Frankie: hey Zest, so you know how I’m physically incapable of minding my own business? I was just wondering why I keep catching you looking sad whenever that sketchy rich family walks by? Do you owe them money? Did they threaten you? I only have $8 left to my name, but give me a couple hours to steal from the community garden and break open some rocks and I’ll help you out in any way I can!
Johnny: that’s really nice of you Frankie, but-
Frankie: I also know of 4 different places we could hide a body. 

Monster High - Reboot 2016

It was Christmas 2015 when I got to know about Monster High’s upcoming reboot. Honestly, it was a terrible shock. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mattel was officially changing Monster High, just because some people have said the dolls (2010-2015) looked too scary…

In my opinion Monster High dolls have never looked scary. In 2010-2015 they were perfectly unperfect - creepy cute and unique with their freaky flaws and all. 💖

Actually Monster High has helped me to be myself. In comprehensive school being myself wasn’t the easiest way but I chose it, because Monster High told me that I should be proud just the way I am. Other students discriminated me but I fought back with Monster High’s precept in my heart. 💖

But now, suddenly, Monster High has
-removed some characters
-changed character’s faces
-changed character’s personalities and abilities
-rebooted the whole storyline (erasing the 2010-2015 storyline)
-said that the rebooted MH will be friendlier and less scary, when in the new movie (Welcome to Monster High) the atmosphere is actually much scarier and darker than in the older movies (2010-2015)

After all those changes, they are still saying: “Feeling so amazing just the way I am” (-Feeling So Amazing, 2016). Well… That must mean that you should change yourself to feel good about yourself. That is completely against the precepts of Monster High.

I do not want to lose Monster High. But in the other hand, I do not want to be a fan of a brand that is based on lies. So I don’t know what should I do with Monster High.

anonymous asked:

I request a h/c about the Strawhats try to cheer up Law while he is sick.

Naww! I have the feeling this won’t end as cutely as one might think :3

Straw Hats and Law:

  • With Law’s pounding headache, Luffy constantly asking in a rather loud voice how he is feeling doesn’t help at all. He appreciates whenever Nami punches him to shut him up.
  • Zoro honestly couldn’t care less. He thinks Law can take care of himself. However, he might show interest in the surgeon’s sword, which isn’t leaning against his shoulder for once. Sanji is going to bring a nutritious meal for him to heal better and faster.
  • Brook will probably play some soft music in the background to try and light things up quicker, because when someone is sick, the ambient is pretty heavy, isn’t it?
  • Chopper is constantly worrying whenever Law’s temperature rises, but is glad Robin helps him by putting a cold cloth on his forehead, or helping him make Law swallow the medicine, which is a lot easier with her Devil Fruit.
  • Usopp and Franky are most likely going to do nothing. The former, because he still hardly trusts Law, and is worried that this might be a strategy to catch them. Such imagination. Franky, however, simply doesn’t know what to do, so he will sit down next to Zoro and suggest some changes for Kikoku that might get on the fellow Captain’s nerves.
  • Despite Law’s protests, he actually appreciates the help and worry they seem to show, well, almost all of them. However, he appreciates even more when they finally leave and everything is silent for, let me say, half a minute and back to the beginning.