Baltimore police lieutenant has resigned after calling Black Lives Matter activists “thugs.”

A lieutenant in the Baltimore Police Department, an agency that has landed in national headlines in recent years following riots over the death of Freddie Gray in police custody and a subsequent, scathing Department of Justice report on the police department’s record on race and civil rights, has resigned after being implicated in a racist email.

In the email exchange between Lt. Victor Gearhart and Fraternal Order of Police members, Gearhart repeatedly called nonviolent Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrating outside an FOP convention “thugs,” local television station WJZ reported Monday evening.

Gearhart has been in trouble with the police department before over similar statements he made on a personal Twitter account. Read more

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anonymous asked:

Is it just me or did they run Fairly odd parents into the ground. I mean it used to be my favourite show but they watered down all the three dimensional characters and took away all the intelligence and actual plot line only to leave this really bad crack version of the show.

yeah :/

it’s a case of a show running for far too long. like spongebob. FOP has 161 episodes and 10 seasons right now and spongebob has 204 episodes and 9 seasons right now. if you’re just making a cartoon have an episodic jokes formula, you can only go thru so many scenarios before recycling ideas or coming up with really bizarre and awful ideas. 

steven universe has recently hit the 100 episode mark and yet the love for it has only gotten stronger. that’s because SU doesn’t follow the episodic jokey formula. it actually has a plot with foreshadowing, suspense, mystery, and series continuity with the occasional fun slice of life episodes that don’t relate to the big plot. and even those smaller episodes still manage to convey very important lessons like taking a break, when to say no, heck even the Frybo episode has a very deep conversation between Steven and Peedee

the biggest flaw in a cartoon in my eyes is a lack of continuity. if you can’t keep your show consistent, it’s doomed to decay. i remember a time when FOP was about giving fairies to depressed kids to make their lives a little better and teach Timmy a lesson about something. i haven’t watched any of the newer eps but from what i can tell, they just keep adding main characters to try to switch things up. first Poof, then Sparky, (as well as their Anti versions), and now Chole. and they’re not following Da Rules about it either. sparky showed off a photo album of his past owners and they were all adults despite Da Rule that adults must never know about fairies. and with this addition of Chloe, Timmy has to share his fairy godparents (all 4 of them) with another kid who seems absolutely perfect and happy and NOT in need of fairies at all. u can watch an episode review here about it.

Man for this Nickelodeon thing, I REALLY wanna dig up those things they did between shows where they were basically AMVs. I remember Danny Phantom’s was set to Kryptonite and FOP’s was set to “I Feel So” by box car racer.

I can find almost no evidence of their existence though, it’s so weird. Where are my canon nicktoon amvs.



This is one from the early days of Fairly OddParents, a slightly younger member of the Nicktoons family (but one of the longest-lasting). There’s no dialogue, just music and sound effects. Cosmo and Wanda come across a sad, grey heart, and light it up Nickelodeon orange with some fairy power. It summed up the characters pretty nicely in a few seconds: whimsical, in love, and goofy enough to get slimed by the logo.

The music is very retro FOP, bringing back memories of episodes all the way back in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons days. It’s interesting seeing how the designs have changed slightly since these days.

Stay tuned as we go through some of Nick’s best bumpers to celebrate Nick Animation’s 25th birthday.