If I suddenly not online anymore is becuase my mother took internet away again, this time becuase I…fixed her washing machine problem but in doing so she believes I somehow mess up the machine……even if it was only touching a buttom and still doing exactly what she wanted………….and after that she kind of full on punched me in the face and screamed at me about how she can’t wait to finally kick me out of home…hurmp………………so like yeah, there is a chance for me to lose internet in the coming weeks, lets hope it doens’t happen!

when i first started this blog i used to get friendly asks most of the time, it seemed like i mattered however now i feel as tho it’s just about the vines and i agree. this blog IS about the vines as they’re the source of happiness i’m putting out there but it does feel like that the owner of this blog doesn’t matter anymore. i don’t care about notes, i don’t care for 100 asks to be in my inbox, i don’t care about my follower count (( i care about the people, not the number )), just a friendly hey, rant from someone or even ‘how’s your day?’ would be nice. like how it used to be for me. i’m not expecting this to change but i just wanted to share how i feel.

  • Always post the rules, answer the questions then write 11 questions of your own.
  • Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
  • Tell the person who tagged you that you’ve answered their questions.

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new questions:

  1. what is one thing that really gets under your skin?
  2. favourite piece of media to come out of 2016: book, movie, tv show, song etc.
  3. dc or marvel?
  4. have you ever been drunk?
  5. something you love about your best friend?
  6. coffee or tea?
  7. favourite superhero? (idc if you dont even have one… PICK ONE)
  8. android or iphone?
  9. something you can talk about for hours?
  10. whats the latest you’ve stayed out till?
  11. what’s your lockscreen/phone background?

sian’s questions: 

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