*friends with benefits

Disposable pt. 7

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Warning: this chapter has a knife in it and a minor injury. If you are concerned about it, please message me and I’d be happy to give you a summary of what happens in the chapter. <3

Yoongi didn’t think of himself as a disagreeable person, he just never seemed to agree with you, specifically. He put this down to you being so stubborn, and ignored the part of him that said maybe it was also because he might be subconsciously sabotaging any chance of the two of you being friendly. As long as you didn’t even get along, there was no chance of feelings, right?

He was being a coward and he knew it. He could rationalize it into him doing you a favor. He hardly knew you (he realized this only after finding out that your brother was his boss), but he knew you well enough to see that you didn’t need someone like him. Not that there was anything wrong with him (he was fantastic, thank you very much), but he wasn’t exactly a “boyfriend” kind of guy. If you were to develop feelings for him, you’d just get hurt.

So really, by acting shitty towards you all the time, he was actually being quite considerate of your feelings.

God, this was ridiculous.

He wasn’t sure if he was more annoyed at you at this point or himself, but he had to make a conscious effort not to slam the door when he left your shared room. You had just called him a snot-head, and he didn’t appreciate it. Hadn’t he just helped you clean up the glass? Hadn’t he finally agreed to sleep in the same bed as you? But no. He made one comment about the weird picture hanging on the wall and suddenly he was a snot-head (whatever the hell that actually meant). How was he supposed to know that you drew it when you were eight?

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There was this one fic I read where Dan stared at the ceiling in his room and it was plastered in glowing stars. I don't really remember what happened next but basically he woke up in "another universe" where Phil had a boyfriend and they were about to get married? Anyways, It got really really sad in between but Dan ended up somehow being back in his original universe laying in his bed crying and Phil leans on the doorframe and asks him what's wrong. It would be very good if you could find it:/

If Lost, Return To Phil - Dan and Phil are friends with benefits, which always works until it doesn’t. Dan wishes things could be different, and gets more than he bargains for.


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hey! could you do how being friends with benefits w ten would be like?? :D

A/N: I hope this format is fine

Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose

  • It’d start off as being friends, obviously
  • As a boy/man his age his hormones are quiet high
  • It’d be triggered by just his intense desire to do smutty things. Media nowadays is very sexual and suggestive so it’s on his mind a lot.
  • He’d kind of end up pushing his fantasies onto you, noticing your body and gentle curves more and your supple lips every time he saw you.
  • It wouldn’t rlly be suggested, it’d just happen as one thing leads to another and he has you trapped beneath him on the sofa.
  • From that point on he’d be a bit awkward, but try not to be- like he’d want to throw off any suspicions anyone had of you two so he’d come off as quiet and stuff around you.
  • Eventually you’d both work out a plan in private.
  • He’d be a really sweet lover bc he’s not there to just fuck n leave. He’s your friend, remember that, so he’d be gentle and seek your approval often, not too shy about his inexperience since he’s comfortable with you.
  • He’d be fr sweet tho and I think pay more attention to you than previously, leik if you’re sick before he’d just send a text, now he insists on taking care of you, etc…
  • He’s clingy tho and doesn’t rlly like it when other guys mess with u bc 1, he’s your friend and cares about you and 2. he wants to be your special secret and wants all your attention and goods. [greedy much?]
  • I’m not sure how things would end up? One party always grows feelings for the other… 
  • I can see a weird pact forming out of the f with benefits relation, leik u both agree you’ll marry each other when you’re 37 if you’re both unmarried or smthng.

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Hugo Weasley is aromantic, and he's gay. He's down for a friends with benefits type situation as he craves sexual intimacy. He's quite insecure about it because he's afraid of people falling in live with him and him not being able to give them the relationship his partner desires. - H

Warnings: brief mention of a mental breakdown, self-hatred, internalized arophobia, mentions of self-harm, sex mention, alcohol abuse mention, suicide mention but no attempts, (I gave this a happy ending, though, I promise!)


“He just used to be so outgoing. I worry for him,” Hugo overhears his mom telling his dad one night as he sits in the hallway, silent tears trailing their way down his face.

“’Mione, I know it’s hard to judge what teenagers who aren’t growing up in a blooming war act like, but he’s just being a teenager. He’ll grow out of it,” his dad tries to soothe his mom. Hugo’s heart aches at this. Four months ago he realized he was aromantic. Three months before that he realized he was gay.

