Keeping you operating on a whole ‘nother level.

Here’s a neat one for you tacticool operators out there.

Ballisticshield.com has put out a product that they aptly named the “Gun shield”. It’s a pair of hardened kevlar sheets that are designed to be Level IIIA Certified, and rated to stop from .22lr to .45ACP, both Hollow point and FMJ. Probably useful for CQB scenarios where you may be raiding something akin to a gang hideout.

We’ve got the newest version of the Centurion Arms Modular Rail (CMR) in 14 available now! Added lightening cuts and slightly improved mounting system with larger and more robust screws.

Centurion Arms CMR 14

B5 Systems Bravo Stock

Throwback Thursday to Rose on the Lead Throne.

Remember: when ammunition prices settle down, buy it cheap and stack it deep. Ammunition price growth and fluctuation over the past 20 years has been NUTS. I believe with inherent demand on component metals such as copper and lead, the “new normal” is 35 cents a round on the civilian market for 55 gr. FMJ-BT, so when prices settled down after the M855 scare, pick some up.