Which E-vay Character Are You?
Take this quiz to discover which E-vay character you are most like!

I just spent the entire day making a character quiz! I worked really hard on it, so I hope you like it! I’m sorry if there isn’t an option that relates perfectly to you, but I only currently have 7 main characters.

If you take the quiz, reblog and let me know who you got! I’d love to know :)

It’s time for ANIME OF THE MONTH !

Kay..The beautiful anime I recommend this month is* blows noses* 

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Wolf Children!!….*blows nose*  

What can I say, it has everything.

adorable and/or traublemaker babies  *blows nose*

beutiful moments of happiness……*blows nose* 

beutiful moments of sadness…*blows nose*

beutiful couples i cant get over ….*BLOWS NOSES*

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ADORABLE couples i cant get over ….*blows nose*

beautiful moments in general …and HANA …*blows noseeeee*

kay i will stop here …. im out of tissues …actually anime of the year

Wes Anderson fan art on display | See full gallery

Nostalgic colors, oddball characters, symmetrical framing – the Wes Anderson stamp is as recognizable as Margot Tenenbaum’s bob. Bad Dads, an exhibition in New York, brings together 70 artists obsessed with his films.

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