It’d been easy to accept he was gay. Scary but easy. The magical world wasn’t always so accepting of mogai kids like him, but his mum was queer, his dad, Uncle Harry, and Uncle Bill were bi, Aunt Ginny was trans and poly, Uncle George was trans, and Uncle Percy was gay. That wasn’t to mention all his cousins that had come out so far. Gay just fit Hugo. He felt connected with it. He knew he was gay. It was kind of a relief to really realize it.

But being aromantic? That was terrifying. That realization sent Hugo into a tailspin. Uncle Charlie never said it, but he was an aromantic asexual. And Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry were in a qpp with Aunt Luna, who was arospec and acespec. But Hugo wasn’t aromantic and asexual. He wasn’t in the middle of the road like his aunt. He wasn’t sure either his aunt or his uncle could help him even if he was brave enough to talk to him. Hugo was afraid.

He wasn’t particularly afraid of being aromantic. He was afraid of being aromantic and gay. Would his attraction be considered inappropriate or invalid because it was sexual but not romantic? What if he ended up leading someone on and hurting them because he was aromantic? Could he still have any non-platonic relationships and be a good person?

“I don’t think it’s normal, Ron,” his mom started, but Hugo left the hallway before he could hear more and feel worse about himself.


Hugo’s school years became fraught with loneliness and doubt and bad self-esteem, which was actually quite an accomplishment considering how many of his cousins were at school. Hugo did his best to alienate them and anger them so he could be left alone. Albus helped take attention off Hugo by having a very serious breakdown. Hugo wasn’t at all happy about it, nor was he happy he didn’t feel like he could try and help or support Albus before or after he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety (nor that later borderline would be added to these diagnoses), but he couldn’t help the relief that more of his cousins started ignoring him.

The one person who refused to leave his side, no matter how mean or self-destructive Hugo became, was Rose. Hugo hated and loved her for it.


“No, I do get it!” Rose was yelling. She did that when scared or threatened. Or worried. “You think you can’t get hurt if you just stay away from everyone, if you never even try, but you are hurting, Hugo. You’re hurting yourself doing this. Please,” his sister’s voice quieted. “Please stop. I’m afraid I’m going to find you dead one of these days. Our parents don’t deserve this. They shouldn’t have had to grow up in a war trying to make the world a better place just to end up having their son commit suicide. I don’t deserve this. I wanna see you live and be happy like I’ve gotten to see our cousins do. Please,” Rose’s voice cracked, “please don’t do this.”

Tears had long since stopped coming for Hugo, but if he cried anymore, he’d be crying now.

“I haven’t been staying away from people, Rose.” Hugo’s voice sounded hollow even to his own ears. “I’ve had one nighters every day this month. Sometimes more than one a day. Does that sound like I’m staying away from people to you?” Hatred for himself burned his throat.

Rose was crying now. “Yes, Hugo. It does. Did any of them even know your name? Did you even want to sleep with all of them? And how drunk were you? You’re not happy, Hugo. I get that you’re afraid, but you don’t have to punish yourself. It’s okay to be afraid. It’s not okay to hurt yourself like this.”

“You ever had an orgasm, Rose?” he dug. “It doesn’t hurt.”

Rose took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. She stood up straight. This time, her voice was clear, as deep with emotion as it was. “It doesn’t feel good either. What you’re doing may not physically hurt but it doesn’t feel good.” She walked out before Hugo could get in the last word.

Truthfully, Hugo didn’t have any more words.


“Here,” Albus was handing him a card. Hugo stared blankly at it.

His mom tried to firecall often. She and dad would show up at his door sometimes. Rose would show up. Lily used to show up. Teddy still tried, just not often. But rarely anybody else. Albus was one of the last people Hugo expected.

Albus held his hand higher. “It’s the name of the therapist I really liked. They’re a - they’re a squib. They went to muggle school for muggle therapy. It’s just someone you can talk to about what you’re going through. They’re a more objective sounding board, and they can help you come to terms what what you’re going through. They can help you figure out techniques for how to heal. It helps, Hugo. It’s a lot better than what we do in the magical world, which is just ignore it and sweep it under the rug and hide people away in St. Mungo’s. Your mum was the one who suggested therapy to my parents. I’m glad she did. I got my life back, Hugo. You need help, and none of us have been able to give it. Please, take the card.” When Hugo stood there silently for a few minutes, Albus continued. “Look, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Wait until you’re ready. But when you’re ready - you’ll want the card.”

