Thanks to the Free! Eternal Summer Dub, and Haru calling Rin a Douchebag in the first episode, we can now imagine that this actually happened behind the scenes. I had so much fun making this. Thank you Bae for editing it. 😘

Rin: @takumisacosplay
Sousuke: @kimberly__moore

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A sleepy-looking Makoto is a very happy Makoto!!

This was my first time officially cosplaying Makoto… and it’s definitely not last time. Maybe it’s because the droopy eyes that I have and have never been very fond of is actually a good thing for once! So I can make good use of them from now on (This is just one of my excuses to cosplay Makoto more~~).

Really loved the chance to shoot with stuffed dolphins and orcas. When I was a kid, I used to always believe that orcas was one of my spirit animals. Haha, so maybe Makoto cosplay was just meant to be!! XD

「FREE!」Christmas ver.

(Host) Makoto Tachibana // KUROZONE
photo // wing
edit // by yours truly

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