1. a detailed plan for a journey, especially a list of places to visit; plan of travel.

2. a line of travel; route.

3. an account of a journey; record of travel.

4. a book describing a route or routes of travel with information helpful to travellers; guidebook for travellers.


5. of or pertaining to travel or travel routes.

6. itinerant; pertaining to a person who alternates between working and wandering.

Etymology: fom Late Latin itinerarius, “pertaining to a journey”, neuter itinerarium, “an account of a journey, a road-book”, from iter, “a way, journey”.

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One of 20th Century America’s greatest literary voices, James Baldwin and his work are garnering renewed interest, thanks in part to the Oscar®-nominated documentary, I Am Not Your Negro, which should be opening at a cinema near you soon (if it hasn’t already). The trailer is below a companion volume for the film is now available fom Vintage Books, home to much of the author’s backlist, including Go Tell It on the Mountain, Tell Me How Long the Train’s Been Gone, and The Fire Next Time. Baldwin’s literary work has also been issued by the prestigious Library of America in three essential volumes.


ARCHIE ANDREWS: He would normally wake up, your face nuzzled in his neck.
He would move away so he could see your face, brushing the hair away from your eyes. A small smile fell on his face, as you scrunched up your nose, scooting closer ti him. “Wake up, Angel” he cooed, running his fingers through her hair. You smiled slightly as he played with your hair, nearly putting you back to sleep.
“Morning, cute” you mumbled, kissing him on the cheek. He smiled at you, kissing you gently on the lips

JUGHEAD JONES: Jughead woke up to you shifting in his arms. You nuzzled your face into his chest, a smile falling to your face.
He noticed the bright light pouring into your room, and realized it was time for both of you get up.
“Y/N” he cooed, running his fingers up and down your spine. It was comforting gesture but you groaned lowly, wrapping your arms tighter around him. “I know you want to sleep, babe, but we need to get up”
You groaned again, before looking up at him. “Good morning beautiful” he smirked
“Good morning Jug” you smilex kissing him gently.

REGGIE MANTLE: Reggie was rarely awake before you, but on certain occasions, he would be first up. He would run his hands up and down your bare arms, sending a shiver down your spine.
“Good morning, baby girl” he said in raspy morning voice. You signed, kissing him rigjt on the lips.
“Morning love” you mumbled, nuzzling your face in his neck. He chuckled lowly, wrapping his arms around you and kissing the top of yourself head.

JASON BLOSSOM: Jason woke up to the sound of your parents down in the kitchen. Groaning lowly, he grabbed your waist rolling over and pinning you beneath him. You instantly wake up laughing to yourself as he grumbled something against your shoulder.
“Jason” you laughed, running your hands through his red hair “Babe” you whined.
He chuckled lowly, running his hands up your sides. You squirmed fom underneath him as he tickled you, gasping for air you began laughing. “Jason! Stop! Please!” you squiled. He laughed again, kissing you before rolling off of you.
“Morning Y/N”

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Why must you hurt us in the most beautiful way possible? Will the lost!Lance Au end with fluff or is it just pure angst?

There’s gonna be HELLLA good times…. especially when Lance starts falling in love with mr eyepatch again :)

It’s not PURE angst but i won’t lie there’s a lot. There’s this like overhanging feeling of loss over the whole au but theres a lot of good inbetween i think.

the alien family (Rueq and Ofella) are a good example of this.also the fact that They found Matt and Sam. Keith and Hunk are very close, Earth has a connection to the ship so going back is easier now. allura and shiro are married! and have a baby. the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is starting to find peace and learn how to rebuild and recooperate fom the galra reign… a lot of good.

Lance finds a solace in going around and helping people (until Keith finds him) Keith probably has it the worse… even though Lance is the one who was affected. Things get better for him though, and Lance is unchanged even after these years and the situation. It’s good guys it’s all good in the end don’t worry too much

Tumblr Tips For Clear Skin

Lemon is a great way to remove dead cells and reduce dark spots! All you need to do is squeeze the juice out of half a lemon and mix one to two tablespoons of honey with it. Apply it to face, leave for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off.