Hugo finally figured Albus wouldn’t leave until he took the card, so he took it. With little more than a nod at Al, he shut the door and blocked out the face of his cousin.

He meant to tear up the card and throw it in the fire. Hugo doesn’t know why, but he didn’t. He sets the card on his coffee table.

Two weeks later, when Rose doesn’t show up to his door at her normal time, Hugo picks the card up, goes outside to the nearest muggle payphone, and calls the number. The card says firecall is available but saying he needs help is hard enough without having to look someone in the eyes while doing it. It’s easier than Hugo thinks it will be to set the appointment. His heart pounds in his chest, hard, until he falls asleep. It’s the first night in a long while he goes to bed alone. It’s scary, but something about it feels… better.


After a year and a half of therapy, Hugo’s ready to try again. This time he goes to a coffee shop, not a bar. This time, when the handsome black wizard with soulful eyes sits next to Hugo, he smiles, holds out his hand, and introduces himself. This time, he laughs with his new acquaintance and they bond over their mutual dislike of butterbeer and their interest in muggle rock bands. This time, Hugo communicates with his partner and sets boundaries.

This time, it’s beautiful. And this time, it’s not the only time because his handsome new friend understands and agrees with the boundaries set.

(And when Hugo meets Oliver’s boyfriend, whom he’s in an open relationship with, there’s laughter and smiles all around and Hugo is happy.)


After two years and some change of therapy, Hugo’s ready to make amends.

He apologizes to Rose. He apologizes to his parents. He apologizes to Lily and Teddy. He apologizes to Al. He apologizes to everyone in his very large family. He doesn’t ask for forgiveness. Everyone gives it anyway because they’re family and that’s what their family does.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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ooooh this will be fun and challenging! I hope I do them justice!! ; u;

  • How did they they meet?

At the skating competition (sorry I can’t remember the name or where it was :’D) where JJ stole Yuri’s gold.

  • Who developed romantic feelings first?

JJ for sure. I think JJ is the type of person who teases people he likes. :P Like teasing them is how he shows his affection to his friends and his romantic interests? But I think Yuri is so stuck in his rivalry with him and all of the unwelcome teasing from JJ that Yuri doesn’t even see him as a friend, much less someone he’s interested in until time passes lol.

That said, they were definitely friends with benefits waaaay before they were romantically together, or even calling each other friends. ;P Rivals with benefits? Frenemies with benefits? All of the above???

  • Who is their biggest “shipper?”

Mila!!! DEFINITELY MILA. She totally called it too because all Yuri talks about is JJ this JJ that JJ’s annoying JJ’s ugly JJ’s music sucks JJ’s ass looks stupid in his skating costume.

Also JJ’s fangirls ship them together and are very supportive of their relationship but I think Yuri’s fangirls get jealous and are like JJ antis or Pliroy antis something lmfao. (Christ I need a fanfic of this ASAP)

  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?

Dude it wasn’t romantic at all that I can tell you. I do like the idea of Yuri kissing JJ first though and it totally catches JJ off guard hahaha. 

Actually I think JJ is annoying Yuri more than usual and he won’t shut up Yuri is like “what can I do to make him never talk to me ever again” so he just fucking kisses him and storms away.

(spoiler: it didn’t work)

  • Who confessed their feelings first?

JJ confesses first, and Yuri immediately rejects him. Poor JJ is heatbroken but he doesn’t press the issue further but is very confused by Yuri’s shenanigans because nothing between them changes (aka they’re still friends with benefits) but Yuri just gets more tsundere?? And finally a few months down the road JJ is like “dude I can’t do this anymore I need to get over you this is making me very depressed” and Yuri just spills the news he likes him too and just never realized it.

  • What was their first official date?

JJ takes Yuri to a cat cafe. :3

  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

JJ loves them. Yuri hates them. Yuri puts up with them because he likes seeing JJ happy (and ngl, he likes it when JJ is like “yes yuri is mine”)

  • What do they do in their down time?

I think they are the type of couple who have separate hobbies, but do all of their hobbies together in the same room even if they aren’t talking or actively spending time together. Like Yuri will be playing video games while JJ is listening to music and it’s just a very intimate and comfortable silence they’ve got going on.

  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

JJ’s parents *adore* Yuri and welcome him right away.

Yuri’s grandpa is super hesitant at first because unlike Mila, he doesn’t entirely get that Yuri was always bitching about JJ because he liked him the entire time so he thinks that Yuri has actually hated him this entire time and the whole thing is completely out of no where and is just very “????” about it.

