I received a request from @hanahikari​ asking me if I would vector the Port Mafia logo that appears in episode twenty-one, and I did so!

The image I traced is here, and you can download the .ai file here!

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a somewhat preemptive Art Summary™️ of 2016 which i am very excited to present!! its hard to believe ive only been doing digital for roughly a year and a quarter for how much i rely on it. 

I guess if i have to say something, its that its a bit discouraging how my anatomy has only barely improved in a year…but my painting/shading technique has come leaps!!

The Fire Workshop

Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Genesis/Aeris
Prompt: ‘This is without doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. I’m in.’
Issued by @comebackwhen! <3
Summary:  Along with his First Class duties, Genesis is a fire performer who plays with fire staffs and swords. Aeris wanders up to the Plate to get away from her troubles, and meets him.

Read Part 1 on AO3!
(Banner is a detail from this.)



A font pack by @ingthing​!

Never hand-draw your own “objection” bubbles again! Inspired by that one lawyer game.

Free for non-commercial use. 

Do not redistribute/repost!

A pack of 68 high-resolution PNG letters and punctuation marks PLUS a bonus Kura’inese SATORHA! and a big, blank speech bubble to fill!

I also plan on introducing a Telegram sticker set (free for use, of course)

If you use this font in your work, it would be nice if you sent me a nice message! It took me a long time to make this, and I’d love to expand it but I like to be encouraged!