*food (god dammit)

Things You Hear at Club

•Everything you’re doing is wrong

•fuck you (insert person everyone hates)

•is that my weapon?

•anyone have a roller?

•did you see whose that was?

•waaaaaiiitttt I forgot to put on my arm guard!

•who forgot to re-fill the water cooler?!?

•down on your legs!

•what’s the call?

•do you know what the score is?….. No…

•whose touch was that? ….idk….

•why is everyone leaving early!?!

•*drops reel cord and everyone gives you that look*

•will someone turn that sound off!!

•we’ve got a missing screw everyone search!

•seriously! That’s gonna leave a bruise!


•Ew I hate blue gauntlet


•hold on I need to tape my weapon, anyone have tip tape?!?

•I swear I live here, I keep leaving everything here

•knock it off! Coach is coming over!

•"hey are you going to the tournament?“
“What tournament”

•I need a pommel wrench!!! Who has a pommel wrench?!?

•*stops fencing mid bout* “hold on I gotta switch out my body cord!

•dude clean your tip!

•start fencing, I already said fence!

•anyone have prewrap!

•no you can’t switch weapons for fun!

•no you’re weapons not broken, you just can’t hit

•fix the bend on your blade!

•was that my touch or yours?

•"what do you want to go to?”
“That’s not a number”
“Let’s do it!”

•hey can you drive me to the tournament tomorrow?

•dude my mask isn’t even on yet!


•Waaaaaaiiiiittttt let me get my shoes on!


•eewwwwwww my stuffs all sweaty still!!!

•Omg I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you down there!

• “was that 5 yet?” “……yea….?…”

•*crashes into friend while trying to do a cross-step at a horrible moment* s-sorry

•fencer: “should I wash my stuff”

everyone: “GOD YES!!”

•we need ice over here! Someone get ice!

•stop eating food and fence me god dammit!

•did you just fence with your phone in your pocket?“ ”…..no…..“

• Coach: “so what did you need help with?”

me: “everything!”

•wanna hook up😉


Colombian Meals Taste Test

“This chorizo smells incredible”

Buñuelo: “A pokeball that was discovered by Indiana Jones”

repeat after me: i do not need to be in a relationship to be “complete” or “satisfied in life" 

 i do not need to be in a relationship to be "complete” or “satisfied in life” 

 i do not need to be in a relationship to be “complete” or “satisfied in life" 

Requested by kellyandmaxwell, “a zankie truth or dare where someone dares Frankie to kiss someone and Zach gets really jealous and shows Frankie who he belongs to”.

A/N: The prompt definitely implies that Zach dominates Frankie to sort of remind him that they have something special, but instead I decided to make Zach super jealous and sensitive about it. Because honestly, I don’t see Zach being pushy and aggressive. Just my opinion.

Note: this is a story from my own mind, it doesn’t necessarily follow the show cannonly, at least not 100%. For this story, I’ve chosen to leave the house with only eight houseguests: Frankie, Zach, Jocasta, Devin, Cody, Nicole, Christine and Brittany. This isn’t to say that there are the 8 people I’d like to make the final eight, it’s just who I’ve selected for my story. 

“Truth or Dare!!”,

Jocasta shouted, in response to Cody asking what everyone should do for the night. Her noise seemed to have rattled every object in the house.

The show’s staff were working in the backyard to set up for the upcoming veto competition, so the houseguests needed a way to pass the time. All the remaining houseguests were gathered at the kitchen table. It was still early in the evening, but there was a mutual feeling of exhaustion throughout the house from endless strategizing and worrying. All seemed to agree that the house needed just one night off from talking, worrying or even thinking about the game. Jocasta’s eagerness to play Truth or Dare excited the rest of the houseguests, so everybody agreed. 

“Alright then”, Cody started. “Why don’t you start things off then since you’re so excited about it?” He smirked mischievously at the minister. In return, she raised an eyebrow (which looked to be her natural, effortless expression any other time of the day. But in this moment, it was slightly more noticeable).

“Truth or Dare?”, Cody asked Jocasta. She pondered for a minute, staring up at the ceiling. Only seconds later she shifted her attention back to Cody.

“Truth”, she answered.

Frankie butted in, “Okay, let’s make a solid rule. Everybody has to be completely, 100% honest with their answers if they choose truth. But no asking questions about the game.” The others all seemed content with Frankie’s demand, all scattered around the table nodding. 

