Package No. 2: St. Patty’s Day!

This is the second care package I’ve sent to my husband. I doubt it’ll get there in time for St. Patrick’s Day (he hasn’t even received the Valentine’s Day box yet!) but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Anyway, in this package I sent a lot of green things and I tied funny little notes around each. Below I’ve listed the items and their notes:

  • Irish Spring Shower Gel & Deodorant - “In case you’re getting stinky”
  • Lucky Charms - “You’re my lucky charm!”
  • Green rubber duck - “I’m one lucky duck to have you”
  • Mini jar of Jif - “Choosy wives choose Jif”
  • Mint M&Ms - “Sweets for my sweet”
  • Turkey Jerky (wasn’t creative enough for a note on these!)
  • Mini boxes of craisins - “Crais-y for you!”
  • Mini scope - “I miss your morning breath”
  • Pistachios - “I’m nuts about you!”
  • Slinky - “I love you oodles!”
  • Advil - “Pills for when someone’s being a pill!”

Around the box, I cut out little shamrocks and wrote funny puns on them like “Leprechaun’t wait to kiss you!” and “You’re my pot o’ gold!” In the bottom of the box, I added a little note that said “I hope this box is Dublin your happiness!" He and I love puns, which is why I used so many!

As always, I put a letter in there, too. But I also had my mom, dad, brother, and grandmother write him little notes to him. I think he’ll like that!

I hope this box inspires you to make a box for a service member you know! I’ll be posting again once the Easter care package is sent out :)


About 8″ x 10″.
Basically whatever you want (bugs and anime are the most fun [I think.]) 
Black & white // minimal color.
Shipping included if in USA, if not we’ll figure it out.

Email spferrick (at) gmail
to talk it out.


some suggestions:
centipede, millipede, one dog, three dogs, bees entombing a mouse, a plastic box with many compartments, a birthday party, a snake in water, a house on fire, a basement on fire, a glass case full of cakes, a case of cakes that has been broken into :(, a table, a timer, an egg timer, someone making oatmeal, now YOU are making the oatmeal (FPO, aka First Person Oatmeal,) a beach full of boulders, a place where the boulders are shaped like roses, worms, ribbons, roads, a scene from a ballet, characters from Madoka, your own magical girl, your own hill, some rabbits under a honeysuckle bush that your mom later tore apart, a blue jay hovering in the air like a top, candles, AND MORE…