Foo Fighters - February Stars

Se tutti gli enigmi sono risolti, le stelle si spengono. Se tutto il segreto è restituito al visibile, e più che al visibile, all'evidenza oscena, se ogni illusione è restituita alla trasparenza, allora il cielo diventa indifferente alla terra.

Jean Baudrillard


Last night I babysat my neighbor’s dog.

With the rain all day none of our dogs got to the park or spent much time outside in our yards. When the neighbor had an event to go to I watched her dog which had been inside much of the day.

After she picked up her dog at the end of the evening she gave my dogs some rawhide chews.

Hello! Bob did the babysitting, not Ella, Oliver, or Carson. Bob let the dogs in and out the back door. Bob made sure there was plenty of life-nourishing water in a bowl. Bob made sure her Puggle didn’t have access to food. Bob let her dog sleep on the couch while he read a book.

Did anyone stop to think what Bob would have liked? Perhaps a bottle of wine. Maybe a six-pack of foo foo beer. A Target gift card doesn’t show much imagination but in a pinch it will do. Just sayin’.

This morning Oliver stole Ella’s rawhide. He chewed on one while gloating that he had hers. Eventually she snatched it back when Oliver was bored.

Don’t feel sorry for Carson. He hid his rawhide somewhere and had been trying to sneak away with the other ones. He’s the smallest of the three dogs so he doesn’t get pushy trying to hog the chews. I’ll probably find his hidden in my closet.


David Bowie celebrated his 50th Birthday in style at Madison Square Garden on January 7, 1997, performing songs from his extensive catalog. Artists like Frank Black of the Pixies, the Foo Fighters, The Cure’s Robert Smith, The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan and members of Sonic Youth all turned out to pay tribute to Bowie and perform with their hero. Friend and longtime accomplice Lou Reed even teamed up with Bowie for a pair of Velvet Underground songs to close out this memorable and charitable night. Proceeds from this sold out concert went to befit Save the Children. (John D. Luerssen)

Photo’s ©  Ron Frehm, Kevin Mazur,  Bruce Gilbert, George Kalinsky

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then ask this question to the last ten people in your notifications. Hope you have a great day filled with things that make you happy :)  

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  1. I know this is such a clichéd answer, but having a day off to just…do nothing all day except lounge around in my PJs, binge-watch a really good TV show, and stuff my face with junk food. It’s just…the best.
  2. My family makes me happy…specifically my nephew! Man, I can hang out with that kid all day. He’s so smart and funny and…I just love ‘im! He keeps me young! lol (honorable mention: my cats, because they’re family, too! lol)
  3. Blasting some good music in the car while driving, and singing on the top of my lungs like a foo’!
  4. When people message me about fics I’ve written to gush about them (shout out to @ivegotitbad for making my night tonight! You da best! <3)
  5. This may sound cheesy…but just being nice to people makes me happy. My job is super stressful a lot of the time, but I always keep a smile on my face, and I love when people leave happy, and I love knowing I made someone’s day/night a little bit better! 

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I got the honor to participate in @jojofanzine (which is an awesome project btw thanks for having me!) a while back so I drew as many best girls as possible from Jojo which is hard bc all the girls are best girls.