“Are you really a priest?”, Cody asked her.

“Nah, but I am a minister”, she answered, correcting his slight mistake. Her eyes danced around the dining room looking for her next victim.

“Christine, truth or dare?”

Christine’s cheeks became a tag rosier. “Oh boy”, she muttered. “Umm…. dare!”

Jocasta thought for a second about what she’d have Christine do. Doing so, she maintained a devious look in her eyes. She smiled, “I dare you to eat one of the peppers from the storage room.”

This was only daring because, nights ago, Christine was conversing with a handful of the other houseguests about dining preferences, where she revealed that she detests spicy foods.

“God dammit”, she said in response. As the words fell off her tongue, she remembered she was in the company of an ordained minister. “Err.. sorry. Alright.” She head off to the storage room to retrieve a hot pepper to complete her dare.

Laughs were exchanged throughout the dining room, but Christine was far from amused. 

“Alright, Frankie. Truth or dare?”, Christine asked.

“Definitely dare”, Frankie answered, trying to seem courageous. With his theater background, he’d grown to be daring by nature. This, then, was hardly even a question.

“I dare you to kiss Devin." 

Devin’s face heated up, blushes spread across his cheeks. "Wh-what?” he managed to get out. Devin didn’t want to keep Frankie from doing the dare. After all, if he didn’t allow Frankie to do it, it would just upset people (and the majority of the house already disliked Devin, and he knew this).

“Alright!” Frankie said nonchalantly, as he was decently attracted to Devin. Physically, anyway. 

Nicole, Brittany, Cody, Jocasta and Christine all watched with eyes wide in anticipation. Zach, however, stared blankly into the living room. He rested his head in his hand, facing himself the other way. Clearly he was unamused.

Without hesitation, Frankie kissed Devin on the cheek and the houseguests cheered. Devin’s big smile spread across his face.

“Ten points!”, Nicole shouted with her charming accent.

After the uproar had died down, the group continued the game with a couple more rounds. Dares piled on and on, as the houseguests got more courageous. Among these dares was another dare for Frankie to kiss, not Devin, but Cody. After this one, Zach decided to head on to bed. He didn’t want to be a part of the game any longer.

Later that night, around 1 am, Frankie shuffled into the fire-room where Zach was lying “asleep”. Frankie had come to recognize the way Zach’s breathing would deepen when he was asleep, the breaths he passed in and out would be longer. Knowing this, Frankie was aware that Zach was still awake when he’d come into the room. He cuddled up next to Zach on the bed.

“You’re awake?”, he asked, already aware of the answer.

Usually when this physically close to Frankie, Zach would wrap an arm around him and pull him in even closer. He didn’t this time.

“Yes, I’m awake”, he said plainly. A silence took the room for a few moments.

“…Are you okay?”

“I will be”, Zach answered with a deep sigh.

Frankie nuzzled his head into the space above Zach’s shoulder, planting his lips on Zach’s neck. This was nothing out of the ordinary for the boys, even though nothing was ever really official. It was all just platonic affection.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Frankie had gone so long without calling Zach “babe”, due to complications in their relationship they’d had over the last couple of weeks.

Zach sat up, forcing Frankie to reposition.

“I’m pissed that they made you kiss them.”

Luckily the room was filled with an abysmal darkness, otherwise Frankie would see the bitter expression that Zach wore on his face.

“You mean Devin and Cody? Yeah, that’s kind of how Truth or Dare goes. People tell you to do stuff that’ll get a reaction out of the other players. Should I not have done it?”

Not a second passed before Zach answered.

“Hell no, you should have changed your mind and picked ‘truth’ or something. Why would you want to kiss them?” There was a blatant frustration in his voice that ravaged the previously calm discussion. 

“Wha- I never said I wanted to kiss either of them. I just went a long with it. We were playing a game, Zach.” Frankie sounded irritated, fed up with the ridiculousness that was going on. In his mind, this discussion shouldn’t even have been taking place.

“Well you looked pretty fuckin’ happy there.”

Frankie stood up, feeling the need to pace around the room as best as he could (which wasn’t very much, due to the complete blackness and the caution over the scattered belongings on the floor). But he needed to pace; it was a relief for him.