But! I think Yuri tries to keep his relationship with JJ a secret from his parents but when they find out and yell at Yuri, Grandpa Plisetsky is the first one to defend them as a couple.

  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

The fact that Yuri acts like they aren’t even together when they are in public together. JJ was really hurt by the fact that Yuri will even deny their relationship to people or that he’s seeing anyone and he was like “yo wtf Yuri” but in private Yuri would be all over him. And JJ was just very confused and hurt by it? Like he doesn’t wanna be Yuri’s secret shame and Yuri won’t open up about his reasoning.

But then during the height of the argument Yuri finally admits that it’s because he’s not on good terms with his parents and he wants to keep JJ out of their drama.

  • Which one is more easily made jealous?

Yuri. JJ is surprisingly chill.

  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat?

each other JJ loves to eat the sweets Yuri bakes for him. And then JJ likes to take Yuri out to a bunch of fancy restaurants because JJ can’t cook for shit.

  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?

At first JJ is more cuddly, but then once their relationship dynamics shifts into something more romantic, Yuri ends up initiating most of the cuddles. :3 Yuri likes to sit on JJ lmao. Or lay on him. 

  • Are they hand holders?

Yes!! Especially after they go public.

  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?

My friends they been sleeping with each other loooong before they got together lmfao. I think their first time is shortly after Yuri kisses JJ in order to get him to shut up. Yuri tells him to shut up again and JJ was just like “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) do you wanna kiss me again yuri” as a joke and one thing just lead to another and welp we know where this is leading.

  • Who tops?

They switch. 

  • What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into?

Definitely their first fight. TBH they bicker a lot but it’s just that, frienidly bickering. They rarely get into serious fights which surprises people?

  • Who does the shopping and the cooking?

They both do the shopping, bur Yuri does the cooking because Yuri refuses to die of food poisoning from JJ’s cooking lmao.

  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?

Neither of them are particularly organized or super tidy, but JJ is better at keeping up with organization and tidiness than Yuri is. 

  • Who proposes?

Yuri!! And he actually tries to make it romantic too because all of their other firsts were so un-romantic but the whole thing is so comical and out of character that JJ ends up laughing the entire time lmfao.

  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?

Joined I guess? I must confess I hardly know what a bachelor party is lmfao.

  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?


  • Big Ceremony or Small?

A big ceremony because JJ doesn’t know how to be small about anything.

  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  

I don’t know why but the first thought that popped into my head was “They go to Vancouver!” just because I hear really nice things about that city but I don’t actually know anything about it. :’D

  • Do they have children? How many?

I think they end up adopting 2 or 3 children and a lovely family~

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I just hate Snowbert so much! 1. Julian is hella gay 2. Their relationship is unnecessary to the plot, like Caitlin and Julian as best friends can benefit more to the overall story 3. ALL OF CAITLIN'S LOVE INTERESTS DIE AND IF JULIAN DIES I WILL BE SO PISSED

YES TO ALL THOSE THREE REASONS why snowbert feels so wrong and forced and unnecessary to me. If one shared drink and one moment of reassuring someone they’re strong and aren’t evil is enough to bring two people together, then Barry had that claim on Julian several episodes ago, plus he actually saved his life a number of times and jul gave his job back and when they shake hands its like neither of them wants to let go and jul invented being nervous around bae first with barry and the two sharing the same job and lab means they spend a lot of time together, and barry is the only one who knows about jul’s tragic backstory and did you all forget that scene where julian practically strips for barry and barry’s eyes go all heartshaped and soft and ‘fuck-im-falling-for-this-asshole-catch-me’??? but who cares about all these signs, right? I mean, they’re both guys and STRAIGHT and god forbid if we let jul be gay cuz NO what would our viewers think?

And damnit if they kill off julian I’ll lose my will to live, like no I can’t watch the love of my life get killed but if it happens and barry doesn’t go back in time to fix it id be seriously pissed cuz his death would probably be linked to all their attempts to save iris and no barry you can’t be that selfish pls take care of our precious son he’s been through so much already he doesn’t need to die for ur gf when all he wants is to have ur arms around him and take all his problems away ok im totally tearin up over this bye. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

if you find you are surrounded by toxic people… 

  • CUT. 
  • THEM. 
  • OUT.

make sure you’re not being taken for granted. you are a beautiful person that deserves to be in good company :))