Turmeric is a fantastic way to minimize scars and other facial marks along with alleviating allergic, inflammatory skin. To reduce spots, make a paste with one tablespoon of turmeric powder and just enough pineapple juice. Apply to face and neck,leave until paste dries completely. Rinse with lukewarm water and follow this method two/three times a week. To remove scars, mix equal amounts of turmeric powder and gram flour with a little gram flour or milk. Apply evenly on skin until dry. Rinse with lukewarm water and wash off gently in a circular motion.

Honey, this keeps your skin very moisturized and keeps your skin clear of infection! Use raw honey directly on the skin. Let it dry and rinse off with lukewarm water. Do this once every day or every other day.

Aloe Vera has multiple benefits to your skin from fighting off acne-causing bacteria to soothing inflammatory skin. Also, it is a fantastic moisturizer! To apply, extract gel from the aloe vera leaf, apply gel to face with a cotton ball and let it dry for a half hour. Follow daily!

Baking Soda, the home-remedy royalty is a go-to for clearing up acne, pimples, and spots. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of water or lemon juice to make a paste. Cleanse your face and apply gently to exfoliate your face. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry with a towel. Do this about two to three times a week.

Cucumber -Yes, those movies that use cucumber facials are no joke! Cucumber can improve the overall appearance of the skin because it not only hydrates normal and damaged skin cells, but it also removes dead skin cells. Just cut thick slices of cucumber and rub them thoroughly all over your face. Leave the coverage on overnight and rinse in the morning with warm water. Follow this daily before you go to bed.

Our product, works at it’s best when you have healthy, clear skin!

Have a skin-clear day! ~ FoM

Great lay~Kai Parker~

Prompt:Kai is the bad guy but he is very attractive, you can’t help but be turned on by him.

Pairing:Kai x Reader

Warning:Smut, Visuals,

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The Young Queen’s Diaries Masterpost

I hadn’t done one of these, and considering the story is almost reaching its mid-point, it was a must. I’m including all the side stories and the posts from the Zelink Week Master Quest! 

This is the story so far:

I - II - III - IV - Side Story: Pillow Talk - VSide Story: A Place Like Home - VI -Side Story: Celebrations and Midnight Walks - Drabble: And Her Eyes Were Wild - VII - VIII - Side Story: From One Zelda to Another - IX - X - Side Story: A Public Statement… - Halloween Special - XI - XII - XIII - XIV - Side Story: His Eyes - XV - Side Story: Fortune-teller - XVI - Side Story: Scenes fom a Visit - XVII - XVIII - Side Story: A Love Letter - XIX - Side Story: Scenes from Snowpeak - Side Story: Pillow Talk II - Side Story: She-Wolf - XX - Side Story: Heaven 

Zelink Week Master Quest (These are mostly Link’s point of view):

Light - Forest - Fire - Water - Shadow - Spirit - Time

Geez, that’s a lot of writing. And the second third of the story just begun!

Again, thanks for your constant support! 

✒ Grave: The First Stage Of Al-Ākhirah

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : إن القبر أول منازل الآخرة ، فإن نجا منه فما بعده أيسر منه ، وإن لم ينج منه فما بعده أشد منه

The Messenger of Allāh Ṣallallāhu-‘Alaihi Wa Sallam said: “Verily, grave is the first of the stages of Afterlife, so if one is saved fom it (i.e its punishment) then nothing after that is easier than it, and if one is not saved from it then nothing after that is harder than it.”

● [مختصر صحيح الجامع الصغير ١٦٨٤ ، حسنه الألباني

Mukhtaṣar Ṣaḥīḥ al-Jāmi’ aṣ-Ṣagheer no. 1684, [declared ‘Ḥasan’ by al-Albānī

Missing Parts - 19.

Part 20
Missing Parts Masterlist

Originally posted by hogwartsfansite

So many emotions swirled inside you it would’ve been impossible to count or sort all of them as you left the Grimmauld Place. Everybody threw suspicious looks at you in the corner of their eyes while you were headed to King’s Cross, no wonder why; probably the whole house heard your argument with Harry last night. Knowing Tonks the only one who won’t ask unnecessary questions, you stayed close to her, keeping a safe distance from the others. Watching your father as he chased pigeons and cats on his animagus form and talking with Tonks – whose personality always cheered you up -, you didn’t feel yourself so miserable by the time you arrived to the Platform 9 ¾.

“Shall we go and find an empty compartment?” – Harry asked once you were all on the Hogwarts Express.