“I wasn’t happy to be kissing boys, I was happy to be playing a game for a change instead of fighting to stay in this house. Why the hell do you have to make it so serious!”

Zach didn’t answer. He laid back down and covered himself with the blanket, turning over to face his back at Frankie. Without any visibility, Frankie was still aware of his action.

Frankie roared, “I’m talking to you. Why do you even care so much?” His voice went up a little in loudness and he took a spot on the bed again, demanding his attention from Zach. 

Zach flipped around on the bed, turning to face his ally again. Though he was worrying that they might fail to allies past this night.

“I care because I thought you liked me”, he shouted. The two boys became aware of just how loud they were being. 

Brittany opened the door. “Is everything okay?”, she asked them. The light from the hallway broke through into the bedroom, reflecting off of Zach and Frankie’s faces. It was in this moment that Frankie had seen genuine, raw emotion in Zach’s eyes, accompanied by tears that he was holding back. 

“Yeah, we’re good”, Frankie responded. 

“We just need to talk privately about something, but we’re alright”, Zach added.

“Okay”, she said before leaving the room again. The boys could faintly hear her moving back towards the kitchen saying “Yeah, they said they’re alright”. 

Frankie moved off the bed and towards the door to hit the lightswitch. When the room was illuminated, Zach buried his face into the bedding.

“No. No, we’re not”, Frankie said to him, returning to the bed to comfort Zach. He wrapped his arms around him.

“What?”, Zach asked.

“You said we’re alright, but we aren’t, are we?” Frankie spoke, with his lips planted on the crown of Zach’s head. “There’s some sort of problem here.”

“I told you, I thought you liked me. But it seems like I can never be sure anymore.”

They let the room grow quiet for a few minutes, to air out any lingering tension from before. Also, they needed to clear their heads and collect their words for this. 

Frankie was the first to speak - “why does it matter? And what does me playing Truth or Dare have to do with me liking you at all?”

Zach sat up again, wrapping one arm around Frankie. He knew it was time to come clean about some stuff. And it surely wasn’t going to be easy.

“We’ve hit a couple bumps in the road lately, you and I. I’ve been worrying about us for a while, and tonight just seemed like the breaking moment.” Zach breathed out a deep sigh, and fought off some more tears- successfully, this time. 

He continued, “It matters to me because, well, I like you. And my happiness here isn’t dependent on whether or not I get evicted. That changed for me the first week of this game. My happiness now all falls onto how you feel about me.”

Zach let the words all fall out, dramatically, and inched away from Frankie. He now sat at the opposite edge of the bed, but it felt like they were a mile apart. Zach wanted the distance though, to keep from making it seem like he was hovering over Frankie, or clouding him.

But the fact of the matter was, Zach was clouding him. At least, clouding him in his thoughts. Frankie had struggled for weeks, trying to fight off the distraction. But it was inevitable, he couldn’t defeat his feelings for Zach. He reassured him off this, “I like you too”, he told him. It didn’t seem to be enough. They’d undergone too much damage in the weeks prior to simply brush off in a matter of a few words. Merely hugging this one out wouldn’t repair the cracks in their relationship.

Frankie moved closer to Zach on the bed, crawling to him until his cheeks were planted on Zach’s face. He slowly pulled away from a kiss planted on the cheek and said “I love you”. 

The boys laid down, their bodies intertwined.

“I love you so much Frankie. I’ve said it before but I’ll never feel like you get it. Not enough, anyway.”

Frankie inched closer, again, going in for a second kiss. This time, though, his lips homed in on Zach’s own. The boys got what they’ve been longing for, and also fearing for, all Summer; their lips locked together in an undeniably passionate gesture. 

“You’re my favorite distraction in this game”, Frankie said. The two of them chuckled at the remark, and managed to huddle even closer together.

For what felt like countless hours, the two boys laid connected on the bed discussing any issues that they had previously had. They cleared up any misconceptions and smoothed out any remaining bumps in their relationship.

At around 2:30 am, Zach had begun to fall asleep. Frankie said goodnight to him, bringing him back to consciousness a little bit.

“I love you Zach, so much.”

In a deep, exhausted voice, tired from all the berserking emotions that had been exchanged between them, Zach replied “I love you too Frankie”

He potted his lips at the very top of Frankie’s head, their favorite spot.

“to the moon and back.”

The two boys let themselves fall asleep wrapped together, savoring the moments while they still had them.