Hey a lot of my most active followed blogs have gone inactive or up and quit. 

If you are an active blog that posts mainly the following:

-Flight rising (big one as this is an FR blog)

-Animal/creature/monster art

-Pokemon stuff

-Any other browser based games like lioden or furvilla I guess

Please like/reblog this if you fit!

The Intruder

He thinks he is being sneaky. Does he assume I cannot smell him? That I cannot hear him, circling, sniffing? Every second he spends underestimating me, I grow more and more angry. I am growing impatient, anxious… perhaps he is doing this on purpose. Perhaps he is hoping to unnerve me, catch me off guard, perhaps–

– perhaps I give him too much credit.

I admit… not the most threatening, uh, threat. But, even in the gloom, I could tell he was much larger than I. I hoped I was as intimidating, as I was intimidated.

Call it pity, call it foolishness, but I allowed him to stay. For the time being. He may come in handy while gathering food, if nothing else.

Clan Count: 2

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i cannot believe this..

ok so..

the project folder

the entire goddamn project folder.. it deleted itself.. along with half the project folders in my art folder, i am in a state of disbelief, two days before i was supposed to finish..

Im sorry guys i don’t know how to say this any other way than

my punk ass fucking peice of shit computer just ate almost half of my projects, including an almost completed Pissed!Aqua file, 

all the assets.. the entire premiere file, im so sorry guys, i promised it’d be on the 24rth but i guess i got nothing now..

im gonna take a long sleep, im suddenly vr tired but I promise i will release pissed!Aqua but unfortunately it will not be on the release date as planned unless i can find a backup file or somehow retrieve the deleted project folder.

im so sorry guys

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