“We have to go to the prefect carriage.” – Hermione answered awkwardly before she walked away with Ron. Completely forgetting they have to be there, now you regretted you didn’t go with the twins, but at least Ginny was with you too. After what happened yesterday, you wasn’t sure it’d be a good idea to stay with Harry in private.

Even though you shared a cabin with Ginny, Neville, and Luna Lovegood, you still felt yourself uncomfortable. Staring at the door and thinking about you should get up and leave, a dreamy voice woke you up.

“And you’re Y/N Black, the singer’s daughter, aren’t you?” – Luna asked happily, causing you and Harry to taken aback whilst Ginny giggled into her hand. Seeing your dismay, the blond girl continued. – “We know the truth, me and my dad. That Sirius Black isn’t a murderer, but the lead singer of The Hobgoblins.”

“I don’t even know what to say.” – you answered honestly, eyes widened and eyebrows raised.

She leaned closer to you with a Quibbler in her hand. – “Here. My dad wrote about him.”

When you reached the end of the article – in which several people stated that your father is indeed the lead singer of a wizarding rock band -, firstly you stared at the page with dropped jaw, but then you burst out laughing. – “You know what, Luna? This is amazing. From now on I’m not willing to read anything else, only The Quibbler.

“Thank you.” – she smiled at you kindly but proudly at the same time.

The hilarious writings lightened you quickly – an hour passed and you were still reading, now in a much better mood. But it didn’t last forever; you just joined to the conversation with Ginny and Luna when Cho appeared in your compartment. Trying to ignore her, and the clutching sensation in your chest, you opened the magazine again which was still in your lap, staring blankly at the pages.

“How was your summer, Harry?” – she asked, standing at the door.

“It was fine.” – he said rather indifferently. – “How was yours?”

While Cho tried to make a normal conversation, Harry only gave her short answers, and sometimes haven’t even asked her back. Being almost completely sure it’s because he lost his interest in her, you felt relieved. She soon left your cabin, probably realizing it’s impossible to talk with him. Just a few moments has passed when the Trolley Witch came, so you went outside to buy some sweets, Harry behind you. Before you could go back, he placed a hand on your arm. “Can we talk now?”

After a quick nod, you threw a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans on your seat and closed the door of the compartment, standing in front of him at the corridor. He looked nervous, but still, his voice was strong when he started to speak. “I was thinking about what you said, and… you were right. It’s the best if we stay away from each other for a while.”

It was your idea, you knew it; but you had to concentrate really hard to not show your surprise, and biting your lower lip to hide it was trembling. You were not prepared for this at all.

“This is what you want?” – you muttered under your breath.

“No. Of course not.” – he started, taking a step forward while you looked through the window, avoiding his eyes. “Y/N, I want to be with you, but I hurt you, and this is something that I definitely don’t want anymore again.”

Turning you gaze back at him, you were staring into his eyes, speechless for a few seconds. “Can’t we just, I don’t know, talk about things? I’m sure there’s another way.”

He reached out and tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear, while smiled down at you almost painfully. “Not now.”

Forgetting every single reason why you were angry at him, you slowly wrapped your arms around his torso and rested your head against his chest, mumbling in a nearly desperate voice. – “I don’t want to stay away from you.”

He sighed, running his fingers through your hair once before he stopped his palms on your back, just for a moment before gently pushed you away. “Me neither. But I simply can’t promise I won’t hurt your feelings again.”

Feeling as tears filled your eyes, you took a deep, shaky breath. For a long minute, both of you fell silence; Harry didn’t take his eyes off you, waiting for your response, but you were looking through the window again.

“Just for a little while.” – he whispered after you glanced back at him.

You couldn’t think any reasonable thing to convience him, other than that you’re in love with him and don’t want to leave him alone when he’s clearly not okay, so with closed eyes, you nodded grudgingly. He exhaled deeply and pressed a kiss on your forehead before he went back to the cabin, but you didn’t follow him. It made your heart ache, knowing he was only doing this because he loves you. How could you stay away from somebody who cares about you so much? Deep in your thoughts, you were wandering in the corridor, trying to calm youself down. “It’s just temporary.”, you repeated to yourself, but still, it didn’t seem right.

