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Weekly Fic Rec - 22nd Jan 2017

In a World Like This by backonefish
Louis is made to download Tinder by Niall after a series of awful dates. He swipes right for Harry (otherwise known as Cute Boy from his Class) It’s a match!

Fall At My Door by @fullonlarrie
Actor Harry and Musician Louis have a friends with benefits relationship, both are oblivious as each other.

Where Your Heart Is by @anhcor, @tvshows-addict
Louis suffers from a genetic condition that prevents him from being touched. Harry is an annoying Frat boy. A college/ uni au that you must read!

No Feelings // request

Request: “Could you please write an imagine where y/n and Justin are both pop stars and also friends with benefits. One day he offers her to perform with him on his concert. After that they just spent some time together. When all went to sleep on the bus, (they sleep on separate) they get horny af”

WARNING: Imagine might contain some sexual material, read with your own risk!


Y/N’s POV:

I woke up naked from my bed and looked next to me. Great, he had stayed over the night even he promised to leave so paparazzies wouldn’t be surrounding my house all day long with their nasty questions.

I pushed his gently and he opened his eyes slowly. “Good morning, kitten” he mumbled and tried reach my lips. “Get out of my house. You should have left hours ago already” I mumbled and threw his jeans next to him on the bed.

He just laughed and grabbed me next to him on the bed. “Someone is a little tight today? Would a quick morning sex help you or..” his lips met my neck and made me moan. “I take that as yes” he chuckled and pulled me closer to him.

Hours later, even I thought that I would just kick him out, I decided offer him a breakfast even it was almost a lunch time already. We sat on the kitchen table and drank coffee when Justin opened his mouth.

“I have a little question for you, I hope you don’t mind or lost your mind” he mumbled. I nodded and giggled because I couldn’t guess at all what was in his mind.

“Would you like to come to perform with me on my next concert like as special guest?” he asked. I looked him confused. “Is that some joke? With you? Oh my God..” I was almost speechless. He nodded and laughed.

“I’m serious” he said and wrabbed his arms around me before he picked me up on his arms. His lips connected on mine even I tried push him away.

“No, Justin, stop it. I can’t do it anymore. We did it already three times this morning” I giggled while his lips tickled my neck. “Only if you promise to come with me tomorrow” he mumbled and looked me grinning.

“Fine, fine” I sighed and he let me down. “Good” he winked and gave me a one last kiss before he left. “I’ll call someone to pick you up tomorrow” he yelled to the door before he left.

Sometimes I found there some loving and cute sides of Justin like he would have been my boyfriend, even we had made that promise that we wouldn’t do that. We were just friends, with benefits and that’s it.


Justin’s driver came pick me up on 5pm at my place and he drove me to that big arena where he should be performing tonight. My jaw dropped when I walked in and saw how huge it was and I started get a bit nervous already.

What if I will fail? What if his fans hate me? What if I don’t remember lyrics (even we wouldn’t have even talked about that yet which song we’ll sing if we even will do it together)? What if…

My thinking got interrupted when I felt strong arms moving around my waist. “Looks good, huh? This whole hall will be full of people tonight” he smirked and I bit my lip. “Can I still turn back?” I giggled and looked him and he shook his head. “Nope, deal is deal”

“But what if they won’t like me.. what if they..” questions came out of my mouth but he stopped me. “The first at all, they won’t hate you. They will love you. Just relax.. Everything will be fine” he calmed me down and again that cute and caring side of Justin started coming out.

“Stop” I mumbled and then he noticed it too. “Sorry.. I didn’t mean to. Do you wanna go check that outfit which we thought to you for tonight?” he suggested and I nodded.

We walked in the dressing room and he pulled out a short dress which was covered with silver diamonds. “You must be kidding..” I mumbled and looked him shocked. “Isn’t that a bit too…” I tried find right word. “No, I don’t think so. It would look perfect on you” he smiled and pushed the hanger on my hands. “Try it at least”

I decided do as he told and walked in the closest bathroom change it. Seconds later I heard knock and soft chuckle. “You’re acting like I’d not have seen you naked ever” I heard Justin say. “Shut up” I yelled back and told him go back to dressing room. “I’ll be ready soon” I informed before I pulled the zipper of that really tight and short dress up.

It looked good, I couldn’t lie about that. He and his assistants have a good taste. I opened the door of the bathroom and walked back to dressing rooms where Justin was sitting while one of his assistants did his hair

He looked me through the mirror and his eyes widened. “Wow, that looks even better than I thought on you” he mumbled and bit his lip. “Look, Janet” he said to his assistant and she looked my dress too. “It’s like that dress would have made just for you, Y/N” she commented and smiled. I nodded and smiled back.

“So will you accept that dress or will I call Hannah back here to help you find a better one?” Justin asked to me after I walked back to bathroom my own clothes on again. “I can use that one” I said and sat on the couch which laid in the corner of his dressing room. “Great” he smiled and moved to sit next to me on the couch.

