Doku Commissions

It would be lovely if you could ask me for one ;-; I love you ♥


  • Realistic animals/people
  • Complex machines (robots, cars, etc.)
  • Things I’m not comfortable with


  • NSFW/gore
  • OCs
  • Anime art style, if asked


  • Animals and some items (weapons, furniture, etc.) count as +character
  • The price of background will depend on how detailed it is, starting at $5

To commission me use direct message system so we can talk about details and so I can give you my email to allow you make an order. Do not use asks. Remember - until you send the email, your message won’t count as a commission order. You must send the email. After that I will send you PayPal invoice, and all you have to do is accept it.

If I tell you the slots are full wait 1-2 weeks then try asking again.

1. Line Art

- Make sure to mention if you don’t want gaps
- Can add shading for free (color of your choice)
- Can have complicated background

Waist up: $5
Full body: $10
+ character: +$5

2. Normal Shading

- Clothes can have simple patterns
- No background
- I can include transparent version if asked

Waist up: $20
Full body: $30
+ character: +$15

3. Full Shading

- Can have complicated background/patterns
- Fuzzy soft gradients that will melt your heart
- Will stream the process if asked!!!

Waist up: $40
Full body: $60
+ character: +$30

Special: Mouse Doodle

- Guaranteed to be done under 24 hours after accepting order
- No background and no color
- For you, the ones with no money

Waist up: $2
Full body: $3


Thanks to the Free! Eternal Summer Dub, and Haru calling Rin a Douchebag in the first episode, we can now imagine that this actually happened behind the scenes. I had so much fun making this. Thank you Bae for editing it. 😘

Rin: @takumisacosplay
Sousuke: @kimberly__moore

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