In the attempt to distract your thoughts, you started making small conversations with familiar faces, and soon you bumped into Hermione and Ron. Since you had a lots of friends in the school, it wasn’t unusual fom you to walking around on the train, so at least you could avoid to receive questions from your friends. They told about the meeting and the new prefects, which caused you to loudly swearing as you heard Malfoy’s and Parkinson’s name, and before you could even realize, you arrived back to your compartment.

You exchanged an awkward glance with Harry – and of course Hermione noticed this, though she haven’t said anything yet.

Later on that day, after the feast when you were in the dormitory, Hermione was looking at you in the corner of her eyes as you packed your things out, throwing questioning looks at you, but said nothing.

“Just ask.” – you groaned after you couldn’t stand her burning gaze anymore, causing her to widening her eyes.

“Er – well… what happened between you and Harry?”

Taking a deep breath, you closed the trunk and sat down on the edge of your bed, looking up at her. “We decided it’ll be better to keep a little distance from each other.” – you said, and she remained in silent, but her face told everything anyway. – “You think we shouldn’t.”

She walked closer. “You heard Dumbledore. And the Sorting Hat.” – she spoke in a low, worried voice. – “We should stick together now more than ever.”

Letting out a big sigh, you leaned back down on the mattress. Hermione sat down next to you. “Honestly, can’t you just talk about whatever it’s your problem with each other? I mean, I know it’s hard with him lately…”

“I wanted to, several times actually, but in the end he was always shouting at me.” – you started, sitting up. – “And now he said he don’t want to hurt me again and that’s why we chose this solution.”

She shook her head. “This “solution” won’t solve anything. You know Harry.” – she breathed out. – “He aways try to save the others. But… he needs you, Y/N. And all of his friends.”

This conversation with Hermione not only made you sad again, but you also felt guilty. Of course, you knew she was right. Maybe you shouldn’t let him go so easily, but you tried to speak with him, and he didn’t listen to you. After you spent half of your night with overthinking, you went to sleep around three in the morning, deciding you won’t drown yourself in sorrow. This wasn’t the first occasion you had a hard time, and you could always solve by trying to make yourself feel better, even if it meant you had to force a smile and ingore the problems. What to do with Harry, you had no idea, but you knew you have to respect his decision and give him a little space.

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Daryl Dixon x Reader || Dwight x Reader - You’re gonna be okay [Part 2]

Part 2 of my DarylxReaderxDwight fanfiction, probably this won’t be the last part, I want to write more so if you have any ideas just message me or leave a message in my askbox ;)




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“One time when I was in 6th grade I was getting ready for school in the morning. I remember getting breakfast and sitting down at the kitchen table. I heard footsteps going down to the basement. At first I thought it was my dad because usually he would wake up to me going downstairs. But I heard my dad’s loud snoring from the bedroom. So I go to the basement and investigate. Fom the corner of my eye I saw someone walking towards the door that led to the garage. As soon as I turned to the door I heard someone moving. So I called out my dads name just to make sure if it was him but he didn’t reply. 

So I walked in the garage and I saw what looked like a man was a top hat. But the weird thing was it was a figure all in black like a shadow. There was nothing that described his facial features or what ethnicity he was but he was just all black not to be confused with a black person. So I ran back upstairs and went to my parents room. I found my dad in the room and told him to wake up because I saw someone in the garage. He got his baseball bat and we both ran charging into the garage but no one was there. To this day I have no idea what I saw exactly but I remember researching and finding out that other people had seen something similar to what I saw. They call them shadow people.”

By: DrunkenArsenal (What is the creepiest, scariest, strangest unexplained experience/ story you’ve had, heard or know?)

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I don´t understand why some shippers say, that Sasuke "couldn't bring himself to kill Naruto, but he didn't hesitate to kill Sakura", when Naruto would've been dead in chapter 698, if he hadn't blocked Sasukes attack fom the end of chapter 697.

  • Naruto would have been dead during their first fight had he not prevented Sasuke from striking his heart at the last moment.
  • Naruto would have been dead during their first reunion had Sai not blocked Sasuke’s attack.
  • Naruto may have been dead towards the end of their first reunion had Orochimaru not prevented Sasuke from using Kirin on the lot of them.
  • And yeah, Naruto would have been dead during their second fight, had he not countered Sasuke’s attack.

So yeah, Sasuke not being able to bring himself to kill Naruto is absolute nonsense, he was simply prevented from doing so every single time.