“I’m happy that you’ll be performing with me today” he smiled while his fingers ran over my cheek. “Me too” I smiled and pushed his hand away. I knew what was on his mind but that will not happen today. “What’s wrong?” he asked and looked me worried. “We don’t have time for that” I mumbled and just then a young woman walked in.

“It’s time for your makeup, Y/N. And Justin, you should go check a few things with your dancers. They had something to ask you” the woman said and we both nodded. I moved to sat on the chair in front of the mirror and Justin walked out of the room and made his way to the dressing room of his dancers.

That same woman helped me later put my dress back on and brought me a silver high heels which were suitable with my dress. There was only 10 minutes left before the show would start. However my time appear on the stage was just in the middle of the concert but Justin had told me to come backstage anyways.

We walked together there and he kissed me on lips without worrying that someone would see it. “See you soon” he smirked and slapped my ass gently before he stepped in that glass box. I heard how the audience got wilder when his box started rise up.


One more song and it would be my time to step in the stage. I started get nervous because I had ever performed that big audience before. Thankfully Justin was there. I heard how the song ended and a loud screaming followed that. How he was able to listen that almost every day? I shook my head and smiled for my thoughts before I heard how Justin started speak.

“I have a little guest here tonight. She’s one of my best friend, Y/N. This might be a huge risk since after that you will probably go buy her albums and forget me but I’ll take that risk anyways” he joked. “Now let’s welcome Y/N on the stage” he yelled and people in the audience started scream again before I walked to the stage.

I smiled and waved and I felt how screaming got even louder. Music started play and we started sing together one of his songs named “Hold Tight” He kept an eye contact with me whole that song and sometimes it felt like there would have been nobody else but him. I was glad that he had asked me to come here.

He let me perform still a couple songs to my own album before my part was over. “Again, give it up on Y/N. It was so nice that you came here” Justin said and hugged me before I started walk out of the stage. I heard how audience screamed my name still after I had left. Justin was right, there was nothing to worry about. They liked me.

I followed his concert still before he sang his last song and left the stage. When he saw me, he ran right away over me and hugged even his all clothes were wet. “Sorry” he mumbled when he noticed that I looked a bit uncomfortable. “I just wanted thank you for coming.. once again” he said. “No problem, I had really fun” I smiled before we walked together in his dressing room.


“I don’t know Justin if that’s a good idea. I mean I can walk back home, it’s totally fine by me” I told him when he offered that I’d stay over the night in their tour bus. “No no, I don’t want you to go there and get raped or something. It’s dangerous out that time of the day” he said and I started a little agree with him.

“Okay but where would I sleep then? I think that your bus is full of people already” I looked inside the bus and noticed how almost every bed were taken there. “There’s a really comfortable couch or you can take my bed and I can sleep on the couch” he offered.

“I can take the couch” I said quickly and ran over the couch before anyone could take it. Justin just chuckled for me and went to get me a pillow and a blanket. “There” he dropped a big white blanket and pillow next to me. “Thanks” I smiled and when I noticed that everyone else were in sleep alreazy I decided give a little kiss on his cheek but for my bad luck he just turned his head and I kissed him on lips.

“Woah, I didn’t expected that” he looked me suprised but smirking. “I didn’t either” I blushed and laid on the couch. “We better start sleep before this will go in crazy level” I mumbled and pulled the blanket myself. “Good night, Justin” I wished to him and got a low mumble of ‘goodnight’ back.

However hours later I woke up on sound of low moaning. It heard back of the tour bus and I couldn’t anything about it that I started get curious. I stepped out of the couch and started quietly walk over the sound. That closer I got to the room, that clearer I heard it and I recornized the voice.

Justin, how couldn’t I guess, I thought and rolled my eyes. I slipped in his room and he startled. “Holy shit, Y/N. Stop scaring me” he hissed and I closed the door behind myself. “And you stop interrupting others sleep” I mumbled.

My gaze was focused on nothing but his sweatpants which were a half way off. He noticed it and chuckled. “But that wasn’t the reason you came here, to tell me to be more quiet huh?” he grinned and moved closer to me. “Actually yes, it was” I said but still couldn’t remove my gaze on his crotch.

“Then look at me in the eyes and say it” he said calm and rose my head by raising my chin. “I didn’t have any back thoughts of anything when I came here” I said as serious as I could but it wasn’t enough. “What kind of back thoughts you didn’t have?” he asked and tilted his head.

“Like for example coming there to get some attention or..” “getting fucked?” he suggested and I went in red. Thankfully it was dark in his room and he couldn’t see that. He however knew that I was blushing.

“Mm.. I knew it, baby” he mumbled to my ear and turned my head so now we were facing each others. “But you know what? It’s okay, I’d really love to help you because I was kinda thinking about same just before you walked inside” he told and pushed the string of my top down my shoulder.

