is just my impression, I guess I just nitpick since my hopes had gotten EXTREMELY high from the game so I feel. pretty let down with the show. As a creator I suppose I’m pretty critical of laziness when it comes to your work, especially when you have such a large audience/ revenue.