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What's your own personal opinion on Trixin? Will you be buying anything?

VANESSA: The whole thing seemed a little rushed which they agreed with in their newest podcast. It’s clear it’s early days & it will be better to make a judgement like a year from now, however first impressions…

  • If you want people who are outside of the Shaytard world to purchase these items they need to have some more different products like the Love t-shirt or the anchor one….in a way I wish they were more like Philip Defrancos brand http://www.forhumanpeoples.com the designs are designed by anyone then picked at random & made into a shirt for limited time changing all the time with appealing designs not just a plain logo…then they could work with more people & branch out
  • The whole subscription thing nah I get they want to do it because successful brands are but like maybe it’s something they should have thought about doing later down the line
  • They should have a store..like a mall store…Then people who aren’t ST fans could be come in & be interested in items yunno because unless you are a ST fan how would you come across this clothing company online randomly when atm it’s just clothing with a logo?
  • Good on them for trying & having people that know about business there to guide them
  • I think they should have waited a little longer to launch, Shay starts a project then gets distracted by another idea (Shaycarl videos/Podcasts/Trips abroad/vlogumentary/book/fitness) & now he has a list of things he needs to get finished, yes there are other people part of the company I just hope he doesn’t get another distraction & drifts away from it.

Won’t be buying anything at this stage…maybe in a future if a product looks good ‘cos I don’t just want a t-shirt with the word trixin on it.

Wow, what an amazing night! #SourceFedLive was above and beyond all expectations. Such a fun show with such wonderful people! Thank you for a great night out, @sourcefedofficial @forhumanpeoples ! 💕 Will post more photos tomorrow, can’t wait to rewatch the show online. Goodnight, Nation! #sourcefed #youtubespace #youtubespacela #sourcefednerd #sflive (at YouTube Space LA)