I didn’t complain when he kissed me and pushed me on his big bed. “You’re so beautiful” he mumbled and took off my top and threw it on the floor. My jeans and socks followed it seconds later and in the end I was laying there just my lingeries on.

He smirked and kissed me. “You have to be quiet then if you don’t want other people in this bus hear you” he whispered before he pulled his sweatpants off and pulled my panties a side. I nodded agreeing to him and he pushed himself slowly inside me.

It was hard to stay quiet when you had get used to that you can scream as loud as you want when he was at your place or you was at his place. I had to reminds myself after every second that we were in his tour bus now, not at home and it wasn’t suitable moment to make own choices.

He picked up his pace and kept whispering my ear how good I felt around him. A low groan left his mouth. A few seconds there was just low mumbling and hard breathing before we heard a quiet footsteps coming closer.

Justin pulled himself quickly off me and pulled the blanket over me before the door opened. Justin pretent that he slept before he heard one of his dancers calling him. “Mmm.. what Johnny?” he turned to his side and asked tired. “It’s 3am, what’s wrong?"Johnny just looked at him a few moments before he softly chuckled. "One thing about tomorrow came just in my head like.. is it okay if I come a bit later in rehearsals? I have.. a meeting” he scratched back of his neck.

Justin groaned and laughed. “You come ask something like this, this time of the day. Of course it’s okay. Now go and let me sleep” Justin mumbled and Johnny left his room chuckling. “Thank you boss and sorry for interrupting”

Justin pulled the blanket off over him and me. I looked at him and bit my lip. “I don’t know am I in that mood anymore to continue” I mumbled and giggled. “Me either.. that interrupt kinda kill that” he said and wtabbed his arm around her. “But I’d cuddle if that’s okay with you” he smirked and made me roll my eyes. “We haven’t ever cuddled” I mumbled and pushed him on his chest.

“Well then it would be a good time to try it” he chuckled and pulled me closer. “No, remember no feelings, I came here just because.. you seemly needed help and now when I have helped I-” “Who says that it would contain feelings if I want just cuddle with you” he groaned and let me go finally after I had tried desperately stood up his bed. “Maybe not you but I might-” I closed my mouth quickly. “Do you have some feeling ov-” he started but I told him stop.

I grabbed my clothes on the floor, dressed them up and walked to the door. “Just forget it, it was nothing. See you around, Justin. I might have left already when you guys wake up” I mumbled and left his room and heated back to the couch where the blanket and pillow wait for me.

anonymous asked:

Okay so I asked a similar question to Gil and now I'm going to ask you. Its apparent that you like him so would you want the two of you to be friends with benefits or in an actual relationship?

I mean, it’s worth a shot…?

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I read this taekook fic where yoongi and jimin were friends with benefits but jimin falls in love with taehyung because he's really sweet? It was cute but then I thought it'd be cuter if yoongi actually ended up falling for jungkook? Like jungkook's this really clumsy florist that yoongi meets when he's buying flowers for jimin and the poor boy keeps. bumping. into. things. And tripping over his own feet. But he's probably the sweetest person yoongi's ever met and he kinda just. Falls in love?

i like this idea so much ;-; yoongi sometimes going in to buy flowers and then forgetting what he was buying flowers for? jungkook mentions he really likes this new CD by yoongi’s favorite artist and yoongi is like omg me too and they spend an awkwardly long amount of time fanboying in the middle of jungkook’s store but yoongi thinks fuck it because no one ever knows this guy’s work? yoongi finding himself smiling when jungkook accidentally drops a bouquet before ribboning it off and has this look on his face like all my hard work DAMMIT ajdlksahkd

in my mind they get together yes and thank u 

Intersensualarian: A person who “blurs” the line between “official” relationship titles such as: boyfriend/girlfriend, friends with benefits, fiance/fiancee, spouse, etc. Ideal for those who feel like they are emotionally capable for multiple relationships, but may feel uncomfortable with the term “polyamorous” (or feel “polyamorous” doesn’t quite fit their own sense of ‘self’). “Traditional” relationship titles (such as the ones named above) may feel ‘too constricting’ for these individuals.

Intersensualarian is a nonbinary person who identifies as a sensualarian. The purple colors are for an association with being nonbinary. This term is for those who want want specific to being nonbinary AND a sensualarian.

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while i read friends with benefits, i had to watch tae's vlive in osaka that he kinda did with jungkook in order to actually get the feel of jimin's moans lol but i still loved the story

Hahaha the thirst is real over here today! There’s so many Jimin moans videos and audios out there, you could have used those :D

if you find you are surrounded by toxic people… 

  • CUT. 
  • THEM. 
  • OUT.

make sure you’re not being taken for granted. you are a beautiful person that deserves to be in good company :))