Check out the progress on my fox painting! 😀🐺🌈 I’m getting in some painting today since that’s what I like to do on long weekends! 🖌🎨 It’s very relaxing! 😊✨ Plus I also wanted to get some more hours in on this painting because I think I’m close to finishing it up! 😁👍 There’s still some more details to add but it’s coming along! 😀 What do you think of my progress so far? ☺ I hope you like it! ❤I can’t wait to finish and show you cuties! 😆 Hope you’re enjoying your Monday! 😘 I’m off to paint some more!🖌 Later cuties!🤗💖


So look what we started doing today! I got sick of waiting for the siwash harness I ordered to show up, so my mom and I started making our own!
There aren’t any patterns for making this style of harness online so we’re playing it by ear. It’s been quite the learning experience! Fox got tired of modeling so the bottom pic is where we’ve called it a night XD