the whole game of new vegas makes your courier sound like such a badass but only if the game realized how much of a dumbass my courier is.

they would straight up walk into the legion’s fort and say “yeah i’ve been invited by-“ *looks at smudged handwriting on their palm* “-car sale?” and get immediately killed there

In light of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon adding new features to the Rotom Dex, I have some ideas that I feel could improve the game greatly.

@ Nintendo please consider

  • Letting you hold Rotom dex’s hand while you walk
  • Letting you smooch Rotom Dex’s screen
  • Letting you use the 3DS mic to physically tell Rotom Dex what a good job he’s doing and how proud you are of him
  • Giving regular Rotom a Z Crystal / Evolution / Mega Evolution, bc I feel like that would make him happy
  • Rotom’s new Pokedex entry ends with “Plus he’s really really cool and everyone wants to be his friend”
  • Every time Rotom Dex isn’t on screen, someone should be asking “Where’s Rotom Dex?”

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I'd love to see some more of NV Six gun Susie! He looks badass

of course! Im working on some more here, im on the roll drawing him because I have only recently come back to New Vegas (this time with winter frozen mod :D)

and that is not a horse, but a type of animal that resemble horse (or mutated horse) im still working on getting their image done right 

Y/N: [insert sad thing about self and how doesn’t like self]


F/O: SHUUSHHHHH- You are perfect.

Y/N: Nuuu-

F/O: *Cuts off with a kiss and snuggles up to* Listen, you are the best person ever, okay? Knowing I have you beside me, makes me feel the luckiest of all you know? And I would never ever “get tired of you” or “think you aren’t enough” because trust me. You are enough. You are more than anything I could ever imagine or want. I love everything… about you.