Saw Mad Max Fury Road on Saturday. GOOD MOVIE! And it is not at ALL my cup of tea. I was not gonna go see it but EVERYONE was loosing their minds and was like “Frankie you gotta see da movie” If you watch Seinfeld you will read that will the proper inflection. #madmax #madmaxfuryroad  #ImperatorFuriosa #Furiosa #doodles #art

Kurtbastian fic - 'F**k Buddies (Chapter 3)

Kurt is in a rut - alone and on his own in New York, craving human contact, but always somehow finding himself climbing back into his ex-boyfriend’s bed. He doesn’t necessarily need a relationship, just a good lay every once in a while. Along comes Sebastian Smythe with an offer Kurt just can’t seem to refuse.

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They don’t speak a word to each other on the car ride to Sebastian’s place. It’s not as if Sebastian is ignoring Kurt or purposefully being distant. Actually, the absolute opposite is true, and it stuns Kurt. The moment they sit in the back of the car, Sebastian pulls Kurt into his arms and holds him back-to-chest the whole ride, as if Sebastian needs Kurt close, as if he missed having him around…and they’d only spoken once. It takes Kurt’s breath away in a sense – to have this sexy man miss the idea of him so much.

The car ride in total lasts literally a whole five minutes, and Sebastian holds Kurt the whole way, burying his nose into Kurt’s hair and breathing him in deeply. Kurt settles into this unexpected behavior from the man who seemed so clear about his intentions before – sex with no other attachments.

Kurt didn’t factor cuddling into that equation. It seems too personal for their purposes.

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were we all bothered by the implication that annie wants to fix jeff? because I sure as hell was. 

Annie’s known him for six years. She’s known just how self-centered he is since the day she met him, and the only times he’s NOT like that is when he’s with her. Jeff has always gone the extra mile (by his standards, anyway) to be better for Annie, most of the times without even being asked. He just does it because it’s for her. Having Annie’s talk with Frankie be some kind of revelation about Jeff’s egocentrism makes no sense because Annie already knows how he is, and already knows how he is with her. It was blatant mis-characterization and an almost willful ignorance the past five seasons that after six years of being invested in this show I just can’t feel passive about.

After cringing at that whole exchange, I was ready to watch Annie follow Jeff around the party, or question him about his best man speech, as proper story-telling would indicate. Instead, nothing happened at all. There was no follow-through on what was presented as a big “realization” for Annie. Her whole “helping others” bit was abandoned a minute after it became something potentially story-changing.  

I’ve moved past shipper discontent. This isn’t about Jeff and Annie anymore; it’s about how Dan thinks it’s okay to play around with his characters like nothing they do or think even matters. It’s about how he’s essentially telling us not to care about anything that happens, because it won’t have any repercussions. If he’s abandoned continuity for the sake of jokes, why should we be invested?