Rah-Bop Gift Art, 2/3

IT’S A PHOTOSET OF SMALL FIGHTY LADIES!! My favorite thing!  First we’ve got fantroll Rahggi Linnea, with cameos from my Sothis Alyaqh and an enormous Black Rain Frog, and then Rue (whom you may already have seen).  I gave my best shot at drawing her as her birdy self and then my best shot at a human version, which was a lot of fun!  I imagine even as a human she still kind of moves like a bird…maybe I’ll do a little animation sometime. ;>

endyender asked:

Have you ever drew a robot or cyborg OC?

mmmmmmm the only thing closest to a cyborg would be my OC Fox who has robotic arms whom I thought I had a picture of with bare arms but I guess I lost it-

but I do have a robot OC who belongs to my character Aretha

i dont have a lot of digital photos of “LE-0″ but I’m still playing with their design tbh 
this is the only most recent drawing

kintoro asked:

Gaah your art is so pretty to whom do you draw inspiration from? You deserve much much muuch more notes than you currently have srsly

Wow I appreciate it! Thank you so much!!! <3 I am very happy with the amount of followers and notes I get currently, because I can still keep up with all the tags and comments :) I got too many to keep up with on my Deviant Art a long time ago, so I can’t reply nearly as much as I’d like :/

As for inspiration, I don’t really have a particular source. I just wake up everyday and think “time to draw” until I go to sleep that night. I would say that everything inspires me. I haven’t had an art block in about 2 years, and it’s because the list of things I want to draw only increases, and my motivation never decreases :) I look at other artists’ works, and those also inspire me. More like they make me feel like I still have a long way to go, and I need to get working. 

I have a chronic illness that gets in the way of my art, and when you have something heavily restricting you, you are much more eager to conquer those restrictions. So every time I draw, I think of how grateful I am that I am still able. Back when I was healthy, I was a much lazier artist, and didn’t work as hard to improve. I also got art blocks often. I think my illness sort of opened a lot of drive for me, and I’m grateful some good came out of it :) 

Basically, in order to find inspiration, you must actively seek it out. Don’t wait for it to come find you. The same goes with everything else in life. Inspiration is a gift, and it’s hard to recognize it as one until it’s the only thing that will make you keep going. Look at other works, and instead of focusing on how bad you are compared to them, search for techniques you can incorporate into your own style. Look at what’s around you constantly, and search for the beauty in it all. Look at things like works of art, and you will most likely be more inclined to draw them. Make a list of things you would like to hypothetically draw, and draw something from that list when you’re having trouble coming up with something.

I wrote a lot for this, but people have been talking to me about their struggles with inspiration lately, so I wanted to give out some encouragement :) 

Seeking Long-Term Snail Mail Friend

Hello! I’m Veronica. I am 29 (still can’t believe I’ll be 30 this year!) years old and from Texas, USA.

External image

I am seeking someone outside of the US & the UK (I already have a pen pal from the UK and want to explore other countries). I would like to snail mail, culture, and goodie packages contains items such as snacks, photos, drawings, maybe coins, etc…I am looking for someone preferably female whom is over 20 years.

I do not really use Tumblr, so please contact me via email: ( vdesl2 @ yahoo.com )
However, I am often on Facebook

I work as an administrative assistant for an international company that manufactures and sells professional video and photo equipment.

On my free time I am in to film making. In this aspect, I mostly work behind the camera as a script supervisor. I have an IMDB page detailing all my previous work.

Some hobbies include Interior design, fashion/beauty/hair, painting (acrylics), and video games.

My pride and joy is my 1989 Toyota Supra. My boyfriend, whom I live with, has the matching car from the year ‘88. We take both cars to the Supra meet-up every year.

I frequent a bar downtown that is known as the “nerd bar”; this is due to the fact that it has a wall full of comic books, video games consoles and couches, and Sci-Fi artwork scattered all over the walls. Pretty hip imo. I am friends with the owner and all the bartenders as well. =^.^=

I would love to hear from someone who may be interested in a long-term letter and package relationship.

Remember - I rarely check my Tumblr account, so please contact me via email! <3 xo

I do wonder how Adam was before.

Blake clearly has a lot of conflicting feelings about it. She despises the direction he went in, yet still is nostalgic enough to draw him(and the rose from beauty and the beast) in her school notebooks. The relationship clearly was not abusive before she left for her to actually hold onto nostalgia like that, so obviously Adam at least started as someone with whom Blake could sympathize with.

It feels as if some sort of event convinced Adam that humans will never accept them. And thus he views Blake running away as betrayal of who they are, who she was. He clearly feels personally betrayed by blake.

What could have happened to make him have this worldview? Did someone(Schnee Dust Company? We do know they do some less than legal experiments) go all Dr.Mengele on him or someone he knows? I certainly doubt he started that way.

anonymous asked:

I just realize something that Willow X Walani femlash reminds me of the famous Harley Quinn/Catwoman femlash Imagine Catwoman!Willow and Harley Quinn!Walani on their girl night aka romantic date talking about their lives and betting on each other about their boys on a hot who-will-attack-whom debate while Joker!WX-78 and BatWilson were not amused about the girls' relationship one who is afraid of losing his "puddin"while the other is disturbed by his sorta girlfriend's relationship with her

as i said, i haven’t seen any batman movies so i would probably fuck up the characters and stuff. i LOVE the idea but i would never know how to draw the thing without getting bored because i can’t relate to the character as much.

still an awesome idea and i would love it if anyone else would do it.

The first of 2016, finally. Some people has encouraged me to do some photo studies and I was quite enjoyable. I had I stock photo of Rose Leslie whom I admire a lot. It took a long time to finish this one just because I paused for a long time just at the end. It is possible to keep drawing more and more details but I think I stopped at the good moment; sometimes it is not even necessary to go even further. It still lack some similarities but I am satisfied enough.

