Okay what if beside normal bc scrolls, there are also scrolls of each breed that turns you into ones for a specific climate?

Like say you’re a skydancer living in the Southern Icefields and want to turn into a tundra so you won’t be so cold. But whoops, you accidentally bought a scroll that turns you into a desert tundra, so now you’re completely furless!

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Feldspar Territory
Present Day

The call went out a week in advance: there was to be a clanwide meeting in the town square, and although, as always, attendance was not mandatory, all were encouraged to take part.

In the days that followed, there was a great deal of speculation. Passage through Thunder’s March had been closed, and many believed it in relation to some evil within the Hewn City. Apparently, there was a seer living there, and they had caused quite a stir among their neighbors in Aphaster. Perhaps, they reasoned, Dreamweaver was prepared to speak on the matter.

With the cycle quickly drawing to a close, however, there were other worries besides shifty Hewn City fortune-tellers. Night of the Nocturne was a tumultuous event at the best of times, and one had to consider the extensive renovations within and without Feldspar Proper. Then, some reminded, there was the fast approaching anniversary of the exodus.

All of this wondering and pondering culminated in a packed house on the eve of the meeting, and Dreamweaver faced their people with the same diplomatic aloofness they always did in times of unrest. Solaire did not need to quiet the crowd tonight. Everyone was silent, waiting for Dreamweaver to begin.

“I welcome you all,” they said, “and ask first for your forgiveness.”

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Pearlcatchers who lost their pearl that keep producing the slime for it. The slime drools from their mouth, coating their teeth… It keeps flowing, flowing, flowing…

Their teeth grow a little bit every day. Shined by the black liquid constantly spewing from the dragon’s mouth. Their teeth eventually fuse, growing into massive, deformed fangs that are made of pure, opalescent pearl.