~ I’m always laughing when people are surprised to discover I’m a French Artist and well, I have to admit I’m always imagining my Human Tamatoa talking and singing “Shiny” both in English and French versions because I’m in love with his French voice hhahaljdfmf ♥

I’ve already posted something about Tamatoa/Jemaine Clement singing the “French-Parody” Foux du Fafa ( Flight of the Conchords ) but there is my shitpost with a Human Tamatoa full of Clichés ( Stereotypes ) about France HAHAHHA Because I always have so much fun talking about France with my friends @mayadile and @marineflames and, well, @frozenspots ‘s pic about a Baguette stuff made me laugh so hard I had to draw this.

If you are looking for me I’m already far away ( And I won’t say I actually ate a baguette with cheese today ) HAHHAAgdljmfd