So here is the reference picture: 

anonymous asked:

Multiples of 3?

3. do you still talk to the first person you kissed?

No. Haven’t in years. I’m kinda sad about it, but I feel like he and I are probably better off.

6. what’s your favourite cartoon now?

Too many! I love shows like Steven Universe, but I’d probably have to say Futurama is still my favorite.

9. what does the last text you sent say?

I’d actually rather not share drunk texts from my mother lol.

12. what is your aesthetic?

Flannel every day, smol skateboard, always half-awake, crude drawings… Idk. People should tell me what they think my aesthetic is.

15. have you ever been on a road trip?

Multiple times.

18. do you have a favourite aunt?

None who are blood-related to me. My favorite aunt is my mum’s best friend, whom I’ve referred to as my aunt for my entire life. She’s currently dying of cancer.

21. do you kill spiders?


24. tell me about you favourite primary school/elementary school teacher

Definitely my kindergarten teacher. My family spent a lot of time with hers; she was my mum’s coworker, her daughter was in a dance troupe with my mum, and her husband still works on a lot of projects with my dad. You could say I’m pretty close with her whole family. She lives out in the woods with her husband in a yert and is now retired, though she still is a part-time masseuse. I learned a lot of compassion from her.

27. do you have a cat?

Back with my family, yes. Three cats.

30. do you still use facebook?

Yes, though I keep it very limited only to people I actually like and want to talk to.

33. who was the last person that called you cute?

I can’t remember.

36. are you named after anyone, who?

Not that I know of.

39. do you win at scrabble?

On occasion. I used to play it with my family, but they always complained when I’d play words that they didn’t know. Basically, “I’ve never heard of that word, therefore you can’t play it,” or some bullshit about cheating. Like, sorry I have a half-decent vocabulary… I stick to Words With Friends these days.

42. can you draw?

I’d like to think so. I’m a studio art major.

45. best tumblr friend?

I’ve got a lot of friends on Tumblr. Probably @earl-greyer though~

48. did you ever do something as a kid that got you into loads of trouble?

Practically anything and everything. Didn’t have a happy childhood.

51. have you ever done something you regret while drunk?

Just getting drunk while alone. Never a good idea.

54. do you often ride the bus?


57. do you cry when you’re angry?

Not typically.

60. do you go to bed early or late?

It depends.

63. have you ever had an operation?

Not that I can remember.

66. have you ever been in a musical?

I have. It was terrible.

69. what do you order at mcdonalds?

Nothing. Fuck McDonald’s.

72. do you take naps?

No… I always feel disoriented afterward.

75. does it ever snow where you live?

It just did this morning!

78. what is your favourite disney channel movie?

I honestly never liked Disney Channel that much.

81. do you have homework to do?


84. do you own dungarees?

I don’t know what those are.

87. how old are you?


90. have you ever had blonde hair?


93. who did you last talk to on the phone?


96. what is you’re favourite blog?

Lol mine.

99. have you ever had a hickey?

Yes, I have.

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I love writing.

I’ve seen my cousin, whom I’ve spent copious amounts of time with, use up numerous sheets of paper with picturesque drawings on every single one of them. Even if they were only sketches. That’s what she can do. I have tried to do it myself, but I could only end up with scribbles of what can be deduced as a stick figure. Or the figure of the Powerpuff Girls.

I still have not given up on that (and yet I still draw trees with a close parenthesis, open parenthesis, and half a cloud above the previous), but I have found myself more at home with being able to form letters with a pencil. More so when these letters form the puzzle pieces of my ideas, into an entire jigsaw of what’s on my mind.

So instead of a portfolio of my drawings, much like what my cousin had when we were little - I still had one of my own, of course just not as spectacular and the binder was chock-full of stickers - I used an entire notebook to replicate a magazine that was given out to us in kindergarten. There were still images, sure, but I have filled it with pretend interviews, made-up songs, and ill-conceived articles. It was still a magazine, however.

Then I started writing short stories on my mom’s organizer, or on the same scratch papers my cousin drew on, and then a few years later wrote on a journal when I saw my cousin keep one of her own for one of her sixth grade subjects.

(I am now starting to realize that I have been constantly repeating what my cousin was doing in an effort to keep up and discover talents of my own. I guess I owe it to her. Thanks, Ate Chelsea.)

I’ve gotten very much carried away with how I had started to use writing as a means to really pipe out what’s in my head, but I have now just realized that it was a narration of a beginning. Of how something came to be.

I’m nineteen now, very much far from those one-digit ages and I have had plenty of life experiences shape me. So I think that most of what I’m gonna write is much more well-versed and well thought of, and even more relevant to someone else.

Technically, I’ve been keeping a blog on Blogger since fifth grade, mostly to keep track of every possible detail I could recall in my daily life. Recently however I have lost the drive to continue writing on it. I’ve only posted like once every five months, which isn’t really how long each post of a blog should be apart from one another.

I’ve also kept a bunch of journals at home, because nothing still beats pen and paper. But those are mostly for myself, just to sort out my thoughts for my own reading.

I made a new blog on Tumblr in the hopes that I can start fresh, in that I can completely dedicate myself to it, try to exhaust as much thoughts from myself as often as I can. To let the world know that I exist, and I think things, and I feel things, and anticipate someone out there listening and understanding the humanistic capacities a girl like me has.

(It’s also a way for me to get my messages across by talking less. I’ve already mentioned myself getting carried away with such a lengthy history. I’ll try not to do that next time.)

So this is a beginning, and a promise to myself, that I will never stop writing. I’ll make a mark on the world with my words. And this is the way to go.